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exercise & staying active

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So, my last pregnancy I was far more sedentary than I wanted to be and it was bad for my mood.  Combination of some pelvic girdle pain (this time I'm going to see a chiro) and it just being crappy and winter for a long time.  I did like doing some of the tupler ab work and hip rocking, so I am going to keep that up, but I want to stay more active and healthy this time.  


Today DP, DD1 and I went for a walk, and then I did some yoga and some squats while DP pushed DD on the swings.  I want to try to go for a walk every day and work up to walking three miles.  I'd also like to build more leg strength.  I'm also looking into open swim at the high school pool nearby. 


What are you all doing to stay active and what are your plans for when you get big?  Can we encourage each other in this thread?

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I do Crossfit and lift weights and I plan on continuing that throughout my pregnancy. I didn't do anything during my last pregnancy 7 years ago and I definitely don't want to repeat that mistake.

I think walking and squats are great cyclamen!! You sound like you have great goals!
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Yay for this thread!  I do high-intensity functional fitness training 3x a week and hope to keep it up.

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I went for a run today, haven't gone in a week. It went well, and felt great! I'm nauseated and tired now, but I think Mexican food could fix that...
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I'm feeling so tired but trying to keep up with exercise at home. I was also thinking that I'd like to be swimming. Must look into the pool schedule.
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Oh I wish there was a pool in town.

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I do martial arts training 3 times a week and cardio kickboxing twice a week. I usually fit in some other stuff at home but I haven't done any extras the past couple weeks except stretching. Hoping to keep it up all the way through, barring any preterm labor issues like I had last time. Great idea to keep us all motivated and moving! :-)
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Totally! I do crossfit four times a week. I talked to my instructor and I really want to try to keep doing that throughout pregnancy. I know I'll have to modify a few months in, but I think staying active and strong is so great in pregnancy. Also, I do a pole dancing class that is so much fun (and a really great core and upper body workout!). I figure I'll have to drop that at some point, but I hope I can do it at least through 16 weeks or so.

The 1000 minute challenge over on the fitness board is really fun, if anyone wants to jump on that -- http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1387793/august-challenge-1000-minutes-dont-stop-now-come-in-and-post-your-own-challenge


Oh, also, I just got this book called Exercising Through Your Pregnancy and it's great. Did you know that the first trimester of pregnancy actually gives female athletes the same effect as blood doping? Pretty cool.

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Love all the different routines around here!!  Awesome and strong ladies, love seeing that!!


I haven't gotten into the "I'm too tired to breath" phase and I hope I don't at all.  Maybe if I continue to workout I won't hit that wall.  Not sure what how that whole thing works.  I worked out 4 times last week and then did a hike early in the morning on Saturday, I ended up sitting on the couch for the entire day.  lol....I think my body was done for the week.  I'm not one to just sit around, I'm kind of a busy body so my husband was happy to see me chill out for a day.  He's always telling me to relax more.

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MamaJen, have you done pole during your previous pregnancy?  I only ask because I had been doing hours of polework and yoga several times a week for several years when I got pregnant with my first.  I was in the best shape of my life at the time, lots of core strength, and I've since wondered if continuing to do backbends and polework (but mainly the polework) well into my pregnancy is what gave me a diastasis recti.  Wondering if anyone else has had this experience.  I've done the tupler stuff since then, and last year managed to close up the DR, but it opened back up while I was pregnant again and I had to wear a belt or else my belly hurt like crazy!


Anyhow, I have gone on a walk every day.  They haven't been long or intense, but it's better than nothing right now.  And DD1 and I went swimming today.  I mostly just zoomed her around the pool but we both had a good time.  I am hoping to work out at my school's gym too, once classes start.  I am in probably the worst shape of my life right now, lol.  But I discovered that I can plank again, so that's exciting!  I should probably watch it with that, but it's so fun.

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I've only been doing pole for like three months or so, so I'm not doing any crazy advanced tricks. I'm actually really freaked out about diastasis recti. My crossfit warmup routine includes 300 flutter kicks (where you lie on your back and flutter your legs up and down) and 200 crunches of different varieties. Plus we do a lot of ab/core work in the class. If you have any good info on avoiding DR, I'd love to hear it. I know at some point I'll have to swap out other kinds of ab work for the crunches, just not sure when.  

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The tupler stuff recommends not doing anything that you can't do with your transeverse abdominals totally engaged.  I have been planking again but only as long as I can keep my TV totally pulled in and it doesn't see to be hurting me yet.  My belly button popped out around 4 months the first time, like before I was even showing, so I think I already had separation at that point.    This blog http://mutusystem.com/ has lots of good free info and she has some videos on youtube of safe exercises.  Also if you google tupler, there is a lot of info.  The different people disagree slightly about what's the best thing to do but pretty much everyone says no crunches and no jacknifing to get out of bed.  I like the Mutu stuff on posture.  Based on my totally subjective past experiences, I would cut the crunches sooner rather than later, but you might feel differently.


I tell you what, the DR is not fun!  But it mostly only bothers me while I'm pregnant.  Before my last pregnancy, I was indoor bouldering a couple times a week without problems.  What kind of pole stuff are you doing?  I used to love doing inversions.  I miss it but I never felt brave enough to do it again after my abs separated.

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Thanks, cyclamen, I will totally check out those resources.


I have one more pole class and then I graduate to level 2. Still pretty basic stuff, really. I've learned how to climb (the climbing is my favorite part) and do some spins and backbends. Level 2 you learn thigh holds and handstands, but they don't teach inversions until level 3. I'm thinking it would be nice if I could complete level 2 before I have to drop it, but we'll see how it goes. It's really addictively fun. Crossfit is very bare bones and stipped down and masculine, so it's nice to have the pole class, which is more fun and girly.

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It is addictively fun, isn't it!  I loved climbing.  Sometimes I would climb to the top and then just see how long I could hang out there.  I really like "puzzle" exercises like pole and bouldering because it's so interesting to try to solve the puzzle of "how do I do this." 

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I've been walking to work and I am hoping to stick to a regular yoga routine throughout the pregnancy. I've never really exercised other than yoga or hiking, but I'm happy with the goal of at least continuing to do both of those things.

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I try to walk for about 45 minutes to an hour each day. That's really all I can muster. :)

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I have been doing around 20-25 squats each night, and plan to add in more strength training as I'm able. We take walks many nights, too, and I hula hoop when I'm feeling like it. Not easy with nausea to have a hoop going around my stomach, but I love it so much!
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When I went to the gym this morning I got on the scale.....I've now gained a total of 6 lbs since finding out I am pregnant!!!!  I'll be 6 weeks on Friday.  Really, it's not that big of a deal but I guess I just find it weird.  I'm not eating anymore than I usually do and I'm maintaining my workout regimen.  


At this rate I'll need maternity clothes next month! lol

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How do you ladies do so much with other kids in the house?


During my last pregnancy, my midwife had me walking 3-5 miles a day. I have no idea how I'm going to come close to that since my daughter hates being in a stroller. Hmm...guess I'll have to get creative. Dance party anyone?

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I either walk with my daughter - in the stroller if I want  to go brisk - it's a graco and I can put the back all the way down so she can hang out in it instead of being strapped in - or with her walking if I don't mind going slow.  We usually walk to a playground which is all the incentive she needs.  Or I go to a class when S gets home.  Squats or yoga I just do whenever, sometimes I put a show on for her so I can have some time to do what I need to.  So, TV.  :lol

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