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Reunion Chat Thread!

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With September coming up we have lots of September 2012 babies celebrating their 1st birthday. We'd love to see pics and get an update from everyone! Please say hello, post a pic if you can, and tell us how your little one is doing!

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Here is Cameron. He is 23.5lbs 28 inches. He will be one on 9/19/2013.
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SORRY!  I can't figure out how to insert a pic from my phone!

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Cameron is adorable!! love.gif Thanks for sharing!! 


nukuspot - wish I could help but I've never tried to place a pic from  my phone so I'm useless there. shy.gif

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most recent picture (from this afternoon smile.gif ) we are just 8 days away from a first birthday!
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Nukuspot I have a pic of your little one I can upload if you want..
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On my iPhone, above the area where you type a response, there are three icons. The one farthest to the right is to insert a photo. smile.gif
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Here's Petra--10 months old (her birthday ended up being 10/1/12, a week late).


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Here are the triplets now. This was taken a few days far their first birthday on 7/24. smile.gif it's great to see everyone's babies now!
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Violet will be 1 on aug 23. She was three weeks early and is a little pixie. She's the happiest baby.
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They're all gorgeous! The TRIPLETS! They look so robust, absolutely darling.

James will be 1 on September 8th. DH and I are so in love with him. These days he's really into swimming, hunting down the cat, eating everything he can get his hands on (especially chicken broth, cherries, crumbs off the floor, and a recent fave, bbq pork ribs) and "chasing" us and having us chase him. :)

The photo is at the playground last weekend.

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I don't have a 'normal' photo of Hazel available to upload, so here is a 'covered in yogurt' photo from July:


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Oh my goodness! So nice to see these lovely babies! Makes me want just one more! orngbiggrin.giflove.gif

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Psshh Cynthia me too! Whats just one more?!?!?! :p 

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Mamas...I feel like I'm at a class reunion, I want to cry. I can't believe it's been a year already for so many of us. I'm also happy to hear from some of you that are not as active.

The triplets are absolutely adorable, as are violet and petra. I'm so glad to see them growing and being their happy little selfs.

Audrie has about 5 more weeks until her birthday. She's my little munchkin, just a happy little baby with eight teeth, no hair and lots of curiosity.
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My sweet, joyful baby girl, Adeline Kathryn. She will be one October 10th! I was so overdue but waited patiently and had her safely at home smile.gif
She's starting to walk behind her push toy and can say mama and dada. She's such a happy baby and completely opposite of her dramatic 2 yo brother.
I can't squeeze her enough!
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Here are a few pics of baby Augustus.  We spent his first birthday on Kauai HI.  I am loving being a mama, and looking forward to my next!!!  So nice to see all of these smiling faces!!!!  

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