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knitting nb covers help

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  I looked for a knitting forum, but maybe help can be found here.  I knitted some of the nb size wraps from ravelry and they are just big.  I'm guessing it's a nb-3m size in general, but am missing how in the world it would fit a nb.  My nb cloth dipes look lost in them.  

  What am I missing?  Do you fold down the waist?

 Are there smaller nb sizes?  

They don't take long to knit, so I don't care if I knit smaller sizes that won't be worn long.  Going to knit wraps and pull ons.  I'm glad I didn't knit a pull on yet though, because I'm afraid it's going to be huge as well.  I'm knitting in the correct stitches, so my size is correct.

 Any links to small nb wraps/covers would be great.  My babes are like 6-7# and don't double that for a few months, so a smaller wrap/cover is fine for me.

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I remember mine was huge but so were my prefolds. Perhaps you could use the same pattern in a premie size? Mine worked - they just came up to her chest. Sadly I don't think I have the pattern anymore, but my revelry username is aknapp1978, so you could look in my overstuffed queau.
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 Thanks. I thought about looking for premie sizes.  Today I measured a wrap to the nb dipe I made, about an inch bigger, so a lot less bulky.  The nb dipe is up to 10-15# pending baby, so hopefully the wrap will be the same.

 I don't mind if they are a little taller in the waist, just don't want a giant bulky cover, lol.


Is there any trouble with the wool covers going over the belly button till it falls off?  Seems like it would snag and my concern for the first week :(  

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I have used a lot of soakers and wraps on newborns- I just fold them down, exposing the cord. My babies' cords are always off by day 5, so it isn't long. We use honey on the cord to dry it.

I love a good high waisted wool cover though, just sayin. Covers the whole diaper, great to eliminate pesky wicking. I like to knit my own, but my favorite are the ruskovilla pull ons.
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If you knit with a loose gauge or use thicker yarn than the pattern calls for it will be bigger.

Soakers are never super trim but for newborns I do regular soakers with i chord or ribbed cuffs. Even if they are a little big it doesn't really effect the function of the soaker
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Tabitha-honey!  Thanks so much for reminding me.  


Selissa-what's an i cord?  I'm a brand new knitter :)


 So far I made 2 wraps, one's more of a 0-3m size, the other more trim.

  I'm working on a pair of mini pants/longies where I can fold down the waist, or just not worry about it once the cord falls off.  I'll try a regular pull on next with not as long leg. 


 I found disana wool pull ons that I like, which prompted me to learn to knit.  Once we start using prefolds, the pull ons will probably be better, I don't know.  I never used either, so have no idea what we'll like, and want to have a few of each kind.  

Picking up wool yarn and learning to knit seemed more reasonable than spending $25-30 a cover :) I'm even going to try knitting nursing pads.

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i cord is the name for a knitted drawstring. it's very simple. the basic works like this




an i cord bind off or attached i cord is a cute way to finish the cuffs.




are you on Ravelry? this pink soaker is a good example of i cord used as soaker cuffs




and that fern and faerie pattern is a great start, it was the first soaker i knit in the round and is the base for my personal pattern

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If you used wool, you could try felting your covers a little In the kitchen sink so you have control of how much it shrinks
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Selissa-I am on ravelry.  I didn't see that pattern though.


I'm hesitant to felt.  I found a cover where the pattern calls for felting, but anything I have that's felted is not soft at all.  Compared to normal stitch wool.

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It's the fern and faerie pattern. You can prolly search for it too.
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