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I need constipation help!! Every time I try solids she stops pooping regularly and struggles with intestinal rumblings. I have been doing organic baby oatmeal for a week now. Just a bit in the morning. And a bit if pears the past few days at lunch. The last time she pooped was Monday and is struggling again and not nursing well which is stressing me out. She needs to gain some weight, at our last dr visit she had not gained very much since her 6 month visit and he wants to keep an eye on her now until she starts gaining again.

Anyways. I've been giving her prune juice the past few days which worked last time but so far it's not working this time.

I'm just getting really frustrated and worried. Especially with her not wanting to nurse very much. Dr is supposed to call me today but any ideas would be appreciated!
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Jenny01 I'm so sorry about bubba's constipation! DD slowed down lots on pooping when she got more into solids but after about 3 poopless days I ate the prunes I'd bought for her since she hated them, she had some water, and it resolved itself. Now she's having about one poop a day. Hope some of the other mamas can chime in with advice for you.

OK so to date, (everything past the first 4 items has been in the past 2 weeks) DD has had some:

Banana (gummed directly off the fruit with me holding it)
Sweet Potato w BM
Papaya w BM
Butter beans w BM
Butter beans & carrots w BM
Brown rice
Jarred organic prunes
Egg yolk
White sweet potato
Sprouted grain toast (soaked in breastmilk at first, then dry)
Tiny piece of mature Cheddar
Tastes of mommy's fruit smoothies which included blueberries, raspberries, banana,coconut water, almond milk, lime and flax
Ground organic oatmeal with mommy's pea soup and bits of carrot mixed in

Most of these she's tried from my finger first after she's seen me eat it, graduating to the spoon if she showed a favorable response. She'll grab my hand and shove the spoon in her mouth if I take too long, lol. She happily plays with her spoon and,and Momma sttraw cup outside of mealtime, drinks water from my bottle occasionally and her highchair arrived today so I can see if she is interested in self feeding. I was interested in doing a mix of spoon and baby-led feeding haven't pureed any foods for her, just spoon or fork mashed so I can now put a few chunks on her tray and see how it goes!
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i'm still not really trying to feed my guy, but he has a few bites at every meal.

so he's having mostly squash/potatoes/parsnips cooked forever in chicken stock. yesterday they were roasted (and tasted beets and carrots, but he doesn't swallow those). and sourdough rice pancakes (which have eggs, but so far so good?!) in the morning b/c that's what the kids have. he's had egg yolk, meat (beef and chicken), and some fruits.

i had heard that adding molasses to some foods can help, probably like prune juice. I just usually back off feedings until baby can handle it better. or stick w/ fruits. another option is to make sure the oats are well soaked so she's getting more liquids w/ the soluble fiber and that can help move it along.

we don't have daily bowel movements yet, but that is not uncommon here, and the bm's are so easy that i'm not worried.

as for staying small after 6 months, ALL of my babies do well until 6 months and then 'don't gain' well- but they are crawling, eating, exploring and less interested in nursing all the time. at a year they're all still small, then at 18 months they level out again (i'm assuming the rest of the kids are the chart have just caught up w/ mine). I'm not saying there's not something to worry about, but there is also a chance that it's just normal for her. my Dr worried about my first 2 (they were peanuts as well) but after that i pointed out a pattern (speedy social babies!)- i was told to nurse less and feed more solids for weight gain. my friend whose baby was too fat was told to nurse less and feed more solids for weight loss. ??? my default is to nurse more, avoid foods that might not be helping her digestive system. i just listened to a lecture on health/foods/family, and bone stocks are highly recommended as first foods b/c they help seal the gut. grains tend to leak through the gut. so shifting away from grains and to veggies/bone stocks can also help digestion and bm's. just my personal experience in healing! all my kids have done it all when they started eating, so can't say i'm an expert and following any rules.
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Thanks! That makes me feel better smile.gif I was told to feed solids and nurse more or top up with formula. Really don't want to do formula. But since this is my first I question everything including my supply all of the time. She's also less interested in nursing which makes me worry my supply will drop. I can try and pump but it takes forever and I usually only get two oz. which is just as frustrating!

Dr told me to stop solids for a few days and keep nursing and doing prune juice to try and get things moving again.

How much bone stock would you give? I'd have to try and find time to make some, I've never done it before but have always wanted to.
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Jenny, sorry about Rissa's constipation. Wish I had advice.

