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Weekly Chat Aug 9th-18th

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Okay, I thought it was about time for a new thread but I'm still going to respond to stuff from the last one.


mainemama-  I feel for you. We are in the midst of a total renovation of our house and it blows.  We are still trying to fit in finishing the bathroom and getting some new windows (among other things) in here before the baby is born and I'm honestly dreading the bathroom fix the most.  Even though our bathroom set up has been pretty Macgyvered together since we moved in it is still better that the impending no tub and no toilet that is inevitable when we actually start the finishing process.


serafina-  that hospital hotel setup sounds pretty sweet. I wish we had an option like that. One of the saddest parts to me of going to the hospital this time is that the recovery rooms have twin beds. I loved being able to cuddle with my husband and newborn last time in the queen sized bed at the birth center. Now I'm just hoping this baby comes at a time of day that allows us to not spend the night after the birth in the hospital. Our hospital appears to be okay with early discharge but not as early as yours seems to be.


We found out that my niece's husband apparently left a few months ago and she had just kept it secret until now.  She's a really strong woman and I feel pretty confident that she'll come out of this stronger.  Apparently he still did childbirth classes with her and will be her support person for the birth.  Not that that makes him any less of a dirt bag.  Its just so hard to see someone you love in such a crappy situation. 


Anyway, anybody else having trouble with carpal tunnel yet? Mine started while we were on vacation.  Fortunately, my hands haven't gotten super painful yet but my fingertips tingle/burn almost all the time.

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ciga  - no carpal tunnel yet, but i did wake up at 4 this morning with my first charlie horse of pregnancy. i'd forgotten how much they hurt! in the throes of it i kept thinking, "okay, i'm having another baby in a couple of months. i need to be able to deal with a two minute cramp." you know?

home renovation is the worst (in a home stuff sort of way). we've had a few major issues since moving here in 08. first a flea infestation. then a lead poisoning scare with my eldest, which was followed by us moving out for six months and making the downstairs "livable" so we could live there while the upstairs was finished. toward the end, i was so stressed. but it's one of those "had to be done" things. most of our floors were old, wide, pine planks, that had been painted. the bottom couple of layers of that were lead paint, and we'd been tracking it around the house for a long time with no idea. there are so many issues with a house built in 1860. could be worse, right? is your renovation mostly cosmetic, or are there functional issues? honestly, we would have waited on the bathroom much longer, but there was major rot in the floor and wall around the tub, and eventually, that would have led to a much bigger problem. better to suck it up now. :)


serafina - that sounds incredible! maine is pretty limited in its insurance-covered birth options. i wish there were a semi-centrally located birth center.  i am very happy that your hospital option sounds so great.

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I forgot to put the link for the new thread on the old one so I'm copy/pasting Dahlia's last post in here


here it is...from dahlia


"I'm glad you're feeling better Happileigh! 


Ok, this is super off topic, and I'm sorry but I need to vent/get opinions. I'll try to make this short and sweet. I'm the maid of honor in my best friend's wedding next week, and the other girl in the bridal party just sent me a really snarky text telling me that I've been ignoring her calls basically (she called me once in june while I was on vacation), and how much she's spent on the bridal party stuff and that I "can pay her x amount at the rehersal dinner". Trust me, she said it in a much more abrasive way. Now, I'm totally fine with helping pay for expenses for the bridal shower and bachelorette party supplies. But this girl booked the hotel for the bachelorette party for the only weekend I specifically told her that there was no way I could come (the party is in New Hampshire where my friend lives, I'm in Maryland), and told me that I owe her for my share of the hotel room..... I don't feel responsible for the hotel cost because she knew that I wouldn't be attending when she booked it. Am I nuts?? Or is this girl being a teensy bit on the irrational side?  Sorry it's so off topic!! But I need opinions!"

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dahlia-  I would tell her she needs to change the hotel booking if she wants you to pay.  That is soo sucky and yes I think she's being irrational. Is she someone you are friends with or is your only connection through the bride?  Had you talked to her since June?  In any case, if you told her that that was the one weekend you couldn't attend then she should have respected that if she wanted you to chip in.


mainemama-  our houses sound a lot alike. 1850s, in maine, lots of rot, lead paint...  DS tested high for lead this past spring so that's just another thing we're trying to deal with. Fortunately we have mostly gotten all the rot dealt with.  We've essentially replaced the entire substructure of the house. Why I thought this made more sense than building a new house is beyond me but we're in it to win it now.  So, most of what needs to happen right now is plumbing, super crumbling plaster, and still some insulation stuff. Oh and wiring...awesome! Oh yeah and we need to rebuild our stairs.

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Dahlia, I would totally refuse to pay for an event that she edged you out of and didn't take your schedule into account while planning.

