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Older new moms?

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I'm 35. I am thinking my CNM is awesome & might even be extra lenient with me to keep me from going UC. But what can I expect in terms of possibly being treated differently now than when I was 26, 29, 31, 33??
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I had my first at 34, my 2nd at 38, and will be 41 when my next is due.  As for how differently you'll be treated, it really depends on the practice.  My ob/gyn for #2 (when I was 38), didn't treat me any different from an 18 year old and was very clear that he wouldn't be treating me any different.  But he had his own, private practice--no other mds or cnms--and could do that. Group practices tend to be a little different, I think, because they follow guidelines that are acceptable to everyone in the practice. But, really, at 35, particularly since you've already had kids, you shouldn't expect any difference.  You might be offered some extra testing, but that's most likely it.

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Don't want it. my baby is my baby and a diagnosis means nothing. Exactly that NOTHING until I meet & get to know MY CHILD. I have worked with children with disabilities. I could have shown you 3 children, same diagnosis, same grade in one school I worked in. One child could not climb stairs & occasionally used a walker. Another was in a wheelchair, use of all limbs affected, speech affected & mildly learning disabled. The other child also used a wheelchair & was 100% dependent on caregivers & non verbal. A diagnosis tells me nothing about the person. No tests.
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I had my first at 37 and my midwives were great about not treating me differently. I will be 39 or 40 (due date close to birthday) for thus one, seeing different mudwives, and am a little worried about hyper-vigilence due to the "advanced maternal age" thing.
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I will also be 39 or 40 with this child and I'm not expecting anything different than with my last two (which I had at 35 and 37).  I'm not in the US, but it seems that docs/midwives/whatever are a lot more chill nowadays about "older" women having kids.  I raised the idea of being a bit old for a third child with my doctor before we started TTC, and she just stared at me and said "you're still young" - I am sure she was joking a bit, but not totally.  It also may depend how much trouble you have had conceiving, and your health to start with, more than specifically your age, at least that is my understanding of care for my location.  They will probably discuss testing more thoroughly with you, but hopefully won't be forced on you.  My docs suggested weighing the pros and cons of testing very carefully, and they certainly weren't pushing me to have testing. While blood testing is available here, I would have to fly 3 hours to have nuchal translucency testing anyway (on my own dime), so that seems pretty unlikely!

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