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Wow I'm end of october, so no premies yet and we're all 30-33+ weeks!
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It's kind of freaking me out how close it is! I am 34 weeks now, and I delivered my last baby at 36 weeks. That is two week from now! I am hoping to make it to 37-38 weeks this time. Even though the last one was over six pounds and healthy enough to go home the next day. Lol. I'm not in a big hurry, but I am getting more and more miserable daily!

Is anyone else having sharp cervical pains? It's like a stap to the cervix and then it goes away. Any ideas? This is new to me.
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Originally Posted by Shiloh View Post

Wow I'm end of october, so no premies yet and we're all 30-33+ weeks!

Yay for no premies!!! I hope it stays that way!!!
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I agree YAY for all these little bubba's staying out until there edd's.

Abk - lots of cervical stabbing going on here, and my oh my, OUCH! It can be pretty intense. My eldest was born with his hand on his face, and I remember these pains being like it and I'm wondering if this little lady is trying something similar. Poking and prodding down there from the inside eeek.
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Being one of the last due is tough, but I do appreciate the time it allows me to anticipate and celebrate all the other births! My computing time is pretty much the last thing on my mind afterward. love.gif

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I'm definitely one of the last ones due (I'm still only 29w4d), but I've always given birth at 38 weeks, so I hopefully won't be too far behind most of you (if I even am behind you). It's definitely getting exciting how close some of you are getting!

Abk-I've definitely gotten those cervical stabs with all of my kids. I haven't got them too bad this time so far, but they're awful when they do happen!
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Holy cow, abk, there have been times where I wonder how there isn't a hand or foot or something hanging out of me (wow that was kind of gross to imagine). In any case, the cervical punches are intense.


I'm 32 weeks today and it is kind of insane to think about how close I am. That's like 6-8 weeks. Actually possibly a little sooner since my doula and I kind of sat down and did some math last night and we're thinking that my due date might be closer to the 6th or 7th rather than the 11th that my LMP indicates.  I had been thinking that in the beginning but kind of dropped it from my mind as the weeks rolled by and I got used to saying I was "blank" weeks every friday. When she really wanted to figure out when she needed to start being on call for me and when we should have our last meeting before the birth we thought we should revisit the conversation.

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Ciga - I think I've been in denial a wee bit, I'm 32+5days today and anytime after 37wks we're good to go eek that's 4wks away, a new baby in 4wks I think I need to get a little more organised!!!!
Anyone else just a tad emotional? This morning after another rough night with my little guy and dh sleeping in away from me I'm all tears and didn't want him to go to work, its Saturday, family time, I hate it when he works weekends. Time is far more important to me than money and I just wish he could spend the weekends at home.
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Gahh so uncomfortable, after feeling a wee bit odd today quite a few really strong Braxton hicks my baby has shifted positions she has been head down on the left for 6wks and now she's on the right and feels breach. :-( I'm so sore and everytime she moves I cringe, the actual flipping part was insanely sore to the point I was in tears. Time to do some crawling round me thinks because this is painful, here's hoping she doesn't get comfy!
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Danielle, my kiddo has been doing the same thing, flipping all over the place.  It's really stressing me out.  :/  Yesterday at my midwife appt, I had a quick ultrasound so she could check my fluid levels, and she mentioned she was finally head down... but sunny side up.  This kid!  Why can't she just get into position?  Agh.  My midwife said not to fret yet, but I'm super scared of back labor, so she'd better turn! 

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Pleased I'm not the only one with a somersaulting baby, went to visit mil this afternoon she's a midwife and got her to palp my belly, and she said she's back to being on the left so not sure what yesterday was about and she is very engaged. Which shocked her a wee bit. She seems to think that once active labour is going this little lady will be out like a rocket.

How's everyone's weekends going?
Sunday night here, and not many plans this week *happy dance*
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I still don't know for sure what position my baby is in, I hope at this week's appointment my doctor can tell me! My guess is that she's head down, but judging by all the kicks and punches I think she's facing front. My weekend was good, but busy. We went up to New Hampshire for my best friend's wedding, I was the maid of honor (yay! :) ) so I stayed very busy, and danced all night. So of course now I'm totally exhausted, but it was so much fun :) 

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I worked during the day this weekend. Ugh. But, since I had a lot of false labor Friday, I decided I wanted to get everything I had been wanting to do before the baby comes done. So Saturday evening we did the belly cast! It turned out so cool! Tonight we had some maternity photos done, and I can't wait to see them. Now, my plan is to take it very easy for a couple weeks. I have to keep him growing for just a little while longer!
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Oh Dahlia im pleased the wedding went well! Time to rest up mumma! Are you still working?


