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organic vs conventional milk

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Dare I say that organic milk is obviously better than conventional milk; however, how much better? I'm currently drinking almond milk but after going back to vegetarian from vegan I'm considering going back to cow's milk also. I'm stuck on whether or not I should buy organic milk though. I receive WIC coupons which are only good for the regular store brand milk and the organic stuff is about $4.50 a half gallon. I can afford it but would prefer not to especially since I can get conventional for "free" if its not too much of a difference nutrionally-ethically I cringe at how conventional milk cows are treated.... but might justify it with that I'm not really the one buying-similar to how I will eat/drink things at other people's houses that I wouldn't keep in my own. 


Anyways. Do you think organic milk is worth the extra price? Why or why not? 

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I also get WIC milk (though I do supplement with local, raw milk) and I just make sure that I get rbst-free milk with the coupons. Some organic milk is worth the extra money, but in many cases cows that produce organic milk are still on factory farms; the main difference is that they get organic instead of conventional feed.
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I think it all depends on quantity. How much milk do you use? For example, I eat very little meat, so I decided that when I do, I will buy higher quality meat. Same can go for milk. If you only use a little bit here and there with your cereal or coffee, may be worth buying the higher quality one. But if you go through large quantities of milk every week, then buy the cheaper/non-organic one. 


Without trying to preach... cow milk is not considered to be that great for humans anyway, which is why so many people (and largely all Asian populations) are lactose-intolerant. Ideally, if you can cut down on milk as much as possible and replace it with almond milk, then that would be the best option overall. 

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