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AF already?!

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What the heck?  I just started bleeding 2 days ago and it has gotten heavier.  This just can't be AF already.  Not fair!  My pp bleeding didn't stop until about 4 weeks or so and now I am only 8weeks pp.  In the past I remember light bleeding for a day around the 6 or 8 week mark but not like this and then I usually don't get AF until about 7-9 months.  I am still on maternity leave and not only EBF but also pumping extra to save up for my return to work in 5 weeks. 

I swear, if I am fertile already, I'll have another baby just to get rid of AF. (Just kidding,)  I sure envy those that don't have a period for 2 years or so (now that I am "done" having babies.)

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My period has come later and later with each one. The last was 13 months PP. this time I'm 8w3d PP and had some light pink spotting last night. The reason it makes me sad is because this is our last baby and I really had my heart set in enjoying this part without that rude b!tch interrupting and cramping my style greensad.gif

I'm sorry you're there mama and hoping its just a fluke ?!
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At 9 weeks pp I am still bleeding. Actually, it's more like the pink clotting stuff and I'm going through 2 pantiliners a day but its really annoying. Talked to my midwife and she says its fairly normal.

Anyone else bleed for this long?
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I had heavy bleeding for 5+ weeks, and it's finally tapering now at 7 weeks pp after my midwives prescribed two rounds of an antihemmorhagic and had me really restrict my activity. They indicated that my level of bleeding (or even just frank bleeding) for that long wasn't normal, and they had me pretty freaked out about needing a D&C to remove placental fragments.... That said, I'm not entirely sure how valid their concerns were or what the normal range really is. I know that it can depend on how difficult your labor is, and also c-sections have heavier/longer lochia....

Doesn't specifically answer your question, Helenh, but maybe other folks can chime in with their experiences, too....
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I don't know the answer either, sorry mama. I did have spotting and occasional bleeding (pad needed) until 6 weeks or a day or do after. First time after 7 deliveries that I've bled for so long. I'm still having pink today (3rd day now) but its so light and infrequent that some may not even notice it. Gah I don't want af back!!
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