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Three fridges?

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Back when we lived in their area and they had seven children, we visited a family and noticed that they had three fridges. They were organized (I didn't look in all of them but saw that they were labeled).


Earlier this year, we bought a second fridge. The first fridge is technically the landlord's. Now that we have two, I can dedicate one to leftovers, with meat going in the freezer. I put unopened milks in there too. The first fridge has the usual - fruit and vegetables in the freezer with fish, opened milk and my husband's beverage of choice in the fridge with salad vegetables in the crisper.


Tonight while three of my four children were walking around the block with me, we noticed that a neighbor had set his fridge out by the street. However, it isn't trash night until tomorrow night, so I looked and next to it was a sign that said "Free (Just Ugly)" and "It Runs". I thought, Wow, this is great! Now we can put one in the garage, and stock up even more! We don't even have to turn it on right away if we don't need to.


But when I went home to ask my husband, he said, no, we have two and we don't need it. I think it would be nice to take it while the neighbor is offering it, especially since he offered to wheel it down for me when I asked if he had a hand truck or dolly I could borrow. I don't know that we're done having children and it would be nice to have it for when we might need it.


What would you do? And how many fridges does your family use, if you care to share?

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Long ago we had two, put extra eggs, we have chickens and milk, we have a milk cow. But now we have one, I prefer that as I would lose track of stuff with two.
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One fridge but I would be lost without my upright freezer! Honestly I would love another fridge but we do ok with one as long as we keep it cleaned out.
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2 Here, sometimes I wish we had another JUST for milk/cheese storage as we get so cramped as it is.  We milk 4 cows and make our own cheese ahead so there can be quite a bit stockpiled.


One is for fresh produce, cheese/milk

One is for the everyday open gallon of milk, cheese, leftovers and condiments



We run 2 freezers, one is strictly for our meat. We raise our own beef,chicken and pork so it takes a big one. The other is for anything we'd like to stockpile.

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We have 2, one very large one in the kitchen, and a smaller one (with a broken freezer!) in the laundry room. I only put the extras in the laundry room one...milk, eggs, butter, yogurt. I don't typically put much of anything but ice cream and fruit for smoothies in the freezer. I go shopping once per week & prefer not to freeze meat if I don't have to.
My husband's office is attached to our house & there is another fridge in the office kitchen, used by the employees for lunch, etc. I sometimes use the freezer there for extra ice for a big party.
I think I keep track of everything better & have less wasted food when I keep the shopping to weekly.
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I think maybe the cost of running the fridge (electricity, etc.) might outweigh the benefit of storing more food? I don't know... We only have a single fridge/freezer. :)

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We have two fridges, three freezers. Well, 2 1/4 freezers more like, our kitchen freezer holds like a box of popsicles and that's it.


We're moving toward growing and raising our own food and meat. The chest freezer in the garage is exclusively for storing meat. The outside refrigerator/freezer unit is for storing fruit/veg/other stuffs that needs to be canned or used, and meals I've made and frozen well in advance.


And the inside refrigerator is solely for immediate uses. Water bottles, fresh produce, condiments, drinks, etc. The freezer drawer just holds snacks, like popsicles and ice cream. We're replacing it soon as we remodel, since it's older and not very efficient, plus it's ugly. After that we might not need our outside fridge/freezer but the one in the kitchen is so small and poorly laid out that we basically rely on the outside ones.


The electric is not that bad, but we do run partially on solar (moving towards full solar) and the ones in the garage are newer HE appliances. I'd be very cautious of taking a free fridge because it's probably older and an electricity eater.

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We have two. In the inside fridge we keep anything the kids are allowed to have whenever they want - stuff to make themselves breakfast and lunch, plus snacks. In the outside fridge we keep dinner foods (so we're never surprised that the cheese for tacos has been eaten on sandwiches or something), foods that are just for the adults (for example, things DH buys to take for lunch at work), and extras that we didn't have room for inside. It works really well for us.
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ihave7kids, we usually shop weekly or less too.


forestmushroom, I didn't think about the cost (very much), just sort of assumed my husband would be able to pay for the extra electricity without asking him because he's been doing well lately. I ought to be more responsible though.


I ended up accepting the fridge, and plugged it in sooner than expected because I wanted to make sure it worked before I went to the store in case I would need it when I came home, which I did.


Thanks for your input everyone :)

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I have two. I use the first for our every day food, milk thats open, etc. The other has all the surplus food and stuff for meal plans that are a while away. :) 

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My husband thinks the new fridge is a freezer. I'm not quite sure, as I haven't completely figured out how to turn it down enough that the food is still safe and I might just go ask the neighbor who gave it to us, to be sure. It will be good to know so I don't put grapes, pears, and my husband's pop in there again! (squishy-when-thawed produce is not so yummy)


Edit: He's right, it's a freezer. All I had to do was open the door and look at the label. Oops!

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