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what works for me

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I haven't posted here in a few years, but I felt compelled to come back just to pass on my cloth diaper success story in hopes that someone might get something out of it! I cd'd dd2 for two and a half years, basically until she was pottytrained. But it was always a battle. She constantly had diaper rash, the diaper pail always stunk up whatever room it was in, I constantly had to strip thediapers because of needing to use balmex and fleece liners which never really helped protect the diaper. Even with stripping they leaked so we'd go through multiple outfit changes. But I powered through it and never considered disposables. When dd2 was born (dd1 was out of diapers at this point), I planned to go the same route. I was just not anticipating how little patience I'd have to deal with a) the extra laundry, b) the stinky pail, and worst of all c) the rash. And it didn't matter if I used my bumgeniuses, kissaluvs, thirsties, wool covers...everything still caused a rash and stunk. So I switched to disposables. I know. It's terrible.
I guess for the past nine months or so I've felt terrible about what I've done, mainly to the earth but there's been a lot of guilt about the huge stash of diapers that were just sitting in my closet.
Ok, this is going on way too long so here's what I did/do and why I am so excited:
First I stripped the dipes using bleach, hot wAter, and charlies soap. When she wears them, I make sure I change her often, about every two hours or less. I use disposable wipes (used to do my own solution but that might have xaused a problem) and put pure cornstarch on her bottom every diaper change. Then I put the dirty dipe in a five gallon bucket I've filled with hot water, a tbsp of charlies soap, and a couple tbsps of baking soda. I go no more than a day and a half before I wash again. Wash routine is normal cycle with charlies soap and vinegar and an extra rinse cycle. And it is wonderful. The diapers don't stink, you can't smell ammonia, and best of all, dd has no signs of rash or discomfort. I think the main problem was the dry pail and going too many dayz between washes just bc I had so many diapers.
So that's my story. I hope it helps somebody!
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Thanks for sharing!

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