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What are you reading?

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In my last pregnancy I read through a lot of the birth books -- Gentle Birth Choices, Birthing from Within, Ina May, that kind of thing. This time around, I just picked up this book called "Excercising through your pregnancy." It's more geared to health professionals, but it debunks a lot of the myths about how a pregnant woman is a fragile flower who can't get her heart rate up while she's expecting.


Fictionwise, I've been on a huge Kate Atkinson kick.


What are ya'll reading?

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Umm, Buzzfeed.com, lol. I need to get new books to read at work (or just post on here like I'm doing now, oops). Nothing pregnancy related yet, I'm still partially in denial. So that reading will come later. I just ordered a book about Jesus from a progressive Christianity/historical slant so once that arrives I'll be reading it. I want to read through my copy of Ina May's Guide to Childbirth as well, and we'll see what I order from there. For fiction, I love Kathy Reichs, and need to find a library with a copy of the third book in her YA series.
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No pregnancy stuff yet, I'll start devouring positive birth stories later on.

What I mostly read right now is whatever my 11 year old is reading so we can discuss it. Luckily she has excellent taste and reads well above her grade level. So it's been a binge of John Green's books lately starting with The Fault in Our Stars. She's also freaking out because we got tickets to a signing by Veronica Roth on the day the last book in the divergent trilogy is released. All that good teen dystopian fiction she loves and most of it's actually a pretty good read smile.gif.
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No pregnancy/birth stuff here either. I'm reading Harry Potter to my daughter, and a book about Afghanistan called The Savage War, which is a huge change from my usual sic-fi/ fantasy choices. But next month the third book in Margaret Atwood's amazing sic-fi MaddAddam trilogy comes out, so the change is a brief one :)

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I'm devouring The Hunger Games trilogy! Just finished book two last night & can't wait to get back to the library for the last one.
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