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I'm glad to see this post. I'm 37 weeks and 1 day and I feel so ready now. I know I'll probably go overdue like last time, but I can't help have this feeling of labour being imminent. Sadly that's just likely to be wishful thinking though. The baby is so low that it's like carrying a bowling ball in my pelvis, and when he kicks, my poor pelvis really hurts! And in general I'm just not feeling quite right; just really tired, achey and a bit odd. But I'm not due until the 1st, so I expect nothing to happen before then.

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I think it's also coz it's different here in uk. U only get a c-section in emergencies or medical reasons, a big baby is not a good enough reason lol. U just gotta push that monster out 😝 and they don't induce till your over your due date by at least 10 days. The only reason I'll have a c-section is if this stubborn little girl doesn't turn coz they won't deliver vaginally breech babies😒

The US needs to be more like this!!

Hell yeah!

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Congrats to esenbee2 on the birth of her twins and those of you on the home stretch.  My EDD is the middle of the month and I tend to carry for 40 weeks, so I know most of you will have gone before me, but I wanted to throw my congrats in!

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37 weeks in 30 min...no signs here other than the baby is getting lower - it's noticeable that he's dropped just by looking at my stomach, plus when I sit and lean forward a bit I have to lift my stomach up, and I have even MORE pelvic pain (I thought weeks 25-34 were bad enough, but the weeks 35 and 36 have been worse).  I don't think I've had any BH, but maybe they're too subtle for me to notice?

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I'm due Sept 3rd and uncomfortable! i had a midwife appointment 3 days ago and she said the baby is definitely engaged and really low. I'm ready and excited to welcome the baby whenever it comes out but imagine I'll go till right around 40 wks. I wonder whose babies will be coming next.

As for as inducing goes even natural I think some is okay but baby will only come when ready so it seems pointless. Extra walking, sex, etc I think are alright but castor oil, cohosh, etc seems like too much fiddling with things. :)

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I'm 36.3 weeks today and feel like my body is definitely preparing. My BH contractions are so intense! I remember them being this intense with dd. Makes me wonder how fast this labor will be since my first was 2hrs with 2hrs of pushing. Starting to feel pressure with them too. Sometimes they bring on achiness in my lower abdomen when they happen too. My midwife said I can start taking the 5-W birth prep herbal capsules now but I'm afraid to since my BH are already intense. The 5-W herbs are a uterine tonic to help tone the uterus and get it ready. I took them with dd and went 40.4 weeks so although they caused lots of BH and pressure they didn't cause me to go into labor. Actually with dd, I went into labor 3 different times after an orgasm and the 3rd time was "real" labor.

My parents fly in on the 29th so I'm hoping that I will at least make it to the 29th-30th so that they can be here and help with dd.

I'm getting anxious and excited. I only need a few more things for the home birth and then I can relax.
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Am I the only one here who rarely gets braxton hicks? I've only had them a few times in this whole pregnancy, and I don't remember getting them at all with my daughter.

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Nettle I've only had like 2 BH. I don't know if they even really were as it was when we had the heat wave and I overdid it. I have no pressure or hip pain either, since she's gone breech all I feel is morning sickness again. It's like I've gone back to the beginning lol
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That can't be much fun for you. The morning sickness was so much worse than any of the aches and pains I've had. I have felt slightly nauseous on and off recently, but nothing much.

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Nettle I've only had like 2 BH. I don't know if they even really were as it was when we had the heat wave and I overdid it. I have no pressure or hip pain either, since she's gone breech all I feel is morning sickness again. It's like I've gone back to the beginning lol

A breech baby is SO MUCH less painful than a head down baby, let me tell ya. I never got any aches or pains or felt so DONE with my first. I think it's because a little bum just doesn't fit into your pelvis as well. But holy crap, I totally get all the pains pregnant women complain about now that I have a head down baby. Sorry you are dealing with morning sickness again! That's no fun! I'd take all these pains over baing sick again.
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I must admit being pain free is pretty awesome lol
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I had basically no BH with my DS. Maybe one or two and nothing really noticable. Im having more this time around, and the pressure from them is getting pretty intense, though not at all painful. Still not having many (once a day maybe) bit a lot more than my first pregnancy!
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I'm reading this thread vicariously and am excited for all of you who are getting close.  At 33 and a half weeks, I think I've still got a looong way to go.

