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Pregnant with Pancreatitis and Celiac

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Hey everyone! I am new to this site. Here is a little background.

I have 2 kids 5 and 7 from a previous marriage, since that time, I have been diagnosed with Pancreatitis and Celiac Disease. I am now pregnant again and worried about how my new very strict diet (vegan and gluten free) will effect my pregnancy.

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Welcome to the community! Have you joined your Due Date Club yet? You can chat with other moms who are pregnant and due the same month you are and get lost of support and sharing of experiences. You'll find it here: http://www.mothering.com/community/groups


Anyone have any advice for sarahlabrie?

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Hi and welcome... can't help with the vegan side of things, but I went gf between my last two pregnancies and the difference I saw was not much morning sickness to speak of ,whereas previously I had it a ton ,all day/night the whole time. Also I gained more weight, probably cause I wasn't puking stuff up.


As far as eating, no problem. Most whole foods don't contain gluten and there are now many substitutes for those things that do. 

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