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Sky, Callie's arms are FABULOUS!!

I love looking at a the babies.
Coles high chair makes him look tiny but I know he's not hehe (:
Ruby looks like an Angel!

I love the snow baby too. We traveled. From sunny Hilton Head to Cincinnati for T-giving and passed thru Asheville during a snow storm. Since there's a PF Changs in Asheville (my very favorite gluten free place) we HAD to stop and it snowed on Cam. He looked super confused. He's just started rolling constantly and laughing at everything am until the last week or so he didn't do it often. Here he is mid laugh. And with daddy (;
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Tenk he is so adorable !! he and Cole have the same thighs. I love his smile! Happy baby. Pumping away in the office, ugg this is so old and it hurts bad today
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I love seeing all of our babies! Can you believe my too long ago we were posting pictures of our belly?
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Since many of u crochet I wanted To share Cole's gift from his daycare teacher that she made I think it's adorable!
He is teething like mad and grabbing his toes and is in nine months clothes!
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OMG I have the same hat! Big sis loves it lol. He's adorable!!
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Thank u that is funny smile.gif Julian's head won't fit it but he tried. I love how precious he looks in it
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Who has started baby food? We did a couple days ago and cole is an eating machine! 5 days shy of 6 mo. He just ate a container of pears and he has great coordination with swallow and mouth is open wide for next bite. He is really getting chunky.
Sky he may be catching up to your daughter smile.gif. Any pics ladies?!!!
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Camden has had a few bites of mashed up broccoli, apples, avocado, and bananas. I try to cook then mash and put it on his tray so he can decide if it's worth it or how much he really wants it. He hated everything except the banana and even cried for hours the day after each (except the banana). So even though he liked the banana I'm going to hold off on solids a bit longer and maybe just do an occasional bite of things. I'm hoping we figure out this baby led weaning thing but so far he prefers nursing anyway. Here's a picture from this evening.

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Chris, the doctor and I all agree Elliott isn't ready for solids yet, he's just starting to show signs. five month pic!

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Wonderful ladies! Cole refused food for a few times and a light switch went off and he is a machine. He kept staring at our food and giving the "not fair" look. I'm just glad so that I can delete a pumping session out of my daily schedule. Soon!
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smile.gif I totally get it. I am hoping that adding foods will eventually let me cut down the formula I give Julia. Right now she just eats fruits though, and I think she's too young for richer food.

She is loving feeding herself a pear halves.
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Mason loves broccoli! I can't believe he will be 6 months already in a week! I love seeing all of these pictures!
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My little baby bruiser.
Even looks like he's been brawling...
Six months in a week, geez. Six months.
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Yes 6 mo is way too grown up already! Great bruiser u got there smile.gif
How do u cook the broccoli?
I know Cole isn't coordinated enough to pick something up and get it to his mouth, at least I think.
Coles physical therapy eval is tomorrow. On a good note I think he has come a long way the past 1.5 months. We will see
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Happy 6 months to my sweetheart aka mr Chubberton ! I bet he weighs 18 lbs, no clue how tall. I love him soo much! That was the eve of his birth. Was so happy to never be pregnant again!
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Yay for never being pregnant again! I wish I could say that. Still an unknown for me. What a cutie J&J!

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J & J you look so much happier now!
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Hi tde! Just be done! Haha I couldn't imagine another. We went to chocolate world the other weekend so I was thinking of you.
Well in some departments I am happier! Wrenmoon people can't mistake your son for a girl anymore are they? He is pretty manly looking to me smile.gif
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Cole is 6.5 mo and 17&2 oZ 27 tall
Bronchialitis with nebulizer, ear infection, 3 shots today. What else am I missing. Poor sweetie
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