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I haven't felt any BH either (baby is head down), but I'm kind of  dumb when it comes to figuring those things out - I didn't feel him move until I was about 23 or 24 weeks, when my midwife told me "That's a kick!" and I said "Ooooh...that's what it feels like" (I'd been feeling that the whole time but had no idea.


Not planning on inducing/sweeping membranes unless I get close to 42 weeks and want to avoid a hospital birth.  I am doing the Polly blend and evening primrose oil and RRL tea though (RRL tea I've been doing the whole pregnancy, the other 2 I'm starting today at 37 weeks).

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My BHs became a lot less noticeable about a month ago. I still have them - but most of the time I only noticed if I happened to touch and press on my uterus as they were going on.


But, as of two days ago, after having sex, they changed. More frequent, though still pretty short, and back to being noticeable - but instead of the tightening that I used to feel, now it's almost like menstrual cramps soreness, over a bigger area. Not worrying, or painful, but very different.


I think baby might be starting to drop, though really slowly. Either that or my belly is stretching differently.


My uncomfortableness and pelvic pain have also increased dramatically over the weekend. Which makes me think that my body is starting to gear up; but hopefully will take it slow, since I'm only 36 weeks!

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Just over this afternoon I've been having somewhat regular contractions that are noticeable and seem to be getting closer together. I don't get many Braxton hicks contractions so I decided to call it a night, get in bed and drink lots of water. I'm 38 weeks today but I would rather wait another week or so to meet this babe!!! Lets hope lying horizontal makes a difference.
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im 34w3d and my mucus plug already came out last week. well today i got up with hubby with back pain after he left i started contracting every 10min :( for an hr. the next hr they stopped but i just had another one and my back hasnt stopped. its to early for this lol. i have had an irritable uterus  since 19wk.  so i already called doc cause i had other question will let him know but im drinking water and chilling cause i know its fake lol

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mexiflower-- I hope it slows down! This I am worried about because its just me and DD and DH hasn't told his boss about the pregnancy so everything better be by the books till 38-40 or even 42 weeks. I'm 33 now.

I read that ladies with their firsts don't *feel* BH as much (and I'm sure breech makes a big diff too), because the uterus is doing this for the first time. The second time around its warming up more because it likes to make life suck for you, I guess?

I know with DD she was always perfectly positioned and I had a lot less severity with the tummy troubles Serena I'm gettong morning sickness AND acid reflux. Yay. The round ligament pain was much worse with DD1. I chalk that up to my hips already being PLENTY widened for labor.

I get BH all day every day. Is it because now I KNOW what they feel like? Is it because me (like mamamash) have these super low babies? I don't know but it sure is interesting to ponder. I've started to ignore the BH because I'm so afraid of weight gain and feel SO useless. I am also avoiding sex because the cramping was so bad last time. They usually come on with any activity.

So you think the silly saying is true? Easy pregnancy, hard labor? And vice versa. Me hope so.
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I didn't know last time that I was having BH until my midwife pointed it out.  For me it's always just been a tightening feeling and I thought it was just the baby moving around.  Now that  I know what they are this time I do notice them sometimes like when I get out of bed or up from sitting down or sometimes in the evenings if I'm taking a walk.  I don't feel like i am getting them a lot at this point. I had a lot of them last time but I went 42w6d so I think I am remembering the last few weeks.  

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I had a super active day yesterday and didn't have any BH.  Is it possible that taking it easy and relaxing with my feet up in the evenings TRIGGERS BH contractions and keeping up and exhausting myself prevents them?  That would be counterintuitive but my anecdotal observations seem to be telling me that it's true at the moment.  Well, took my kids to an amusement park yesterday and will be taking them again today to a different amusement park so I will certainly have ample opportunity to test the theory again today!

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