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What our your babies eating?

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I'm trying to find new things to try with my LO.  So far this is what's he has eaten:


Avocado  -  Hated it

Mushed Peas  -  Hated it

Sweet Potato  -  Loved it

Squash  -  Loved it

Steamed carrots  -  Loved it

Baked Apples  -  Loved it

Baked pears  -  Loved it

Watermelon in mesh  -  loved it

Cantaloupe in mesh  -  Hated it

Beans (like refried)  -  Loved it

Small pieces of bread  -  Loved it

Frozen Yogurt (thanks to DD2)  -  Loved it

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she hasn't not liked anything she's tried yet.


cucumber-gnawed on end.

watermelon-gnaws on w/ seeds removed (so messy!)

strawberries-sucks on while i hold

sweet potato-eats from spoon like mommy

applesauce-eats from spoon like mommy

hemp milk-stole from mommy's glass.

orange juice-sips from our glasses (tiny tiny sips!

broccoli, sauteed with turmeric and other spices and garlic-i chewed it up and gave it to her to try since she was screaming for it. she loved it. weird. 

lemon-probably didn't like it and made hilarious faces, but kept going back for more.


oh, and she gnaws on raw carrots, but hasn't actually eaten them yet. just teething.

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I'm all nervous about letting him gnaw on stuff.  He doesn't have teeth but I have severe choking fears. 

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She hasn't actually eaten anything yet, but has sucked on wide slices of apple and bell pepper. The drool, oh my gosh the drool! And stinky farts. greensad.gif
But it is very nice to give her something to do, sitting in her own little chair, while I'm eating sitting down with no one on my lap.

I need to pick up some more baby friendly veggies this week.
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Pureed (with breast milk or spring water): avocado, sweet potato, apple, papaya


Frozen chunks in chewy thing (I got rid of the mesh thing and replaced it with a silicone one - WAY better): mango, blueberries, peaches, strawberries


She's also tried some oatmeal baby cereal that I made, which she was super indifferent about. She loves pretty much everything she's tried otherwise, except avocado and papaya which were also kind of indifferent responses. I realize it sounds like she's eating a lot but she eats very little of the pureed food, generally about three baby spoons full in a sitting.


I gave her a very small piece of bread today and it was a totally negative response with tons of gags and a little panic attack on my part. I'm definitely not trying that again for a while. Everything else is really fun though!

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I forgot about pureed banana with breast milk. loved that! Today she had pureed carrots that she squealed for.
i will have to look into the silicone thing. mesh one sucks.
yes. the stinky toots. so stinky!
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Margot has tried:

-wide apples slices to gnaw on (indifferent)
-sucking on a whole banana (loved it)
-sweet potato puréed with breast milk (loved it)
-carrots puréed with breast milk (loved it)
-homemade oatmeal baby cereal (indifferent)
-store bought organic rice cereal (loved it)

I hadn't planned on doing grains at all until after a year, but this girl is HUNGRY. she seems to enjoy all food, just in varying degrees of enthusiam. haha. the rice cereal has actually helped her sleep a good four hour stretch at night, which she had never done before.

we've got farmers market peaches and green beans next on the docket smile.gif
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I've never given and of my LO's chunks of food and I'm hearing about a lot of people doing it.  He gnaws down really really hard.  It's painful if he gets a finger.  He's really good at chewing and loves doing it.  Last night he had a piece of sweet potato in his mouth for about 5 minutes just moving it from side to side and chewing away.  It's been so long since we've had a bb in the house I feel lost.

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my little man isn't eating anything yet (but milk, grass, and a little dirt )


but i have been cooking for him like mad because I wanted to preserve some of the summer goodies from the farmers market so far i've got local organic...


peach slices,

pear slices,



steamed sweet potato sticks

steamed zuchinni

steamed eggplant

roasted beets

steamed asparagus



tomatoes (not specifically for baby, but i'm sure he will end up getting some of them eventually)

i want to add some winter squash and pumpkin


I'm waiting for him to crawl/army crawl and/or get a tooth before we start - i am trying to look forward to it, but i am dreading it!

