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Still in Maternities???

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So I feel like a complete cow but I had my wee one on July 1st and I am still in maternity clothes. I am just wondering if I am alone in this?? I have been running and working out at home when I don't get to run but I still cannot fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes very well. Please someone let me know I am not alone!!! greensad.gif

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lol well dang I guess I am the only one...

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Nope. You're not! I just now started to fit into the maternity pants that I grew out of four months ago... I have a long way to go but know from my last two kids that it takes me three-four seasons to get back into my old clothes. Until then I usually hang at one size bigger then my usual for the last eight months or so.
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I didn't realize how much I gained in my legs and butt. I can't even pull my pre maternity pants up! I'm almost 4 weeks post partum and it makes me sad. also, my shirts are too short! My stomach is almost gone, but my boobs are SO MUCH bigger! It's aweful!
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It's 100% normal to not lose it fast gals!!!  It took 9 months to put it on so it's ok/normal for it to take that long or longer to get it of!!!  At almost 9 weeks PP I'm still 10lbs over and can't button my pants.  Soon though :)

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I am down to my pre pregnancy weight but I still cant button my pants. I think I am unusual in getting down so fast though since I carry so much water weight during pregnancy AND was about 15-20 lbs. over weight when I started. Just be patient with yourselves and keep on working on breastfeeding. Your body is forever changed so you may never get back into your prepregnancy clothes and that is okay.
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I'm plus size so going through a different journey than many of you mamas but I have to say, baby belly, gigantaboobs and swollen feet aside I LOVE having my lap back for my toddler to sit on and being able to bend over and touch my toes. I had hoped to be out and about a lot more but having thrush is making nursing very unpredictable so I'm not confident traipsing around just yet. I'm 18 days pp and feeling great apart from baby and boobs being miserable with thrush.
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Oh man, you aren't alone--only pretty much the only maternity stuff I bought was for work--so I have almost no pants to wear now (one pair Shorts+a skirt+jeans). Tried to go to target to buy some larger shorts, but I'm apparently a 20 right now, which they don't carry in store. Plus, I gained about 10 lbs just before getting pregnant, so a lot of my pre-preg clothes won't fit until I lose that too. She's worth it though.
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I ignored this thread initially just because I am weeks away from even checking to see how my pre-preg clothes fit, and I'd rather not think about it until my tear heals and I can actually do something about it. :-/

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I am back in my regular clothes. BUT I threw up multiple times for the entire 39 weeks so I didn't gain a whole lot. Also, I have a wicked muffin top so I prefer to stick with elastic waist bands!

Honestly, I think it's too early to be worrying about it. Your body is still in recovery mode. It'll go back, give it some time.
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I didn't wear a lot of maternity clothes in general just because they are super expensive so I just stuck to stretch yoga pants, wrap skirts, and baggy mens tops or with a bit of maternity tanktops at the end since I got a good bit on sale :) 


I did; however, try to fit into my HUSBAND'S jeans (which fit me up to 6.5 months) and they were about 3 inches from buttoning. Super sadface. 

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I fit into my pre pregnancy jeans at about 9 days pp, but my mother in law has now been here for the past week and a half, and she is an amazing cook and brings me 3 meals a day on a tray, and I think I've now gained weight! I am not going to weigh myself until my 6 week pp appt but I only gained about 20# during the pregnancy, and we know at least 7 was the baby, not to mention the placenta, so hopefully I don't have that far to go still. I think it will take longer to build my muscle back up, since I haven't exercised or really moved much in the last month.
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i kept my after pregnancy pants from my last experience....because i drop quickly out of maternity clothes...but it takes me a long while to get back to my regular size. i went through my pants the other day and at least half i can't pull up over my thighs! ;) it was the same last time--so i was much less surprised this time!

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