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cynthiamoon, I know that hyper-tired state you speak of - it's the worst.  Oliver does that before naps sometimes, and I just try different things that pop into my mind.  sometimes they work, sometimes not.  today I whispered to him while I laid next to him in bed, and his eyelids got heavier and heavier... when I stopped whispering, they just dropped right closed and he fell asleep for an hour.  it was pretty adorable. 


I've been lucky that Oliver has almost always fallen asleep pretty easily at night.  there have been times he's woken pretty frequently, but he always goes back to sleep when I nurse him.  I was worried about it at first, because the one time I tried to leave him with my husband to put him in bed, it went really badly, but it doesn't bother me now.  at this point, I'm okay with being the one who takes care of him 90% of every day and night.  that'll probably change, but hopefully his habits will too, eventually.

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Is that asking me? Cuz I actually LOVE when Julia peacefully nurses to sleep, and now that I know she'll sleep with others without nursing, I've mellowed out about the freedom thing. What threw me for a loop was when nursing doesn't even get her sleepy and then I'm like WHAT DO I DO. I mean, I know things I can do, but it is just stressful. She tries to leap out of my arms sometimes in that hyper-tired mood they get into JUST before sleep. 

I was asking Ruheling. :)  I know what you mean about mellowing once you realize they can go to sleep with someone else...that's me too.  Its when they will ONLY go to sleep by nursing that I start to feel clausterphobic!  


As for the nursing not making a baby sleepy, I'm dealing with that now.  She's upstairs talking to herself.  lol  She'll start to cry in a few minutes and I'll try again.  If it doesn't work, she inevitably ends up downstairs with us until we go to bed.  Not ideal.

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Oh yeah. I do that dance sometimes. Hate it, but it's better than what we did tonight to get her to sleep. Poor (lucky!) baby had a very fun day with us after a week of Benny working overtime and me feeling pretty bummed and lonely. She was SO happy and fun all day and we went places and did things and then she crashed -- HARD. I literally restrained her in everyway I could because she was frantically shaking her head and bending at the waist and stretching every little muscle and just going nuts and then crying because she was so tired. I swaddled her so tight I went back 10 mins after she fell asleep and loosened the sleep sack so she could shift around comfortably. I had her tight against my chest, humming and shushing. This was after seeing if she just needed to wiggle it out on the bed for a minute and that resulting in what looked like a possessed baby. 

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When nursing her to sleep works, it's darling and sweet and I love it. Unfortunately, it often takes an hour or more (like you guys described) and turns her into a cranky bear by the end. And god help me if I have to go to the bathroom in the middle and my DH isn't home! We start ALL over... If I'm in the house, she won't go to sleep for anyone else until she's so tired she crying herself to sleep on her daddy's shoulder. And the protest screams start the minute I'm no longer holding her (or at least her hand). There's no pre-bed sweet chatter, it's *bam.*

We'll see how daycare goes next week, praying for my sweet child, not baby bear.
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I don't know if this is true, but I think that at a good daycare, they are probably geniuses of baby sleep. They do it for so many babies with so many different needs...
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Yep, they got her to sleep (apparently had to rock and hold her for an hour)--but not to take a bottle. Not sure what to do about that. She had been taking one, but only wants boob suddenly. greensad.gif
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so within the three short days since I last posted here, things have changed at our house.  Oliver's still waking about three times a night (between 8 and 7 or so), and I still nurse him each time, and he still goes to sleep after that.  but now, when I try to lay him down, he starts doing the thrashing that cynthiamoon was describing - shaking his head back and forth, waving his arms, thumping his legs on the crib, etc.  it's been frustrating because he falls asleep again nearly as soon as I pick him up, but no matter how long I hold him, he stirs when I put him down.  it was worse when I asked my husband to cuddle him, because then he didn't fall asleep again at all.  I did try holding his head and arms (not pinning him down, of course) after putting him in his crib, but that didn't seem to help.  the last couple of nights I've just brought him into our bed after 5:00 or so, because the effort it takes to get him to sleep in the crib doesn't seem worth the 45 minutes or so before he wakes up again (he's always tended to wake more frequently toward the morning).  he still thrashes in the bed, and it takes at least ten minutes of cuddling and shushing to get him to sleep there too - and again, he only stays that way for 45 minutes or so before waking up again - but at least I can do it laying down.  :P


anyway, I've been trying to think of reasons why he might be extra clingy at night:

- starting to try food

- cutting his first tooth (I can feel that sharp little bugger with my finger, but can't get a good look at his gums)

- hasn't been worn as much during the day (he gets fussy in the wrap after 20-30 minutes now)

- working on crawling (so close!)


I want to give him what he needs, but I don't want to disrupt things even more by changing his routine.  since having him sleep in our bed doesn't seem to result in more sleep for him or me (or Dad), I'm not sure that's the answer.  anyone have any insight?  should we just ride it out, doing the things that have worked best so far?  I think that's what I'll probably end up doing, but I thought I'd share here for solidarity, if nothing else.  on the up side, he is actually napping during the day now!  he's been doing at least two 30-60 minute naps in our bed after I nurse him for a bit.  he seems happier during the evenings, too. 

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Ummm...no advice @rf1170, but we've been there too. It's generally stopped as suddenly as it's started. Iris generally does better in our bed after that.

Also, I bet all of the above could/would make the change...
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Rf- I felt like every time we had a routine with my other babies something would come along that would change the whole thing. Like teeth. And milestones. And then some more teeth.
All of those things resulted in my babies being more needy and clingy and generally more vigilant about me being right next to them.

