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Well here's our little girl!! :)

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lots of little girls this time around. we're also having a little girl
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Wow, it's time for ultrasounds already!  Time is flying!  Congratulations on your little girl, kelseywhitney! 

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Us too! Girls are so lucky to be born in America. Have you seen the "Its A Girl" Documentary? Its about the 40 million missing girls in Asia/India. The gendercide. As much as I would love another boy because he'll be protected against genital cutting, I think of all those missing girls and feel blessed to be a mother of 4 of girls. This little bean is our 4th daughter.

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Here is our sweet baby at 20 weeks!! Was tempted to cave and find out the sex, but baby kept me to my original desires by keeping his/her legs crossed. lol Good thing I wasn't set on finding out! winky.gif So excited that everything looks good! This one looks like it will have just as chubby cheeks as his/her sister! 

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Congrats to everyone! We found out we are having a girl as well!

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Just had an ultrasound yesterday, it's a BOY! I am still wrapping my brain around it, because I was just so sure I was having another girl! 18 weeks and 1 day.




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Congrats everyone!! There is a lot of girls so far. I am sure boys will catch up. ;) I know I would NEVER be able to not find out the gender. I'm too anxious on a daily basis as is. :D

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Had My Ultrasound Today Already Knew The Sex But Went To See All The Pieces. Frustrated Because I'm Only 18 Weeks AndThey Couldn't See The Heart Completely So Have To Try Again In 30Days More Pics Will Be Nice But Weighting To Hear Everything Is FIne Is Crumby... Why Don't They Just Wait Until 20Weeks To Give You The Scan?
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We're having a .... BABY!  LOL.  We didn't find out the sex today, but did find out that everything is great and healthy and baby sucked his/her fingers and kicked so much and it was just fantastic. 


Aaah!  And now we have to wait another 20 weeks to see him/her again. 

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We've had tons because of my bleeding problem but every time we've been thwarted.

This last time we thought girl but the cord was between his/her legs.

We have our anatomy scan 9-10 so maybe little Stir Fry will cooperate.
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We found out yesterday that baby #6 is another BOY! He looks healthy and was sucking his little thumb. So cute! Everyone but me and my oldest son kept saying it was a girl...but I just knew it was a boy. I have zero idea what we will name him though, after already having 5 boys LOL.

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Just back from our first (and only planned) ultrasound, the 20 week scan, and it's a girl. We're all happy, especially our son, who had a strong preference for a sister. But I'll wait till this one's into their 20s before I consider that gender definite - since only some of it is about anatomy, after all. :) So in that sense...it's a surprise!!

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Stir Fry cooperated this time and we've got a high five!




And it's a boy!  Wooo!

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PamelaRRRR- What a cool ultrasound pic!!! 

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We got a yawn, too.  The Dr. thought it was so cute he went back to print a picture of it. 


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Wow! you got some great pictures! You will need to frame these! Just amazing! 

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This is our little guy at 20 weeks! We are thrilled it's a boy!! I think his name is Owen. This week we were able to see him move my belly! Though placenta kicks make me feel kind of sick, I'm really thankful for the reminder that he's doing okay.
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