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Hi I'm 21 I'm a mother of a 3 year old had my daughter at a very young age but I love her me and my fiancé are trying for our second.. But I have taken like 3 pregnancy tests all negative.. But about three days ago my breasts started acing and they still hurt.. My period is suppose to be here tomorrow actually so if I miss this period I wanna know how soon I could test after I miss my period
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Hello and welcome!  I think you can test as soon as the first day, but it might not be as effective as waiting a few days.  I tested before I actually missed, and I kept thinking I saw a faint line, but it wasn't clear until a few days after my period was supposed to start.

Good luck!

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Welcome kier2! Please keep us posted on your test results. If you are pregnant yu'll definitely want to join your Due Date Club where you can chat with other moms due the same month as you and get the support and shared experiences that help us all through pregnancy. You'll find the Due Date Clubs here http://www.mothering.com/community/groups/tagged/tag/2013-due-date-clubs


Welcome! love.gif

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