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Clarissa has chewed on carrots, zucchini and cucumber from the garden. Mostly for teething but I like to think she at least is getting the benefit of flavours. She's also sucked on a peach when I was eating it and loved it! I'm trying to wait until she can sit before doing too much food wise. I might get one of those silicone feeders to do some frozen stuff. She might enjoy that on her gums. Since doing the veggies she's been getting a little ticked off when I eat in front of her and don't share lol.
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So far he has loved everything we have given him, this boy loves to eat :). Yesterday he got mad when his bowl was empty and I wiped his mouth, lol.
We have tried:
Sweet potatoes

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Our lactation consultant suggested trying frozen breast milk as we're doing delayed solids but he's curious about solids. I made a little popsicle and he was so unimpressed with it he cried. Oh well. I'm really excited to finally catch up with the rest of you on the starting solids. We should get the go-ahead in two weeks. :eat

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DS is 6.5 months and he has really only tried watermelon and cantelope.... a few times....and he just sucks on it, doesn't chew.  I put little chunks on his tray and he just smooshed it around.  There wasn't anything going in.


I put a bowl and spoon on his tray yesterday and he was happy as a clam playing around with it.... he thought he looked just the same as us.

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food time! she can sit up, is getting teeth, and has the pincer grasp. pears and bananas are some favorite things, along with quinoa flakes in breast milk with cinnamon. 

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Great pics as usual, KB!


I have noticed Miss L has the pincer grasp now, more or less, and she has been grabbing at our food for a while.  Not sure if I posted these pics, but we have already (like typebug) given her frozen BM in a mesh feeder and cups with (a few drops of) BM or water to play with and sitting in her high chair at mealtimes (FP booster, really) is one of the few times she's happy not being held.  And I mean for 10-20 minutes at a time, easy, even if there's nothing in the cup or spoons at all.  






We will be doing some BLW/BLS on Monday, when she is exactly 6 months.  We just bought mango and sweet potato and my brother grew beets in the backyard, so all her heritages (more or less) will be represented, as I think I must have mentioned in another thread.  So excited!  Mostly for the novelty, since she'll be almost totally on BM for a while longer, I'm sure-- but we can't keep our food from her any longer!

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I guess we jumped right in, LOL...


So far (in like 10 days?! since turning 6 months), Miss L has had (mostly BLW-style chunks) of:



-Sweet Potato




-Pork Chop (Boneless)

-Rice Noodles


-Bean Sprouts





-Mozzarella Cheese





Errrr...  I think that's it.  Usually just one or two things a day, no or almost no seasoning or other ingredients.  Of course, she's ingested little.  No issues whatsoever (that I can see in poop, allergic reactions, etc.-- except minimal digestion!) 


I'm not really keen on giving her loads of animal products and grains for the next month or two, but I'm also okay with giving her a little, if it's what we're eating, since she lunges for it anyway.  I don't feel like she's disliked anything, although she seems particularly keen on (in this order):



-Pork Chops

-Rice/Rice Noodles



She's getting better all the time at getting things in her mouth and biting (6 teeth, officially!)/moving food around/occasionally swallowing.  There has been only minor gagging.




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Munching away what we had for dinner. Green beans, rice and chicken, he managed to get a few bites in and did pretty well.


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My kiddos are eating a ton- mainly fruits and veggies but some things like pasta and yogurt and meat (occasionally). They love to eat, but they still have problems picking stuff up on their own. 

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Well we're 8 days into solids. I've been doing one food at a time for three days before going on to the next one. Pretty standard operation. So far have done avocado then squash and now banana and we are introducing water in a sippy cup. I have to say the biggest winner has been THE SPOON. He loves to hold spoons and have them in his mouth. He's indifferent about actual food. He'll take a couple of teaspoons, move each bit around his mouth and then sometimes swallow it and then ask to be picked up from the highchair. He will take a sip of water from a cup or sippy and let all the water run down his chin. I'm supposed to be giving him vitamin c and probiotics in his water but if he won't drink water I guess i'll have to pump him some milk for that each morning. I'm making all this food for him and I end up just sticking it all in the freezer. Whenever he does decide solids are fun we'll have quite a stash.

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The spoon is a big hit here, too. Although we don't give her anything on it.

Green beans killed tonight. So far Miss L is far fonder of veggies than fruits.
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