As maid of honor couldn't you have overruled her picking the dates so selfishly?


re: the hospital birth I suppose I'll be having, I am lucky that if everything goes smoothly, I will either be home soon after, or wheeled through a tunnel and checked into a hotel room for one night away from the hospital atmoshpere and snuggled in a big bed with my DF and new babe, ordering room service.  Not as ideal as a homebirth but we gotta think thriftily right now if we are going to finance our new lean, mean green energy efficiency!  

The babe will indeed appreciate more the toasty home all winter (that we don't have to spend an arm and a leg to keep comfortably warm) all that hot, steamy water on tap for as long as it takes to fill our oversized bathtub so we can have toasty baths together.


Anyone getting stressed out that they haven't been feeding their freezer enough? I'm still procrastinating on getting some large batches of sauces and such made and into freezer bags for easy meals post partum.

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I would just say that you told her you couldn't come so aren't responsible for the hotel fees.
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I only know her through the bride- we've never even met actually! And I told her multiple times that I couldn't come to the party if it was this weekend, but she said it was the only weekend that worked for her and booked it anyway. I would have made a bigger stink about making it a weekend that I could attend, but since I'm out of state I felt that the bigger concern was at least having one member of the bridal party there. So I let that go, because I just want my friend to have as many people as possible there. I'm so glad that you guys agree that I'm not being crazy! At first I was like, well, maybe since I'm moh it's expected of me to just pay for stuff... but the more I thought about it, and considering how rude the other girl was to me right off the bat, I'm not feeling like being overly nice to her. I told her that I never planned to just let her pay for everything, but that I don't think I'm responsible for a hotel cost that she knew I wouldn't be there for. I just feel bad that this will likely put stress on the bride! 


It sounds like a bunch of us have lots of house projects going! Whew, that all sounds exhausting Maine Mama and Ciga! We're fortunate that our house projects are mainly cosmetic! 


I've started thinking about freezer meals too, Serafina. I know that I'm not going to be up to cooking much after the baby is here, and I don't want to rely on crappy take out!

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Just subbing on the new thread :)


No carpal tunnel here (yet)

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I am so SICK. has anyone else been sick this pregnancy?? IT's like 10x worse than being sick normally... ugh. I have a cold... but it's a cold from hell, sinus headache, sore throat, congestion, exhausted, haven't left the house in threee days now. and there's like NOTHING I can take to feel better besides home remedies- all my normal cold cure herbs are not safe for pregnancy :(  wAhhhhhhh.

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Yes! I got a cold like two weeks ago and I'm still trying to kick it. I wish I had the option of just staying home and sleeping it off. The congestion and sore throat is rough! Though I would happily take that over the morning sickness return. Every time I look at my computer today at work my head spins redface.gif

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Originally Posted by Serafina33 View Post


Anyone getting stressed out that they haven't been feeding their freezer enough? I'm still procrastinating on getting some large batches of sauces and such made and into freezer bags for easy meals post partum.


Yikes lol. I have a lasagna in there, that'll be great...for a couple days. I better get on that huh.


So I have completely neglected to look at this "due date" club until recently. So I thought I should make an appearance because it seems very helpful. I'm due October 29th with our first, and surprise gender baby.

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Um no to the freezer stuffing.
I never have done that as a nesting activity. But dp can cook and likes to grocery shop, my parents always descend immediately which helps in every way..
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We have a big freezer, same 185cm tall as our refrigerator, so we really should defrost it, use up stuff that's not important and taking up space (or throw out), and then fill it up with clearly marked single-dinner-amount servings of sauces or casseroles so that post partum meals are easy to warm up in the oven, or then thaw out the sauce overnight in the fridge and in the morning throw it in the slow cooker with chicken and DF can handle making rice or pasta half an hour before mealtime.  I have a 6.5 liter slow cooker so I can make big batches of stuff.  I meant to do tikka masala sauce last night, but failed to do so.  Tonight he won't be able to help me with peeling all the onions, garlic, and ginger, since he's having three old schoolbuddies over for the night to drink, have sauna, grill, and make merry (second weekend in a row that has been dedicated to him throwing parties for his friends to have male bonding, while I just take it easy in another part of the house and read)....which I don't mind because none of his pals live in our area and he rarely gets to see them, and he will probably not see many of them again until our wedding on one year so I'm happy that he's been able to get people to come on our to our city and catch up with him.  Hopefully these summer events will 'fill up' his cup so to speak so that once the baby comes, he'll feel even more great about putting everything second to new fatherhood.

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Man, my carpal tunnel is BAD.  It's been pretty crappy since the second trimester, but I've had severe issues with it in the past (yay for so many office jobs?), so I wasn't surprised.  Still.


