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24.5 inches

Getting very good at sitting with only minimal assistance, better at grabbing and holding on to things, shrieking like a banshee when bored or lonely, and learning how to nap in bed during the day without motion.

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Whoa Skycheat! Lorelei was well on the path to beimg 20 lbs at 5 months, until my breast infection, that is. Since our babies had the same birth stats it has been fun to compare.

J&J, Lorelei is 16 lbs 6 oz and 27 inches long. She will be 5 months on the 8th. She is finally starting to settle down into a less intense baby. It has been a rough couple months!
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Tall babe, TDE! Callie has actually passed hand me downs to a friend's baby who is a month older lol. I don't know what I'd do if I didn't wear her. I hold her for five minutes and my arms are done lol
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Adorable and sitting so well already wow. Cole just wants to stand! Silly boy
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Hi tde I missed your post! Very tall girl! Sorry bout the infection OUCH
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JandJ, Elliott is the same way, he has no interest in sitting,just standing. Thank goodness for the exer-saucer.

We have our 4mo check in tomorrow, we measured him and he's 26inches. I think he's over twenty pounds for sure. 

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Ruby loves sitting! She kind of Orestes that she can't do it alone yet!

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so apparently I'm horrible at guessing weights! he's 16lbs, and the doctor said he's one of the most muscled babies she's ever seen!

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I just measured ruby and she is not quite 24 inches at almost 5 months. No wonder she still fits into 0-3 month clothing.

I can't even try to guess weight. I'm terrible at that stuff.
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At least you're not purging baby clothes every other week, Kalista. I think I need to pass on all the 6-12 month sleepers - so 75% of what I've got :-/
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This is so fun seeing all the babies grow!
Cole is 5 months on the 10th already. I too ave to constantly put things in the consignment bin! He is in 6-9 mo but it was used from his brother. Probably 25 inches long guessing 16 lbs.
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Quinn had her 4 mo. check up yesterday. She weighs 14lbs 10ozs. and is 25.5 inches tall.


I'm enjoying all the updates.

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Cole is 5 mo! Weighs 16&3 oz, is over 26 inches (85%). Getting interested in sitting and likes to stand. Great baby. He really doesn't like rice cereal!! We had him in the high chair for the first time today.
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I'm convinced our July babies were not meant for hair!
I'm not able to post a pic for some reason
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Here's my almost 5 mo Viggo. He's a chunk! I'm guessing somewhere between 18-20lbs. It's fun seeing everyone's up dates.
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Well darn. I cannot get the picture thingy to work.
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We will have to post pics again tomorrow monkey pants!
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Oh, @Mavis, what a darling! I love those little dresses but Julia just looks like she's in a tent. She doesn't fill them out as cutely! Love it!

I am terrible about dressing my daughter. Most of the time she's either in PJs or in an outfit that doesn't match at all. Most people think she's a boy, I think because most girls look a little more put together. Eek.
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Cynthiamoon I hear you there! I put Noor in whatever I have that's warm and comfy and it's usually not an "outfit". She also has a hat on 90% of the time. People always think she's a boy. I don't think she looks like a boy but I guess without a headband on people assume boy?
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Ruby always has a hat on too. And people assume she's a boy. Even when she's wearing a dress. Apparently she needs a flower as big as her head to clue people in! wink1.gif
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