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Is anyone blogging?

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I've always thought about starting a blog and now that I'm pregnant I'm thinking it might be a good time to start; or a really really bad time eyesroll.gif. I'm a web designer, so it would be simple enough to set one up. I'm just not sure that I want the invasion of privacy or the added responsibility and stress of creating regular content.


Is anyone currently blogging or thinking about it?

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I'm not, but if you start, you should share the link -- I'd love to read it. I used to be a journalist, and I had a regular column my last pregnancy that was kind of like blogging. I do sort of miss it.

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I had the intention of starting a homeschooling blog, and I got it mostly ready, then I realized how hard it is to make the time! I still want to though....maybe I will :)

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Originally Posted by meko View Post

... then I realized how hard it is to make the time! I still want to though


Yeah, I feel like I'm always freaking out about not having enough time. Still, there's this draw about being able to discuss things that are floating around in my mind. Maybe I just need some "me" time.

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I've blogged since two weeks before my oldest was born in 2001, and I actually just announced this pregnancy on my blog yesterday. I'm over at http://www.thedestinymanifest.com. :)

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Wow, thank you so much for sharing your blog Heather. It's beautiful! You are so brave to post everything and your story about Clara broke my heart and also reminded me that hospitals can be necessary. I wish you love and all the best with your pregnancy. We're so lucky to have you in our due date club!


I think I've decided to hold off on blogging...for now. I already spend 1-3 hours a day on my computer and honestly want to give my daughter more time, especially before I have another baby. There are so many interesting and clever people out there writing about most every topic I'm interested in, so I'll just keep looking to their words for inspiration and maybe I'll journal or something and see where that goes.

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Thank you for reading Clara's story, Sara. It has helped me immensely with processing her death to be able to write out my thoughts and emotions, and be able to reach out and find others who have gone (or are going) through the same type of situation. Blogging isn't for everyone, especially such public blogging, but I really enjoy having that space.


If you change your mind and decide to write a blog, I hope you'll share the link with us. :)

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Hi ladies,


I just wanted to share with you my first blog post in 4 months. I'm really not a big blogger anyways and mostly only post when I am in Yelapa during the winter to update family and friends, but this last post has been forming in my mind for weeks and needs to be shared. It's not about pregnancy because I am still waiting till I am 12 weeks along to announce it but it's about what I've been going through with esophagitis and getting to know pain. 




Hope you find it interesting!



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What a beautiful post. Thanks for the reminder and thank you for sharing.
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Laura- that was a beautiful post. Wow! Thank you for sharing!
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Thank you Philothea and breemccauley! smile.gif
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So lovely. Thank you.

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