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6 1/2 months
22 lbs.
no teeth yet

This week brought:
crawling, sitting up, playing peekaboo, eating yams (as in actually swallowing food) and just this morning he pulled himself to standing...

Wtf? Aren't babies supposed to do things one at a time? Where's the brake pedal?
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6 1/2 Months, 17lbs. 8 oz, 27 1/2 inches long


After a rough beginning of the month being hospitalized for pneumonia (losing a whole pound during the ordeal) Lorelei has gained it all back and then some. Of course this has required her to nurse every two hours 24/7 but I don't mind that much given that she is finally putting on some weight again after being very slow to gain since my mastitis/abscess situation in September.


Wrenmoon, I am with you! All of a sudden in just the last two weeks she is nearly crawling (she drags herself in a hands and knees/faceplant fashion), sitting up on her own, eating solid foods off a spoon. You know what they say about fevers bringing on crazy developmental changes? I am a believer.


J&J, Awww poor baby. I hope that he is fully recovered!

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Wrenmom areu kidding !! That's amazing but sad that he is growing up so fast!!

Tde she is soooo cute!!!! And wow for the milestones. Glad she is better. How long was she in the hospital?

Cole cut first tooth yesterday 6.5 mo 17&3 oz 27 tall. Super sad about the tooth. I worked him a lot with sitting and think he is almost there. I don't think he will ever crawl.. He nurses at night 3 times and its getting old! He had slept all night w one feeding but not now. He houses baby food and eats mashed bananas.
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She was in the hospital two nights for IV fluids/abx and breathing treatments. They should have admitted her two days earlier for dehydration. I am upset that they didn't because by the time they did she hadn't wet a diaper in over 24 hours.


ETA: The reason I didn't bring her back to the ER sooner is because we were told to "give it two days for the antibiotics to work". Well, we didn't even wait that long but seriously, they should have said "If she still isn't eating well bring her back in right away." We spent 4 hours in the ER both times.

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Sick baby in the er is wretched. Tall-I'm so glad to hear she's better.
Sick babies are pretty much the saddest thing ever.
J&J- Is Cole improving too? He's probably nursing all night cause his mouth hurts. Mine always went marathon nursing was teeth made their entrance.
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Holy crap @wrenmoon, that's just INSANE. I can't handle it, lol. Not after crying last night about my teensy little worm-baby Growing up so fast just because she can wiggle a few inches rather than stay where I put here.
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wrenmoon I read that as eating YARN. 

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Originally Posted by rainbownurse View Post

wrenmoon I read that as eating YARN. 

You know, at my house, that's almost more likely than eating yams.
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Tde poor baby! Did they have to sedate her to keep the IV in?? I don't know how they do that for a baby.

Wrenmom that makes complete sense as to y he is wanting the boob all night. Looks like a long road ahead. Somehow I am not tired during the day even though I am up a lot. It will take a long time to get him off nebulizer. His ear infection doesn't seem to bother him. Tough cookie.

More pics !
It's impossible to get a pic of Coles tooth so far.
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Update from over here...Noor turned 6 months last Sunday and got her two bottom teeth last Saturday. She weighed in at 13#13oz of muscle and is 26.25" long. No interest in tasting solids but very interested in trying to pull my placemat off the table when she sits with me at meal times smile.gif. Also not rolling over yet but loves her naked time on her back and can't stop kicking her legs and pushing her tush up in the air in a bridge.
Here's a recent pic.
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Noor is precious . So cute ! Nice to hear from you and how she is growing.

We r finally done nebulizing Cole. Yay
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Callie is sitting and attempting to eat with gusto. I have yet to have her 6 month appt because I keep forgetting. She's slowed down on the growth, thank goodness. She can't be much more than 22lb. Here's a pic for fun
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They have both grown soo much this month! And Callie is one of the only babies with hair!
Slow down kids!
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Julia's 6 month appointment was today!

She is 17 lbs, 26 inches. She isn't rolling over much at all, but i've seen it once or twice. She does army crawl backwards, and can slide out of her floor bed with some semblance of control... though it's still kind of scary for me. She can kind of sit up on her own.

@harmonius, I did begin giving Julia a lot more space and doing less propping/tummy time after reading that RIE blog, but obviously still continued to do some of that stuff. Picturing Noor in bridge pose makes me really curious about what the developmental stages look like without propping. Julia does this amazing wiggleSTOMP move that scoots her around in a circle on her back... it is so silly to watch!
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Quinn had her 6 mo. appointment yesterday. She weighs 17lbs 9oz and is 27 inches tall.  She got her first tooth a little over a month ago and loves to eat sweet potatoes. She likes to babble and say "dadadadada" .


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We had Fin's 6 month appointment last week. 16 pounds 4 ounces and 28 inches long. Tall skinny guy, like his Daddy.


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Camden is recovering from pneumonia so he had an appt this week. He'll be 8m on Feb 12 😘 17.05 lbs he rolls back to tummy constantly but tummy to back rarely. He can sit and turn in a circle when on his tummy and push backwards some. He's trying to push up to all 4's, no teeth yet.
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Tenk he is adorable!!! Love his belly. Sounds like our guys were siCk at the same time but Cole had bronchialitis .
Cole got his second tooth today! Noooooo wants to nurse constantly
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Here is Viggo at 6 months. He weighs 19.9lbs I forget how long. He has his bottom 2 teeth and can roll. Working on the crawl.
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