I have lost track of what-all Miss L has eaten by now. She loves eating so much-- and has had no problems-- that we just don't worry too much about seasonings or anything, and mostly just give her some of what we're having. She gets so much in (and her fascination with eating gives me time to check email/read/etc. at the table during the day) that I have decided to give her something twice per day instead of just at dinner. She also slept really well when I gave her meat (which she ate a ton of) last night, and only had gatas once overnight, and not even a full nursing session (usually more like 2+ times). Not that I'm desperate for her to "STTN," since we're getting decent sleep here even with her pseudo-"waking" frequently, but it would be fine with me. I know adding solids isn't supposed to make a difference in terms of STTN, but could it, if we're talking about higher protein stuff after baby is physiologically ready to digest them? IDK. Could just be coincidence/a developmental shift for her, but I will keep giving her meat at night and see how it goes. Funny thing-- I gave her banana at lunch today (she's had it before, doesn't seem to be her fave, though) and all she did was mash it up and eat basically none of the entire banana. Enjoyed herself, though! I think she really and truly prefers meat, veggies and maybe grain-type food (noodles/rice) to fruit. Weirdo!
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Hahaha... Sorry, "gatas" = Tagalog for milk. I consciously chose a non-English word for nursing so that she'd be less likely to be that 2-3 year-old screaming "I WANT BOOBIE" at the top of her lungs in the grocery store.
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Here's a link to a growth chart for breastfed babies, if you haven't looked at one yet:



I haven't had to personally deal with low-weight gain babies (mine are the opposite-- one ped told me I was nursing DS1 too much and that I was making him diabetic because he was so chubby) but I know moms who have. It's not uncommon at all for breastfed babies to gain slower after 6 months as HoP said! Hope you get it all figured out soon. I'm sure Rissa will be just fine. 

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Thanks smile.gif we have poop today so that is a good thing!!
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Originally Posted by Jenny01 View Post

Thanks! That makes me feel better smile.gif I was told to feed solids and nurse more or top up with formula. Really don't want to do formula. But since this is my first I question everything including my supply all of the time. She's also less interested in nursing which makes me worry my supply will drop. I can try and pump but it takes forever and I usually only get two oz. which is just as frustrating!

Dr told me to stop solids for a few days and keep nursing and doing prune juice to try and get things moving again.

How much bone stock would you give? I'd have to try and find time to make some, I've never done it before but have always wanted to.

Are you having more trouble when you feed grains? I know some solids introduction philosophies delay grains to 9 months or later.

That said, we had some constipation with apples! Who knows. smile.gif
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Yay for poop! 

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Well I started with avocado a while ago, she did ok but had a bit of a struggle pooping. No constipation though. Then I tried banana and that constipated her and she started with the stomach issues (sore tummy, nursing less,gas but no poop) she did finally poop after 3 days but her uncomfortableness seemed to continue. That's when I went to dr and we discovered she dropped in the weight chart. He said try cereal so I did the baby oatmeal which constipated her again!

Maybe the next food I try will be prunes lol

And next time I do cereal I will make my own from a whole grain and see how that goes. Bought some spelt flakes to try sometime.
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This girl loves mama's quick take on aloo gobi (with white yams instead of white potatoes). I was trying to eat some cold leftovers, and she kept pouncing, so I gave her some bites from my fork. Hello cumin, cilantro, ginger, garlic and lemon!

Also, I can't eat fruit in peace anymore. Mama must share.
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ah, siblings.  my kiddo had a diaper full of sky blue crayon shreds and some dark green ones as well.... they were really well shredded though.  which was funny.  i'm more diligent about finding crayons, but 2 year olds tend to leave their crayons around....


noodles- they were referenced earlier- served little well cooked brown rice (tinkyada) noodles and chicken in chicken noodle soup to little dude last night.  no problems.  i think the softer/soupier noodles vs. the firm al dente ones (for our no-dente peeps) work very welly and are fun and entertaining.  


my kids are CHEWERS.... they chew and gum away at everything so i have been blessedly free from choking since my first kid (but i'm the friend who is very good at helping friends whose kids are choking, or have bleeding wounds, etc.)  this morning he was gnawing away at an apple while i cooked.  he can only scrape off little bits w/ his teeth, so it's somehow better than me cutting it and having him try to gum raw apple..... 


so for the bone stock- i make it every week or two, and then cook veggies in it, or soups, or sometimes just heat it up gently and let little mouthfuls trickle in.  he seems to actually drink it pretty well (only a few bites) but since i only need a cup or two a day for my big body, a couple of tablespoons for him must be good!  


