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New to Galesburg, Illinois area

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Any mom's here from the Galesburg area? We have been in Abingdon for almost a month and have made 0 friends. :-(


My daughters are 1 yr and 7 yrs old. I work at Blick. We try to do cloth diapers when things aren't super hectic around here. My littlest one is pretty much vaccine free. She's had maybe 3 shots and no boosters.


It would be nice if my girls and I knew people around here.

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Welcome! love.gif


Anyone in the area want to meet up?

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Hi there mama knittindigo! I live in Abingdon too! I am a mama to 3 daughters: almost 15, 10, and 20 months. We are very crunchy for the area. LOL I work outside the home a few mornings a week, it has been great for my youngest to have playdates while I work. I would love to meet up sometime to chit chat with a fellow like-minded mom.
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You live in Abingdon! YAY! We were beginning to feel like we lived on an island! Penelope just started walking this week so she is ready for some real play time.

Maybe after this epic heat wave we could have a park date? And then your LO could come over if all goes well. I'm sure it will though. I'd love to pick your brain about the area!

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