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ppd or baby blues?

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What's the difference between early ppd and baby blues? I tried looking it up online and really the only thing is "one is worse and lasts longer." So specific. I think I'm about 3 weeks post partum and didn't start feeling really shitty until last week(?) When I looked it up it said if your symptoms last more than 3ish weeks after delivery see a doctor. I didn't start feeling this way until about then. Does that mean that I should contact someone if I don't feel better within a week?? 


I do have a history of mood disorders but I figured that was behind me and, dare I say, just a teenager/early twenty phase. 

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My understanding is that ppd starts post partum week two
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I think there are a lot of factors to be considered! If it were me, I would talk to your care provider right away. I had awful PPD with my last and it spiralled out of control pretty quickly.
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PCP or find a random shrink?

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I would go with primary care provider, or your midwife/ob they can refer you to someone, or do shared coverage. 

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Well, I'm curious about this as well. I was crying a lot in the first 2 weeks after my sons birth because it was pretty traumatic and the aftermath just kept getting more ridiculous. My boyfriend has been worring about PPD but I feel like I'm just processing all the craziness that went down. What is the difference between that and PPD? And isn't it normal to be pretty emotional after the birth? I mean, really, it takes a couple weeks to actually wrap your head around all of it and then the processing starts.
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Im sure it's different for everyone but what triggered me into thinking it's ppd are the violent thoughts. I'm just starting to admit that I have fleeting thoughts of hurting my baby. Although I feel like I would never do any of those things it's getting frequent enough to scare me.
Also today in the shower I broke down sobbing feeling like the only thing keeping me going is that I need to BF her and no one else can takeover that role. A few hours later I feel fine though. A little moody but not suicidal or violent.
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I absolutely agree with the great advice given here so far - it's better to get in touch with a doctor sooner rather than later, and don't worry about the distinction between "normal" baby blues and PPD.  that's your healthcare provider's job.  I worked with pregnant women for a few years as an interpreter, and because of my role as first point of contact, I often wound up being more of a case manager than I expected (or was qualified to be, honestly).  everyone has differing responses to the transition of birth and motherhood, and of course everyone's circumstances are unique.  but no one should ever suffer in silence, even if they think their emotions are "normal," or that there's some other reason (besides a physiological one) for their thoughts and feelings.  it's hard to reach out when you're feeling that way, but believe me, having been on the other end of the phone, your doctor, midwife, PCP, or whoever ABSOLUTELY wants to hear from you and help you when you're struggling.


I'm really glad we all have this space online to talk and seek advice!  I think that by reaching out to us here, you're indicating that you do want (and need!) help managing the emotional fallout.  that's great!  it helps to hear from other people going through the same thing before calling someone else up, especially when you're trying to clarify your own emotions.  I hope the people who've been caring for you for the last nine months continue to do an excellent job.  let us know how you feel in a few weeks, and keep up the good work of caring for your daughter.  you'll get through this period, and you'll be amazed how well she'll thrive despite your own turmoil.  you'll take things one feeding at a time, and you'll get through it.  take care; I'll be thinking of you.


- Becky

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If you're having violent thoughts, call your OB or midwife ASAP. My experience was very similar. It doesn't have to be this way! I was out on meds and went into counselling and the change was incredible. You deserve to enjoy your baby!

Sending so many hugs, mama!!
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I agree with Kalista!!  Please call your provider.  It doesn't matter if it's termed baby blues or PPD, just getting some relief it's what important mama.  I too, had PPD and PTSD, after my now 3 year old.  But it didn't start for several weeks and I didn't even realize what was happening.  My husband pointed it out and really begged me to call my OB, he kept telling me something was wrong and I kept telling him I was fine.  I wasn't fine.  I was pumping every 3 hours, nursing (attempting) and bottle feeding our preemie, taking care of a not yet 2 year old.  I hated life, getting up, doing all the things that needed to be done to take care of her, it sucked!!  I also didn't want anyone to hold her.  I held her when I needed to, but I didn't want anyone else to do so.  About a month after she was born I got on meds, zoloft and didn't like it so I stopped taking it.  My OB told me I needed to decide if I wanted to be helped or not and I went to a recommended psychologist (she was so sweet!) who asked me if I would consider taking it again.  I did and after a week or so I adjusted to how it made me feel.  I needed to ad an antianxiety med as well because of the PTSD and then something to sleep.  After about 6 months I started to feel like ME again and I weened myself off the medications.  There's nothing wrong with needing help EVER!!  What's important is that it's recognized by someone and treatment is provided.  You will be in my continued thoughts mama, take care of yourself even if you feel ok some and not ok some.  We are here for you!!

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I know it can be easier to post these things on an anonymous discussion board than talking to your health care provider, but I also encourage you do to so. I am keeping you in my thoughts, and sending you strength. What's best for your baby is for you to be able to take care of yourself. 

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