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We've tried not swaddling but his hands attack him in his sleep and then he gets all sad and angry, OR he rolls over and wakes up and starts to do baby planks. 

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We've had a similar thing, where as soon as I hand her off to Benny, she's asleep. I think it's that by then we are too tired to "do it right" and they can sense our frustration. A couple of nights ago, I realized I wasn't being the gentlest about setting her down, which is probably why she was waking up. So I woke him up and he was able to have more patience.

Last night, she woke up for nearly two hours. After trying to get her to sleep after nursing for a bit, I just put her down and ignored her and rested at least. After about 30mins she started making a sad little sound, and then was ready for bed.

So much better than trying to get we to sleep that whole time.
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We're having napping issues. Of course it doesn't help when someone is trying to nurse to sleep and do Pilates simultaneously :-/
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I totally agree Cynthia, the opposite had happened earlier. Chris was trying to get him down for bed and was having zero success, and as soon as he handed him off to me-dreamland. 

I hesitate to wake Chris up because he has to work in the morning, but he made me promise to never, ever hesitate again. I think we might try taking turns, because part of the problem was he had been up twice already and I had got him back down both times

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I definitely think that babies can sense when we are getting frustrated.

I call Ryan "the closer" because he can get any baby to sleep within minutes. We were at a Christmas party and there was an 8 week old baby that would not sleep for anything. I jokingly suggested they let Ryan try. Within 5 minutes she was out. I wish I had that super power.
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Oh man, rf, right after I wrote the post, I got way worse. Super bad fever for pretty much the entire Christmas week, horrendous coughing all night long etc. ugh. Just coming out of it today finally. I've noticed though, that my milk supply was affected as I've had to supplement with more formula then normal..hope it comes back greensad.gif yes, griffin was sick, he was the first one last weekend and then his dad and I after. Griffin coughed a lot in his sleep but thankfully it didn't wake him up, it was more of a problem of our hacking waking him up...ugh.

Baisically, to keep Griffin happy it was really hard. Played in Playgym happily while I layed on the yoga Mat beside him and sneezed and snorted and whined and Dozed. My boyfriend and I had one really sick day together and then he pretty much took care of Griffin for two days because all I could do was nurse and lay there shivering and being pathetic. I just decided that if I was a bad mom for a few days by not paying enough attention, it was ok because I decided the baby would probably forgive me.

I'm so sorry to hear that!  (And I re-read your earlier posts after commenting; sorry I forgot to do that before asking!)  I'm glad you're feeling like you're on the upswing now.  And I'm also glad that Griffin played despite everything.  I was lucky that my husband was home and well and could take care of Oliver; he brought him to me to nurse and nap, but otherwise took care of him all day on Saturday (and most of Sunday too, because I was still whining about my guts). 


I do hope that your milk re-establishes - I don't know if Oliver has been getting less since he doesn't take any bottles, but he seemed to nurse a lot more frequently the last few days.  Today was a little more back to normal, so I'm hoping that things are getting on an even keel again.  Maybe the same will happen for you guys now that you're on the mend.  Thank you for the advice, and good luck taking care of each other!

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I've decided my child is a demon or has evil super powers. What baby goes to sleep at 2am (1130 at the earliest) and wakes up at 7am.... and takes maybe one nap during the day. 


I'm so tired I'm contemplating Jaya being an only child even though I orginally wanted a big family. IDK how you people do it. 

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Oh no! You know, when I though Julia has stopped needing naps, it turned out that she had just gotten super sound sensitive. She now usually only naps in total silence with sound machine.
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have you tried putting her down for naps earlier? like after 90min of awake time, even if she seems wide awake? With Elliott there is a direct correlation between not enough daytime sleep and no nighttime sleep. The better/more he sleeps during the day, the better he does at night

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The only time she will nap is if she is on my back in a wrap and gets tricked into falling asleep while I do chores. Sometimes she will nurse to a nap in the ergo or a FWCC but then she usually only sleeps for like 5-10 minutes before she wakes up again-- something I wouldn't even consider a nap. 

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My second babe was like that for 15 months. Awake until 2, up at 7, 15 minute naps on me all day. I totally know how you feel. It's such a grind. I'm so sorry that's happening to you.

I know I probably sound like a broken record but a good cranio sacral practitioner can really help with sleep issues. Her nervous system sounds like it's stuck in the "on" position.
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Inconditious, I'm reading 'healthy sleep habits/ happy child'. We're attempting something like rainbow nurse suggested.
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A woman in my mothers group just sent me this link in response to some questions I had about Noor's sleeping. It had some really good info.

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I have no idea how to put down a wakeful baby. What does that even look like?

If I just nurse Julia or cuddle her, set her down, tell her it's time for bed (and or sing to her) and then walk off she either plays for a while (30mins+) and then starts crying because she is tired, or just starts crying right away if she was already very tired.

I get the sense "put down before she is tired" implies sleep is happening at some point? How?
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Anyone still swaddling or tried swaddling for naps too? Camden doesn't nap well (more than once) during the day but usually has one good nap. He has a special blanket that I give him and he snuggles up with it and drifts off but not always this easily. He also fights sleep!
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Originally Posted by cynthiamoon View Post

I have no idea how to put down a wakeful baby. What does that even look like?

If I just nurse Julia or cuddle her, set her down, tell her it's time for bed (and or sing to her) and then walk off she either plays for a while (30mins+) and then starts crying because she is tired, or just starts crying right away if she was already very tired.

I get the sense "put down before she is tired" implies sleep is happening at some point? How?


Dunno. I ended up sleeping on the floor with Jaya for like an hour last night at 3am while she happily played with her toys. Lately all my attempts at getting her to sleep have turned into naps and the moment her body hits the bed she starts screaming. Thus her being up until 4am last night with a nap at 1130 and 2am. She slept until 1030 and then I woke her up. I'm not letting her sleep in until 1pm.... she's not a teenager and I'm a morning person =/
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For us, we started paying closer attention to Elliott's sleep cues as opposed to his sleepy cry. As soon as he starts yawning and eye rubbing or he's been awake for 1 1/2-2hrs we start naptime routine of a nice warm bottle, a swaddle and a snuggle and he's usually asleep. So he's not awake when we put him down. I think part of the reason is works is because that's been our routine for months now, so he knows that it's naptime when those things happen. I found that when we waited until he was fussy tired he was only sleeping for short periods and then it would get worse and worse. We're also still swaddling for naps and sleep, because of those darn hands!

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I like that idea Rainbow! I might get the swaddle ready, nurse him then wrap and lay him down tomo and see how things go. I'd really like for him to take at least 2 GOOD naps during the day versus many mini snoozes that suck for me. Hmm
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@inconditious. Is there any chance you could let her sleep and at leAst get her to a stage of being less overtired? And work backwards from there? And @harmonious, that's a great summery of what I've been reading. It's super helpful to understand what's going on developmentally/neurologically with sleep (which is what the Weissblut book does some of).
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So I quit my job and am home full time now. Because of this we discovered why Fin's sleep was so terrible. Not enough daytime sleep! Now that I'm home and can ergo him for all of his naps as he prefers, he is napping about five hours a day and back to only waking up once in 11-12 hours to eat. I am shocked that he needs this much sleep still at almost 6 months but thrilled that we figured it out.
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