I'm not sure we'll do much with the freezer, although it is a good idea - my husband is pretty much the one who cooks anyway.  He does want to make a bunch of premade burritos and freeze them, though, for himself, which is a dandy idea.


AFM - I had kind of a terrible week last week.  I don't really know how to react to it, or whether to worry about it or not.  Starting on Wednesday, I realized that I was pretty dehydrated - I was having some BH contractions, the heat wave had started up again and I was pretty lethargic.  Instead of staying home, I decided to drive all day, including half an hour to a neighboring town to meet a woman from Craigslist (damn addictive cloth diapers!) and by the evening I just felt downright crappy.  Ended up writhing around with some weird combination of Braxton Hicks, gas pains, back pain, and nausea.  I kept trying to drink water, but I couldn't get much down because of the nausea.  My husband was TERRIFIED.  I feel so bad for freaking him out.  The whole time, I was just laying there, debating going into the hospital.  Finally, I went to the bathroom to give that a try before going in, made the conscious decision to just puke (don't you love doing that?), and threw up like CRAZY.  My idiot husband decided to Google '3rd trimester vomiting' while I was doing it and convinced himself that I was dying of pre-eclampsia, so he started yelling that he was going to take me to the ER, but when I finished, I started laughing and said "Nope - I feel great now!"  Seriously, I felt SO MUCH BETTER.  Was that all it was?  Keep in mind, I made it through this entire pregnancy without vomiting - my first trimester was just all day nausea, I never puked.


Anyways.  It took a couple days to get my appetite back - I'm still having energy troubles, but I think most of this was heat exhaustion/dehydration.  I'm trying very, very hard to keep hydrated, and I learned that I have to eat much smaller portions all of a sudden - I think that part of the problem is that my dear little energy vampire is now flipped and is jamming her feet into my stomach.  I have a midwife appointment on Friday - I guess I'll bring it up, but I have no real idea what it means.


Swear to god, everything that happens to me in this pregnancy is because of stupid water intake.  I try SO hard!  I wish I could just walk around with a damn IV all day.  :/

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Is carpal tunnel a thing that happens in pregnancy? 


I haven't even thought about freezing meals yet. My husband is more of a cook than I am. Though I do like the idea of having food around that will be easy. I can honestly say I've never made a freezer meal in my life. I've done a bit of googling, but am intimidated and not sure where to even start. blush.gif


Dahlia, I wouldn't be paying jack for that getaway. Girl needs to get a grip on reality.


Rainy, sorry to hear about your crappy week! I hope you feel much better soon.


Maine Mama and Ciga, that renovations stuff sounds pretty intense. Kudos to you both for your efforts.


AFM, well, I failed the three-hour glucose test. And not really borderline either. Both my 2- and 3-hour results were bad. And my number on the initial 1-hour screen was 190, which is apparently pretty freaking high - I think if you get over 200 on the screen then they don't even do the 3-hour - you're just diagnosed based on that alone. So I'm pretty upset. I don't feel like my diet is bad, so I'm not sure where to make improvements. I guess I'll have to wait and see what the endocrinologist says. I made an appointment with one for the 21st. The midwife said that if the endo thinks we can control it with diet and exercise then I can stay with them, but if I have to be medicated then I'm risked out and will need to find an OB. greensad.gif


Also, my grandmother passed away this week and the wake was last night and the funeral today. She lived a good long life and was loved by many. She will be missed. So it's been a tiring, emotional couple of days and I'm just drained. My aunt told me today that she and my grandma prayed every day for me to have a safe delivery of the baby and she'll keep praying for me. I am not religious, but it still meant a lot to know my grandma was praying for me all this time.

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slammerkin-  I'm so sorry about your grandma and your glucose test. That does does like an emotionally draining week. I hope everything goes well with the endocrinologist.  Carpal Tunnel is something that happens to a lot of women in pregnancy. I've never had it except when pregnant. Its the lovely swelling that does it! Today my palms started tingling too.


rainyday- holy crap. I can totally see why your husband was panicking. Mine would have flipped.  He gets all nervous when I get cranky and hobbly at the end of the day


CLplus1- Welcome to the DDC!


yogini- I've actually been freakishly well this pregnancy but with DS I spent most of my 9 months sick with something. Usually there was intense sinus pain involved and my nettie pot was my best friend. I also used Grapefruit Seed Extract and that seemed to help.



freezer meals...yeah, not yet. I did promise myself I would get going on them this month though so... I made a few a month or so ago but have totally eaten them on nights where I was exhausted and desperate. So, I need to make them and then control myself. I do pretty much all the cooking so I'm really going to be depending on a good freezer stash when this baby comes.

