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Getting ready for baby-early birds!

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I didn't want to hijack the registry thread with this, so here's a thread for folks to share what they have already found/ bought/made/had handed down to them for new baby!

I know it's early but we are pretty frugal and prefer to space out our purchases so we can find the perfect things at good prices. Today we went to IKEA so I could walk around (I have been bedridden with hyperemesis for over 3 weeks and need to regain my stamina) and we not only found a cheap real wood crib to chop up for sidecarring (didn't buy it yet, but will) but we also found and purchased a very nice memory foam crib mattress in the as-is section. It was just what we wanted, from their display, pre-off gassed and everything! It even has a nice, zip off cover to wash. $45

Other than that I have a single long sleeved onsie I bought before the illness started. I can't wait to start crafting and setting the house up for baby. Changing area, diapers, toys! My current baby is 5 so I am so ready for a wee one. Just gotta get through this illness.

So what do you have already and what are you planning to do?
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It looks like we might be moving about ... two days after the babies are due ( I know, I know) so we're not buying anything major yet because we have no idea what the next place is going to look like. That said, we did buy two little cricketer T-shirts when we were in the UK visiting my husband's family. He is the world's biggest cricket fan and boys or girls these kids are going to be taught the finer points of the sport by Daddy :)


Sounds like a great find at IKEA! I know your husband is super handy with turning something into something else, let us know how the sidecar project goes once you buy the crib!

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oh, this is the thread for me. Apparently I've turned into my father. Which basically means my new mantra has been "how long is this kid going to use this?... What!?... okay, how do we get that for free?"


So we've agreed not to buy anything until we're past week 20. But, there was no agreement about freecycle. So here are the things I've managed to get for free from freecycle so far:


- Dresser - 3 deep drawers, great condition.

- Change table - lots of storage.

- High chair - like new

- Travel system stroller, includes car seat - needed to replace a wheel, but otherwise good. My cousin is also giving us their old one which is more recent. We're not sure how much we'll use a stroller being on a three-floor walk up. 

- Crib - need to install stop blocks to make it safety code. 

- Baby bath tub

- Exersaucer

- Bouncy chair

- Baby bath hammock

- Bottle warmer

- Crib bedding

- Sling (Jellybean)

- Snuggli carrier

- Two backpack carriers (not sure we'll use these)

- 24 pocket diapers & two wet/dry bags (all still in original packaging)

- Newborn - Infant co-sleeper for safe sleeping in the bed. 

- Bottles, lots and lots of bottles

- Some clothes about 6 onsies, and a few shorts and t-shirts. 

- Blankets

- Wash cloths & hooded towels

- nursing pillow

- baby gates

- book shelf

- books

- diaper bag

- **NEW: Travel play pen (this'll be useful for trips to grandma)


Still looking for:

- more clothes (especially winter clothes)

- receiving and swaddling blankets

- toys

- carrier with lumbar support

- moby wrap or ring sling

- White noise machine or sleep sheep (we live downtown, large city)

- Kids dishes

- Sippy cups


Probably will need to buy:

- breast pump

- breast pads

- creams, bath products etc... 

- Artwork for room (planning to buy this at FanExpo end of August)

- Change table pad

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Beagle, are you going to have a baby shower? Because if I were your guest, I would have no idea what you need, you have everything! LOL

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Tabitha - which crib did you find at ikea? I'd love to get an updated one, plus our 21mth old might still be in hers for awhile when baby is born (she'll be 27-28 mths then).

Our kids are all spaced 26-32 mths apart, so we really never got entirely out of the baby stage. We have plenty of gender neutral clothes for the first 3-6 months (our oldest was a surprise, too), tons of cloth diapers, and all the 'big' items like carseat, highchair, stroller, pack&play, etc. The only thing I really *want* is a new Ju-Ju-Be diaper bag and an original style Ergo (we have the Performance style and the straps aren't very comfy, esp for back carry). And possibly a co-sleeper / sidecar crib. In the past we've used a pack&play nestled right next to our bed ... But it's still not 'close' enough for me. smile.gif

As for me, I've never been prego in cold weather, so I'll need some warm maternity clothes! Granted 'cold' to me is 50s-60s ... I'm from AZ after all. wink1.gif
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I managed to score a play pen, three pairs of maternity jeans and two corduroy pants off of freecycle yesterday. I also got a lot of maternity cloths, mostly spring/fall from freecycle a few months back.


Part of me is not sure what to do about the baby shower thing. There's not chance I'm getting out of that we're one of the last to have a baby in our circle of friends and it's going to potentially be four baby showers between his friends, my friends, our gamer friend and work. So.... I think I'll be well stocked for clothes. I figure we can put a bunch of toys on the registry since we haven't picked up any of those yet. We also need a lot of the baby hygiene care items (although I got a nasal aspirator in the original packaging, unopened from freecycle as well). At this point the freecycle thing has become a huge laugh for me. I'm honestly astounded how much stuff we were able to get for free - okay we live in Canada's largest city so that has something to do with it. A lot of me likes the idea of re-use because these are things that kids use for such a short time. We may also ask folks to help start and RESP (registered education savings plan). 

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So far we've been gifted a co-sleeper, crib, crib bedding & matching nursery accessories, a rocker/glider, heaps of maternity clothes, two big boxes of baby clothes, blankets, etc., several floor playmats, a playpen, a bouncy seat, 2 moby wraps and an ergobaby. I'm thinking I'll mostly need cloth diapers, a stroller, and a car seat. :) I can do that!

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