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Diva Cup Advice

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I bought a Diva Cup a while back and was looking forward to trying it. But I have never actually been able to get it in. Obviously I'm doing something wrong. And as embarrassing as it is, I'm finally just asking for suggestions so I can start using this thing.
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Fold it in half, and push it in that way, with your thumb and forefinger holding it in the folded position. Once you get it as far as you can this way, release your thumb and forefinger and try and twist it around once so it will pop out if the folded position. Then push it all the way in. You may want to cut a bit of the tip off because it can scratch at you and be really uncomfortable if its too long.

Does any of that make sense? I hope it helps!!!
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There's (or at least there used to be!) a very helpful menstrual cup group on livejournal. Here it is:



What kind of a fold are you using to try and insert it? There is one described in the booklet that comes with the cup but there are many more, some of which make the cup much smaller which may make it easier. Personally I only tried a few of them but I like the punch-down fold because it's easy for me to hold during insertion and it pops open easily too. Here is a little writeup of quite a few folds:



Finally, if just getting it in there is what you're having trouble with try different positions. I personally like sitting reclined on the toilet but that's probably because that's how I used to insert tampons too. You can do it standing, laying down, squatting, whatever works for you as long as it lets you relax your pelvic muscles. I've once heard that relaxing your mouth and jaw helps to relax your vagina, which does seem to help believe it or not! Also, maybe some lubricant would help? Perhaps the Diva Cup booklet says what is safe? Running it under warm water softens the silicone so that can be useful and I've also heard it recommended to insert it after masturbating as then you're likely to be relaxed and can take advantage of your natural moisture.

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