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Okay so and this might need a sep thread. Best postpartum freezer meals...
I'm thinking with my family might be a good idea to convert to advanced prep..
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We had a seperate thread about freezer meals that got abandoned months ago... http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1379742/freezer-meals#post_17303691 Hopefully that link works, I've never tried posting a link before and I'm on my phone and find that kind of thing more difficult on here. I haven't given much thought yet to freezer meals, but it's something I always do. DH does more of the cooking (mostly because I don't cook meat, but he wants to eat it), but everything's so crazy with a new baby and DH works 6 days a week (at least), it's so nice to have something to just throw in the oven.

Slammerkin, I'm sorry about your grandma and your glucose test. That's an incredibly stressful and emotional week. I wouldn't worry too much about not being able to control the gestational diabetes based on the test. Often when people eat a good diet, the test gives high results because you're not used to consuming that much sugar. I'm assuming you'll get a diet plan and be taught to monitor your blood sugar levels at home, if you haven't already. You only have to worry if those numbers are consistently high. Most women can control it with diet and exercise. It's still stressful (at least it was for me), and I'm sorry you have to deal with it.
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I really need to get better about posting here. I try to stop by regularly and keep up with everyone but never find the time to post anything...

The past couple weeks have been stressful for me. I had a very difficult pregnancy last time, that ended in a pretty traumatic birth experience, so I have been a little paranoid from the beginning, even though everything up til now has been pretty boring -- almost like I've been waiting for the shit to hit the fan, you know? Well, at my 28-week appointment I had gained 6 lbs of fluid and my blood pressure was pretty elevated. My Dr ran all the usual tests that I remember from last time (12 years ago! Funny how vivid those bad memories still are), and so far everything is "ok" but I'm very very apprehensive about all of it. Pre-e was one of the scariest things that's ever happened to me, and I know how serious it is. It's terrifying. I feel like I did everything "right" this time -- I've tried to eat healthy, stay fit, etc and I just feel like my body is screwing me over again -- like I'm just not cut out for pregnancy.

I haven't been diagnosed yet, but I know it's coming. I'm having weekly appointments now, and they are starting with the regular ultrasounds -- I know this means they're preparing for the possibility that she will need to be delivered at any time. With DD1 I was induced at 36 weeks. It was terrible. On top of all this, she is transverse and has been since 16 weeks. She is running out of room to turn on her own, so if she needs to come early it will likely end in a c section unless I can convince her to move (I've been trying).

At this point I'm trying to stay positive while also coming to terms with the very likely possibility that I won't get the birth I wanted. My worst fear is that I'll have a repeat of DD's birth. :/ On the plus side I'm getting an u/s on Tuesday so I get to see her wink1.gif
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I've been MIA for a couple of weeks too.  I've just been so crazy busy.  I've had to pick up two extra days at work so it's been a little crazy.  We went camping for DS1's 2nd birthday.  He came down with a nasty cold and pink eye so we all ended up sick thanks to sharing our new water bottles.  Thankfully his pink eye cleared up quickly and we never got it.  It's been over a week and I still have a mega sore throat and laryngitis.  Think I'll be heading to the doc tomorrow if time allows.


Justclaire: have you tried upping your protein to see if that helps with your problems?  Do you follow the Brewer diet?  It's suppose to be really good for staving off pre-e.  Don't give up yet!


rainy:  Dehydration can cause nausea and vomiting.  I've struggled with it this entire pregnancy.  Like I mentioned in a previous post, I sometimes have to cheat and have my DH give me an IV just to catch up to baseline.  It hasn't been fun.  I got a new water bottle with a straw and that has really helped.  It also keeps my beverages cold which I know isn't the best for digestion but I prefer to drink colder drinks.  


AFM:  31 weeks, this pregnancy is flying by.  I'm thankful I don't have/haven't gotten carpel tunnel with either pregnancy.  I work with my hands all day and have to use scissors and combs and that would make it extremely difficult for me.  I've heard other pet groomers say that they have gotten it and it caused them to drop their equipment all the time and made the job really tough.  


DS still has a lingering cough as well.  Our NP said it could last a week or more.  It's been kind of crappy for all 3 of us to be sick at once.  I have not done a think as far as freezer meals go.  DH is able to take a month off after the birth due to the ability to trade shifts so that is nice.  He can cook and help out.  Our church usually does a food shower for expectant moms so we will see what happens there.  We have special food requirements so I think that makes it more difficult.


I've had recurring insomnia from 2am-5am and it really sucks.  I get up to go the the bathroom and just can't fall back asleep.  My hypnobabies peaceful sleep track isn't even working for me.  I've also had some pelvic floor instability these past couple of weeks and this cold isn't helping.  I'm tired of peeing a little bit every time I cough.  It's terrible.  I have to clamp my legs together otherwise a little comes out with each cough.   Fun times!!!!

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