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Hi. I don't know how to quote (can someone tell me please) so I cut/pasted

You Wrote:


But shouldn't doctors when practicing medicine be held to a different standard than mother's? What happened to "first do no harm"? If my child was harmed by a vaccine administered while they were running a fever or sick, I am not about to shrug my shoulders and say, "mistakes happen". Having said that, I do think parents should take some responsibility for allowing a physician to vaccinate their sick child; but when you have organizations like the AAP and CDC, and the medical personal giving the vaccinations, saying it is fine, it is easier to acquiesce, often against the parent's better judgment.--------



So.......first do no harm........When a doctor gives your child a vaccine with eggs in it and your child is allergic to eggs, is that harming them? Does it harm your child when they are injected with aborted fetal tissue or chemicals........Is it really the doctor that is harming them or the vaccine company? (just words to ponder). 


And who shrugs their shoulders........there are parents who blindly trust their doctors.........OR...are so new to being a parent that they just don't know yet............(I hate to say but sometimes as a mom we learn the hard way).............I know that my child had a reaction (I filed a complaint, etc) but my point was our doctor insisted it was not a reaction bc of the time frame (more than 24 hours after the shot).......and 'fever of over 105 for 7 days' was not one of the recognized reactions so in the end.....my complaint disappeared. Thankfully my child recovered!


Hmm, so holding doctors to a different standard...........yes and no--------- As a MOM it's our job to protect our kids. But we also rely on what our doctors tell us...........and they get their info from the CDC who gets their info from the vaccine makers...........BUT yes, it is also the job of the doctor to tell us all the risks ...............but seriously, with appointments that last 10-15 minutes, are all the points covered. But as a MOM (and it's hard being a first time Mom, but by child two or three you've learned the ropes so to speak), ask questions, do research, make your decisions based on Your child ......


And referring to mistakes........it's about choices ............If you decide to vacc and your child gets a severe reaction ....mistake? or if you don't and your child gets sick, mistake. Mistakes happen.....no one is perfect. As a Mom we need to be prepared that doctors and moms will make mistakes.

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I don't want my child to be a 'victim' of someone's mistake which is why I have made it my business to be as knowledgable about health as I can - and I am still learning. This has lead me to reject most of western medicine, and most importantly vaccination. 


Yes, as a mother I have made mistakes, not with health matters though. I am not about to rely on the information of a conventional medical practitioner when I know they have extremely limited knowledge. I pick my HCP's very wisely, and never accept what they tell me, because they are 'doctors'.

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Here they have nurses show up at all the schools to vaccinate the children every fall.  If your child goes to a public school, it's generally considered wise to keep them home the day the nurses are there.  Even if you have an exemption on record with the school.  There's always the potential for the accidental, "Sorry we lined your child up with the rest, but they seemed fine when we sent them home."


I say, let whoever they want give vaccinations.  The doctors might be irritated they have to share their pharmaceutical bonus checks, but oh well.  Slow economy.  People filling Rx more cheaply from Canada or Mexico... Pharmacists would probably like the extra income stream.


People who are going to educate themselves and not vaccinate are going to do so regardless of where they are offered.  People who are going to do what they are told are going to do so regardless of where they are offered.  If it's so safe, why does it matter where it gets done?

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