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I really appreciate your thoughtful and compassionate response, kaatya. Having an injury from VB can be so isolating, embarrassing, and depressing. It's rare to have anyone acknowledge it or offer support, so it's very meaningful to me that you took the time to do so. I agree that it's something people just don't talk about.


No one ever mentioned such a thing to me when I was pregnant and it certainly wasn't mentioned in any of the many books I read or the class I took in order to "educate myself" as everyone seems to advocate. Sadly, I've found that it's not that uncommon at all; most people just suffer in silence. 


Thank you for supporting other women in their choices, even if they differ from what you would want. I wish you weren't saddened by their choices though. Maybe those choices are the right ones for them and thus have the potential to result in the same feelings of empowerment and energy for taking on new motherhood as natural birth does for some women. I read a lot about natural birth, but it really didn't resonate or appeal that much to me. I simply wanted to have a healthy baby in the least traumatic way possible. I think that being able to make a choice that honored my own needs and values would have been just as empowering as a natural birth would be to a woman who valued the things that go along with that. It's interesting how much people can differ. 


It's funny you mention EFM. I've heard a lot of women say they dislike it, but I always found the idea of having the baby's well-being monitored throughout labor to be something that I'd find very reassuring and would absolutely want. It probably does raise the intervention rate, but it probably also helps people react quickly when there is distress too. Here is a study: http://download.journals.elsevierhealth.com/pdfs/journals/0002-9378/PIIS0002937811004807.pdf


I take your point about it being a shame when a normal healthy labor is unnecessarily interrupted and a mom ends up with a bad experience as a result. I wish every woman could have the kind of birth she would find most empowering. I just feel compelled to point out that not all women want natural birth, and that's ok too. 

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^EFM & hospital techniques for managing vaginal birth also make pelvic floor injury more likely. That was the OP's original point on this thread, that if she had to/chose to have a hospital birth, she would want it to be a section.

I had EFM in my last birth. I thought it would be reassuring, it was in fact, terrifying because I knew enough to know they wouldn't be tolerating the heart rates that kept coming up. It also totally resulted in everyone watching the monitor & not me. I had to stay in bed because they didn't like what the monitor said when I got up. They told me I 'was not in labor' even tho I was contracting regularly, which I don't ever do ahead of labor.

IDK if I paid for my need for reassurance with a Section, because in the end, the baby did have a double true knot. However it would have been impossible for me to have a tolerable labor without pain meds in that situation (forced to stay in bed). A delivery in that situation would have likely resulted in at least a tear.

My prior birth, with hardly any monitoring, total freedom of movement, etc, actually * improved* my sex life & healed some of the over zealous stitching from my first birth . . .
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The EFM is like a coin with 2 sides. During my last birth, due to EFM they were able to detect and effectively treat babys late decels. However as labor progressed and I was attempting to find a comfortable position and not disturb the EFM proved more difficult especially since every time I had a contraction, it was instinctual to (as I'm laying on my side) draw my legs up, almost pulling myself into the fetal position. Well everytime I did that we lost babys heart beat till I released my legs. I was fearful that they would think he was "flat lining" during contractions, so I had to fight what position my instincts were telling me to get into due to the EFM...
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