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Freezer Meals!!!

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My husband can't/won't cook and he gets really frustrated and does things like putting sesame seeds instead of rice in the rice cooker and forgetting to put the blender top on the blender and just automatically turning the burner up to high and putting whatever he is cooking in there and forgetting about it... so I think unfortunately I'm going to have to find some creative ways to cook that involve lots of prep and very little actual daily "cooking". we eat mostly vegan, fish sometimes, but no dairy and no gluten-- and Im having a really hard time finding freezer meals that fit all those things... I've only been finding stuff like lasagna, casseroles, etc. 


Are you stocking your freezer? How long do freezer meals last? Do you have any good vegan/gf freezer recipes to share? Does your husband cook? What do you plan on doing for meals that should be made fresh like salads, wraps, sandwiches, breakfasts, etc?? I guess breakfast is easy enough- smoothies or oatmeal is super quick- but basic meal prep takes up a lot of time and I can't imagine wanting to be in the kitchen a lot during the postpartum healing/adjustment period. 

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I'm no help...we eat EVERYTHING!!!! Lol! But, good luck!
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I was just starting to get some recipes together for freezer meals. Thankfully my DH cooks most of the time... But I figure it will still be easier to have some things ready. He's a vegetarian but a lot of the freezer meals we make aren't vegan friendly. Do you guys use a crockpot? We do a lot of veggie stews in the crockpot. You can slice up all the veggies ahead of time and put however many portions you need in ziplock bags and freeze. Do you ever use the website Pinterest? It's great for searching recipes.

I'm not actually sure how long you can freeze things. I think we generally try to use it within a month... So I probably won't actually prepare anything until October since I'm due the end of October.

We'll definitely still make salads, breakfast, etc fresh... But those are pretty quick so shouldn't be too much of a problem.
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i plan to stock my freezer this time around ~ one of my friends had baby number 3 last year and spent a day prepping meals and it was amazing help for her in the weeks post baby so i plan to do the same.


i am going to make a few soups

some meat/pasta sauces

chicken curry


i also plan on freezing baked goods.



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and right after I bumped the old freezer meal thread I saw this one.


I just made a big batch of pasta sauce that I plan to divide and freeze


I'm planning to make one big batch of freezer food per week until the baby comes.


chicken pot pies






I'm still forming my list and things will probably be added as fall produce like winter squash becomes available.  My plan is to make at least two meals worth of each thing.

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