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This was our two month picture. 25inches long, 12lbs and something ounces

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Wow he is tall!!
Would u all be worried if your 12w baby isn't fully controlling his head and not rolling yet???? My first son was beyond advanced in every way so I need to stop comparing them. Cole gained weight after the nicu so fast that I think his muscles couldn't keep up with his head weight.
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J and J I certainly wouldn't worry about the rolling yet. My nephew didn't roll until closer to 6 months! I don't know about the head control; both of mine were born with ridiculous head control.
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Julia at 2mo! 11 lbs and 22.5 in long. Really growing in alertness and hand control!
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J&J, we called my little brother "crookneck" when he was born because it took him so long to hold that massive head up!  he eventually figured it out (none of us remembers exactly how old he was, though), and everything was fine.

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J&J, the last little boy I nannied didn't roll from back to front until the day he turned 7 months old! He also never crawled, but he started walking at 11 months. He's now a super smart and active 4 year old. I think all babies are really different in terms of those physical milestones.

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Camden is almost 4 months and doesn't roll over either.
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Thanks ladies I'm def more worried about the head control. I gotta get more tummy time in. He has been such a good baby.
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12 weeks in two days... We went to a fiber festival today an finally weighed the cheeky one on a scale made for weighing wool- a few ounces shy of 17 pounds. We couldn't get exact because the sling was slipping and the scale was about four feet off the ground... We even had spectators for the baby weighing event.

That's why my back hurts so dang much. He's grown so much I've had to move the shoulder straps up to the middle setting in his carseat and his one size diaper snaps already. Weesh it's going by fast.
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Wren mom 17! Woah. R u guys 6 footers? Yes that's y your back hurts. Cole is 12 w and I'm guessing 13.5 lbs. dad is 6&4 inches
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My family is all enormous. My mom is 5'11, dad is 6'6", brothers all between 6'4" and 6'9" uncles and male and female cousins are all over 6' tall ... My DH and I are both 5'8". I'm the absolute shrimp in my family. Maybe these cheeks will grow into a Viking?
Don't get me started on shoe sizes...
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Wrenmoon, 17llbs!? Amazing. Griffin is 12 weeks in 5 days and last weigh in on thursday was 13.2lbs. I love how babies are so different.


J and Js, my son HATES tummy time. He gets smokin' mad every time. We do it anyways but head control is coming along slowly but surely. I cannot see him rolling over any time soon and Ive decided im just not going to worry about it. Yesterday he held a rattle and shook it and I cried I was so impressed. (those hormones are maybe still going strong..hm) Anyways. if your baby isn't rolling over, don't worry, neither is mine. 

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We rolled ONCE at 3 weeks, then Callie put on a big hunk of weight and hasn't made it over since lol. Her belly button is trying desperately to be an outie but her tummy is too deliciously chubby so it's kinda incognito lol. I wear her a lot out of toddler related necessity so I haven't been doing formal tummy time. When I tried yesterday, she did a tiny baby push-up! She's 10.5 weeks.
Big sis is fully smitten now, it's hugs and kisses all around and baby Callie this and baby Callie that. They hang out, have "conversations" and I can even leave the room for a second from time to time. Here they are, hanging out at my mom's place
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Callie sure is sweet and big sis too!!

I'm not sure how much Camden weighs but I would say between 13-14lbs and he'll be 4 months on the 12th and is 16w4 days old. A friend of mine has a 6 month old and he weighs 21 lbs, he's a monster!! smile.gif big babies have more squeesh to love on though 😉
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J & J, Oliver hates tummy time just like Griffin, and though we've done it maaaaaybe three times for about a minute and a half each time, his head has gotten plenty strong.  I think carrying him upright helps him use those muscles too.  when I carry him on my front, he holds his head up and looks around until he falls asleep.  does your baby like to be supported while he sits or stands?  Oliver likes that too, and I think it also helps him work his neck.  any time they have to fight gravity to keep it up, they're getting stronger!

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have you tried on mommy/daddy tummy time? Elliott LOVES that, because he can look at us

Also, he hasn't held a rattle or anything yet, but he's rolling, so it just goes to show every baby has their own timeline

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It would seem holding a rattle takes the utmost determination and concentration..smile.gif
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Rf and rainbow he certainly likes TTime on us way better and I do make him hold his head up when I'm carrying him so I don't feel so bad about traditional TTime. Patience mommy
Such cute pics
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Well, my friend suggested I use the nursing pillow to do tummy time for griffin, with a mirror: totally worked. He tolerated it for at least 5 minutes and his neck was really having a workout, while using his arms to try and do pushups. Also, he was smiling the whole time at himself in the mirror. And we did it twice today. I've decided this will be our daily tummy time, since he seems to not get mad about it.
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Babywearing counts are tummy time too!

Formal tummy time is definitely not necessary if its causing stress! Ruby has never done it and she has incredible head control! It's all the babywearing! wink1.gif
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