Abk- time to put your feet up for the next few weeks and keep that little man cooking, you'll have to show off your maternity photos when you get them back :-) I just loved seeing all your kids help with your belly cast. almost surreal you'll have a wee boy in your arms in less than a months time!


33 weeks here today. And I wish spring was on the way..... it really feels like winter is going to last forever. Especially as we're out of firewood until this evening. I have been unpacking more and more of the house and upstairs is almost sorted and it feels good, my back though not so much. I have started sleeping in with my eldest as his bed is higher and firmer and seem to be getting better rest in with him.

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No, I'm not working currently Danielle, Which is good and bad. It's great to be able to sleep and get the rest that I feel like I need, but a second income would be so nice. 


Abk your belly cast turned out so cool! Take it easy mama! 


I can't believe how close we're all getting to having our babies!! I'm 33 weeks now which is surreal! 

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I had a pretty relaxing weekend. DH and I went out for lunch and frozen yogurt on Sat and we even managed a successful session in the bedroom! I had chiro on Sunday and lunch with a girl I used to be best friends with, but that I hadn't seen in years.


The chiro appointment was focused on releasing my round ligaments and the surrounding tight muscles, and it felt better yesterday but I think it's all tightened right back up today. greensad.gif I spend most of last week with serious pain on the right side when walking, and now I'm probably going to have the same thing this week. She's gone on vacation now so I can't see her until over a week from now. Boooo.


My office-mate gave me three bags of baby girl clothes on Friday and there was so much stuff! We won't have to buy any clothes probably until she's nine months old! I'm stoked about that. smile.gif


I also finally ordered some more cloth diapers and supplies, so once those come I should be all set on the diaper front. I got a carseat a week or two ago as well. I feel like I'm finally getting stuff together. Phew!

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My weekend was kind of crazy. We had nonstop visitors Saturday and Sunday so I never got to have my requisite feet up resting time in the middle of the day and kept going to bed way too late. My doula did recommend that I start taking magnesium and skullcap before bed to help with my insomnia and it feels like its really helping! After a couple weeks of incredibly restless sleep and just feeling generally horrible I actually feel slightly more rested now. I mean, I still get up a couple times in the night to pee but I'm able to fall back asleep much better now!

This little animal is a mover and a shaker too. He/she flips around regularly but it's generally just from left to right as far as I can tell. I'm find the cervical punches and pressure to be more uncomfortable than the constant moving. Maybe just because I've gotten used to the shifting.
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35 weeks now and totally out of the danger zone in terms of preterm labor.  Yay for synthetic progesterone gelcaps that go up your lady bits and keep your cervix from ruining your summer!  Now I am off the meds and in less than two weeks i am full term!  I'm not even going to TRY to take it easy after about another week, maybe even sex everyday in order to go into labor closer to 37 weeks than to 40.  My last baby was a 4.2 kg monster and my 34 weeker preemie was 7 pounds so I don't trust that this baby won't be huge despite what the ultrasounds say (normal).

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Serafina, that is GREAT news!!!
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Dahlia - I remember missing my income for a wee while, but I loved sleeping much more *giggles* enjoy the sleeping in, sadly small human beings don't grasp that concept for quite sometime. I look back reminisce about the weekends I used to spend in bed pre kids. One day. I'm 33wks 3days and my ticker kindly tells me on,y 46days to go! Super exciting!

Slammerkin - that was so kind of your office mate, I always love receiving pre loved things makes them a bit ore special. Hope you can get in to see our chiropractor again ASAP!

Ciga - your doula sounds awesome. How are the vitamins going for the insomnia? I just realised that with our move I'd been forgetting to take my iron supplements which just probably why my get up and go, has got up and gone!

Serafina - how awesome you are out of the danger zone!!!! Yay!!! That must be such a huge relief. And gee whizz 4.2kgs! That is one healthy babe. 37wks is perfect timing by the sounds of it. Just days to go!

Pretty shattered here, still unpacking after our move and my boys are tag teaming it with getting sick, first hubby then my eldest got this horrendous cough, then a nasty viral rash and now my youngest has a cough that is making him vomit.... Huge amounts of laundry going on. And not a lot of leaving the house as ds2 is so tired and grumpy and his cough sounds toxic although when seeing the dr he tells us its absolutely fine.
We intend to build our crib this weekend! Get it all ready for baby girl, dh ordered our birthpool this evening, which is a huge weight off as I had been struggling to get in contact with the particular business we rent them from. But sorted now, which I'm super excited about. Anyone else waddling terribly? I'm shocking!
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