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Thank you CynthiaMoon!   Quinn is usually in pants or pj's too. This was for her 4 mo. photo. 

She has been mistaken for a boy often too. Not a fan of those headbands or head to toe pink outfits.

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I've had DD1 mistaken for a boy while in a frilly dress. Meh, it's no skin off my nose. My girls live in sweats and shirts, Callie still in sleepers a lot of the time. I live casually and unless its a wedding or something, I like my kids in play and dirt friendly basics. Callie is always worn in public anyway so only a chubby little blond head is visible.
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I don't care for the frillies either, and though we have tons of pink handme downs, I am always avoiding them until laundry day, and then she's like Mega Femme in head to toe pinks and soft purple.

I don't care if people think she's a boy. I just don't feel very good about when she doesn't look very put together, whatever her gende expression wink1.gif
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Elliott gets mistaken for a girl. Meh. Babies are pretty gender neutral

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Callie always looks very well put together. Her limbs are always firmly attached to her torso and they are even in the right spots wink1.gif
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With my first, I was ridiculous about how she was dressed. She never wore pjs or even sweats in public. Tiny jeans and sweaters, baby boots. So silly. I look back now and think how uncomfortable she must have been!

Ruby is mostly in knit Longies and sweaters. Sometimes a knit dress and tights. (I have a tiny obsession with knits! Lol). I go fr function over fashion! wink1.gif
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Elliott wears a lot of footie pajamas. Super cute, functional and easy. Tri-fecta of baby clothes!

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Same here, C is in a onesie and sweat pants or the like most days. Today is a onesie and fleece footie pjs over because it's only 50 outside LOL
MY 3 year old prefers leggings and a long sweatshirt or tunic most days as well.
My 14 year old wants to be dressed to the nines 24/7 on the other hand LOL
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That's so funny that all of you with little girls get them mistaken for boys because Griffin ALWAYS gets mistaken for a girl! People automatically assume he is a girl apparently because of all his hair. cynthiamoon, im right there with you, feeling like im
Not dressing him well. All he ever wears are very boyish fleecey footie sleepers, sweaters and thick outdoor fleece outfits when it's snowy out. I keep feeling like I should be putting him in cute boy jeans and stuff but the one time i did he looked really cold and uncomfortable. I do try cute wool sweaters though, if they are soft.

Kalista, what are longies? It sounds like something I'd want to put griffin in, I don't know why..haha!
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My Michelin baby does not get along with jeans/pants anything that isn't super stretchy. They dig in between her many gorgeous rolls wink1.gif
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Sky her arms are fantastic. Just fantastic.

Everyone thinks Rowan is a girl- but I pretty much dress him in whatever people have given me and don't really go for sports/cars clothes so who can blame the old lady in the knitting section for thinking that that baby with hot pink socks, green longies and a purple and green sweater is a girl? She probably thought I stole him from the circus anyway.

Five months old and about to crawl. He's up on all fours and it's only a matter of time before he starts getting all the limbs moving at the right time. I think his round belly weighs him down yet.
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Cole 5 mo 16&3 iz 26.75inches tall He is learning to sit and likes to stand but I think it'll be nine months before he crawls!!!
Tenk that's funny about Your daughter
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Here's Clover a couple weeks ago enjoying her first snow (she was wearing a wool underlayer and didn't play in the snow at all -- I know she looks underdressed :-/) We now have a good 20 inches on top of that. Yikes.


She gets mistaken for a boy ALL the time. I had someone tell me that she thought C was a boy because the hat she's wearing in this picture is blue. So funny that those with boys are getting the opposite. I am assuming you're not dressing all your boys in pink frills, so what gives?


And stats! She was 16 lb 12 oz as of last Friday, 26" as of the 1st. I think she must have had a super growth spurt in the past few days, though, because suddenly she has outgrown a bunch of sleepers (and those cute overalls in the picture, sniff) in length, and I had to retire three diaper covers in one day that I swear fit fine the last time she wore them....


Oh, and TWO TEETH!

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2 teeth !!!!! Woah! A super grower.

Sky the arms are hillarious! More to love
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Originally Posted by Actiasluna View Post

Kalista, what are longies? It sounds like something I'd want to put griffin in, I don't know why..haha!

Knit pants.  Like a wool diaper cover...but with legs! lol  They're amazing.Like these:



Ruby is officially 23.5 inches and 16 pounds (fully clothes).  Sooo...short and squishy!  

Here are some of her 5 month pictures.  I just love her cheeks!!!




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She's gorgeous and delicious, Kalista!
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She is adorable!! Longies rock! I need!
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I obviously need some of those longies. Where do you get them? Ruby is beautiful!

Skycheat, that baby is so much chubby cuteness!! You must squeeze her rolls every minute! Griffin only has big thigh rolls and is otherwise a trim baby.
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Same here actiasluna, although I do call Cole Mr. Chubberton!!!
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Elliott has awesome thigh rolls. 
Skycheat-her rolls have rolls!!

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