I seem to make babies who don't like to stick to sleep routines so readily so this advice could not apply to babies who really do well with a routine.... Ready for my great mantra?

Ride, Sally, Ride.

As for me- I just got the best hour of sleep I've had for a week because my dh went to work late and I stayed in bed. Of course I was woken up by a crying, cold, overwhelmed baby with a crusty poopy diaper but at least I got some sleep without anyone touching me.

As an aside it causes me considerable vexation that I always give my DH a clean fed well dressed and happy baby in the morning and get back the kid who is falling apart and desperately needs a diaper change.
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I think we're just going to do whatever we feel like.  last night was a bit better, I think because I stayed with him longer each time he woke up instead of trying to put him down before he was totally relaxed.  he woke up at 4:30 and didn't seem to want to go back to sleep, so I took him into bed with me, and after fussing for a few minutes, he slept for another hour or so.  fussed some more, slept again, and then got up with Daddy at 7:00 (my husband went into work late today too because of some snow!  hooray!).  I think I'll just do what seems to help us all get the best rest we can, without worrying whether I should be "doing" something else, like sleep training... structured strategies aren't my strong point anyway, and whenever I've tried to adhere to someone's "plan," I've gotten frustrated researching all the other options that might be better than the one I chose.  let's ride onward!


wrenmoon, I promise I'm not laughing at your crusty-bottomed baby, or the unfortunate fact of your husband's obliviousness, but the image did make me chuckle because it reminds me of our family stories.  I have a brother who's much older than I am, and when I was a baby, he sometimes got stuck watching me for 45 minutes or so while my mom went jogging.  I was really upset whenever she left, and my brother has told me dozens of times how cheery those brief babysits were.  he'd stand at the window with me and wait to see her coming down the driveway, and as soon as she hit the door, he'd practically throw me into her arms - forget about changing diapers.  to be fair, babysitting an infant sibling is probably the last thing a 17-year-old boy wants to do, but I'm pretty sure my dad had the same strategy.  ah well.  Mom and I were happier together for a long time, anyway.  :o

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Ride Sally ride sums it up perfectly! It's always something with these babies!
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Oh, man. Yeah. It's a whole new game every few weeks.
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And wrenmoon, thanks. Ride Sally Ride.


Iris has at least 2 teeth coming in right now and sleep has sucked all around. Plus, I'm pretty sure she nursed from 2-4 am. I have red spots all over that boob. Daycare called me today at about 10 because she was unwilling (or unable) to sleep because her mouth hurt too much and wouldn't eat either - and she was keeping all the other babies up too. Actually, she hasn't been willing to eat at daycare at all (more than to take the edge off), and I'm getting a little desperate since I'm not working full enough days either. Plus, I keep dumping out bottles and bottles of milk that she hasn't/won't drink and really want to cry.

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And wrenmoon, thanks. Ride Sally Ride.

Iris has at least 2 teeth coming in right now and sleep has sucked all around. Plus, I'm pretty sure she nursed from 2-4 am. I have red spots all over that boob. Daycare called me today at about 10 because she was unwilling (or unable) to sleep because her mouth hurt too much and wouldn't eat either - and she was keeping all the other babies up too. Actually, she hasn't been willing to eat at daycare at all (more than to take the edge off), and I'm getting a little desperate since I'm not working full enough days either. Plus, I keep dumping out bottles and bottles of milk that she hasn't/won't drink and really want to cry.
Poor little baby. Poor little mama. That sounds awful. Teething tablets are saving us right now. I'm also a big fan of catnip and chamomile tea for pain. You can drink the tea too, both are good for nerves. Did you say it was eye teeth before or was that someone else?
Eye teeth were the worst. The. Worst.
With both my big kids.
Rowan has taken two huge naps today, I think because he tooth probably came through.
I hope those stinkers come in sooner than later. And he's been awfully attached to me lately, I bet daycare is challenging while she's hurting... maybe some skin to skin time will help her regulate a little bit?

(Internet hugs)
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Both eye teeth are in, but still pushing up. One of her top front cut yesterday and one today ( while at daycare). She had less than half an oz of milk today (except when I nursed her at 10) and is just veering between unhappy/sad and ok. Hopefully she sleeps ok-ish tonight.
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:(  Teething is always so sad.  Poor babe.  I hope you both get some sleep soon!


I stupidly tried reintroducing dairy since I had heard babies often outgrow their intolerance.  Besides the awful, bloody poops, we've been up at least once every hour for the past week or so.  Sigh.  Good bye ice cream.  Good bye cheese. 

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So does the daycare send her home when that happens? That's rough! I was just wondering about sleep at daycare today.
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This sucks. I think we're going to have to do some sleep training if we can ever get the kiddo healthy. Fortunately, she has a pretty distinct protest cry vs her ' no, I really need someone' cry.
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Sleep is slooooooowly getting more tolerable at our house! I have put a greater effort into getting him to nap less during the day. The last time I tried to do this, it resulted in horrible night time sleep. This time, it's working out pretty well. He did a 7 hour sleep stretch Friday night, and my husband woke me up by saying, "I think something is wrong with Fin!" Nope, just SLEEPING. 


He is also enjoying sleeping in our bed, which is something we both wanted from the beginning, but Fin never wanted to do. The first night he slept with us happily, we bought a king sized bed to celebrate, and now we are loving the snuggles. 

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this is how we sleep these days. bum as high as we can get it

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