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we're still trying to figure out Elliott's sleep habits. So far, he does two three hour cluster feeds one from 11-2, then another from 7=10 (ish), but then he'll sleep for two five hour blocks, then a three hour block. I'm hoping that posting this doesn't jinx it!

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so, funnily enough, after all this talk of baby sleep habits, I got a package from the local public health office telling us everything (EVERYTHING) we were doing to get him to sleep is wrong. We swaddle him (NO!, his arms should be out. I don't know why? he hits himself in the face, or startles and wakes up), we let him sleep on his side, when he rolls himself there ( NO!, he will smother himself. Except he can lift his head and turn it...). I just laughed 

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So after a few weeks of short, fitful sleeping, I had a realization - maybe my boy would prefer to sleep on his tummy.  He falls asleep quite easily in his carrier (which holds him tummy-to-tummy with me) and on my shoulder after being fed and burped, and tonight after he slept for two hours on my husband's chest, I put two and two together.  We put him down in his Arm's Reach cosleeper (which we don't have next to our bed, but rather use like a bassinet in our bedroom), and he's been sleeping there for at least another hour.  So why am I posting about it now?  Because I'm worried, that's why!  huh.gif


I hear so much about how putting babies to sleep on their bellies risks smothering them, but I'm torn because he hasn't had much decent rest (not on someone's shoulder or chest, anyway) in the last week.  There isn't anything else in his cosleeper, not even a blanket (our un-airconditioned house makes that unnecessary), and as people have mentioned in other places in this forum, the Arm's Reach has a very firm mattress.  Oliver is only three and a half weeks old, so he can't roll over just yet, but he can lift and move his head pretty well.  I haven't seen him lift and turn it while he's on his tummy, but then again, I haven't placed him that way yet either.  So what do you all think?  Is the benefit of better sleep not worth the risk of SIDS?  Has anyone else tried putting their babies to sleep on their bellies yet?  I couldn't forgive myself if anything happened to him, but I'm not sure how great the risk really is.  After all, I'm pretty sure my mom put me to sleep on my belly as a baby...


ETA - I just called my mom (first of many reassuring phone calls, I'm sure), and she put us to sleep on our side.  She worried that if we were face-down we'd smother, and that if we were on our backs we'd choke if we threw up.  But she told me I should trust my judgment and put Ollie to sleep however seems best.  Judgment?!  I have terrible judgment!  That's how I ended up with a baby in the first place...orngtongue.gif

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My sister and I both slept on our bellies on our dad's chest. We had colic and it was the only way we would sleep. I think that if he can lift and turn his head, he should be fine. 

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We discovered the same thing about my first son. He was a terrible sleeper until we finally put him in his belly. That changed everything. I was totally nervous for months, until he could roll himself onto his belly himself. Then I relaxed because I couldn't watch him every second he slept and figured it was out of my control at that point.
Really it won't be that long until he is rolling himself over. A few months goes by pretty quick.
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My first three were all belly sleepers too! They slept sooo much better on their tummies!
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Thank you for chiming in, ladies!  We tried tummy sleeping last night, and it wasn't really a magic bullet - he still didn't sleep much longer than an hour and a half at a time overnight, but I think that's normal anyway.  We're also working through his tongue tie, which was clipped yesterday afternoon.  Hopefully that will help him be a more efficient eater and a happier sleeper!

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I have a question. For the last couple days LO has been screaming in her sleep at least once a day. I will wake her up and she will look around for a second and then go back into a peaceful sleep. It reminds me of the night-terrors my brother had as a kid but I thought that was a phase that happened after the kid is several years old?? I doubt there is anything I can do about this sans waking her up when she starts to scream but I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this. 

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Julia does the same thing, only we don't wake her up and she goes back into (seemingly) peaceful sleep seconds later. I am kind of worried about it, but trying not to be.
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I bet it's a gas bubble somewhere uncomfortable. All mine did the same, sometimes I can actually feel it when I put my hand on the belly.
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We're debating belly sleeping, but SIDS scares me too much. I'm pretty Desperate for sleep though We've also had the random screams, it seems to be gassiness here too.
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Oh--and rainbownurse, thanks for giving me "permission" on swing sleeping. My husband is on his first business trip since Iris was born and so I have no backup,for the next 2 nights.
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Camden has his first sleep scream today. It scared the crap out of me because he was laying on the couch beside where I was sitting. I sort of grabbed him, he looked around and was right back out. Glad to know others are doing it too.

Oh, and he pees a lot!! So I pretty much have to change him at night when he wakes to eat.
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we inadvertently did dream feedings a couple times and got a 5.5 and a 7hr sleep stretch! We tried it again last night and got 5.5 hours again. I think we'll be keeping it up

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What is dream feeding?
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A dream feed is where you feed them their normal night time feed, then a few hours later (10 or 11), you half wake them and feed them a little bit more. It's supposed to help top them up and sleep longer at night. It works for some, doesn't work for others. 

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going to try it right now!
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Baby girl slept 6 hours last night!
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Originally Posted by harmonious View Post

Baby girl slept 6 hours last night!

I think we are going through a growth spurt because she used to give us one 4-6 hr stretch, and last night it was every 2 hrs. Bah.
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our baby, who is 5 weeks 2 days old, has been sleeping a ton this week. most nights she has slept 11 pm to 5 am and today she has been sleeping pretty much all day. i just nursed her and she kept her eyes closed and body relaxed even as she nursed. we introduced vibrating bouncy chair yesterday and i think this has further mellowed her. is there such a thing as a baby sleeping too much? (I think not... she is eating, peeing and pooping a lot, even as she remains supersleepy and relaxed). 

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