On supply and nursing at this age- my breasts shrink down to almost their non-nursing size, and are usually soft and unimpressively empty seeming after the last 8 months.  but i still make loads of milk.  it's just the biological stage.  I can pump (to share usually!) until around 8-9 months, but my breasts will NOT respond to a pump anymore.  i shared breastmilk w/ a mom w/ a preemie who found her milk would not come out at this stage (he was 9 months, but only 6 by birth, very preemie) so that also confirmed to me that pumping at this stage is pretty useless.  I have totally thought every single one of my kids was trying to wean at 8 months.  They seem to be interested in everything BUT nursing, and nursing itself becomes a little more challenging sometimes, except when i take him back to bed and lay down w/ no distractions for EVERY SINGLE FEEDING.  This actually works.  but i have to be laying down in bed and then he's sooooooo earnest.  yesterday it seemed like i spent all day in bed w/ him.  but he's sleeping 12 hours at night.  so he's HUNGRY all day.  he's in his brother's room and loves to be put down for naps and bed.  ????  kids are so strange!  no CIO, he is happy when i put him down!  So, take from that what you will!  Trust you body (and nurse more if Rissa seems hungry or if you are in doubt since that always works on supply) and also your mommy instincts.  Babies who are hungry have a lot of signs, and if she's not showing them, then you're probably good!  

i was blessed w/ my first to have my mom's support.  my MIL had chunky kids, but my mom had tiny ones that doubled their weight by six months and never gained much until after a year.  she always had dr's pushing her to 'fatten them up', but she raised 5 kids and was a nurse, so when my kids did the exact same thing (starting w/ the first) i could say 'hmmmmmm- maybe my mom is right and i don't need to panic!'  

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Lou seems like he's trying to wean as well--- but just during the day! At night he's perfectly happy to be latched on all night. So tired! :innocent

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Liam seems to really have very little interest in food.  Today we did a little refried beans (he probably only ate 1/8 tsp or less) and then some banana and prunes, most of it he spit out.  


My girls didn't really eat anything till 9 months either, so I am not stressed out, but I do wish he would sit in a high chair and snack while I eat or get anything done.  

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Thanks! My breasts definitely are smaller and feel less full than they used to (except at night because she only wakes up once now to eat and they are full then!). I know there is milk there bit she's sometimes so hyper or distracted that she just wants to go go go now that she can crawl. I suppose that is normal at this age, just a bit frustrating when I want her to eat! I feed her in the same boring place every day so it's not like she is being distracted by anything in particular.

Anyways I suppose she wouldn't sleep almost all night if she was starving right?! I just need to try and not worry so much. Weight check at the dr today - wish us luck!
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How is everyone doing with solids and weight gain and food allergies?

We're behind all of you just hitting the nine month mark today. I'm happy to report no allergies showed up in our past few months of introductions. Now that he's nine months we can try berries and some gluten-free grains. What do you all do with your grains? Make porridge? I was wondering about a rice pasta.
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my baby eats most days.  he loves meat and veggies and fruit.  and cheese.  and grains (rice/quinoa).  


i definitely have made a rice porridge, usually a whole grain quinoa (precooked/usually leftover from an earlier meal) w/ rice flour to make rice pudding, then add some salt, butter and frozen blueberries.  and rice noodles are popular too.  


i feed him a little of each of our meals (last night was roast chicken w/ garlic mashed potatoes, and he's definitely eaten an entire clove of roasted garlic when i was letting him taste things), and sometimes give him a rice pancake between meals to buy myself free hand time!!!  so in our meals, he's eaten chili w/ grassfed beef, tomatoes and black beans.  split pea soup (peas, potatoes, carrots, onions, turkey stock). turkey and mashed potatoes and arugula salad (he ate the arugula, raisins and the sunflower seeds on the salad), beef stew, eggs, and yup, basically everything on the table but peanut butter and honey.  that's the last week, which is about all i can remember....


he's big (i don't weigh) still nurses 3-5x a day, and 2-4x at night.  last night he only nursed at 10pm and then again at 6am (YAY) and i was so full!  i was glad to see him!


since i've always been a bit of an intuitive feeder, i just keep going unless something looks like a problem.  so far i have 4 older kids w/out one food allergy between them, so i'm hopeful!  some day he seems to eat a ton, then for a few days or a week seems like he's solely back to nursing.  i'm just riding it for now.  i'm his sole source of liquid nourishment (except for soups) and i like it that way!

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HoP - I saw that you are pregnant with you sixth! Congratulations!!! That is really exciting! 

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typebug- around here, we had a couple of false starts with solids since we were concerned about the possibility of allergies. she also randomly had a few weeks of food aversions which led to testing for all sorts of issues. (doctors. sheesh.)


it turns out, she's only allergic to egg. and she seems to be doing just fine now with eating all on her own! nothing special that we had to do but give it time and recognize that she's a peanut like I was. (it was hard for me for awhile because she lost a bit of weight when she started standing/cruising and the pediatrician was like OMG SHE'S LOSING WEIGHT and my MIL was like SHE'S SO SMALL!!! *compared to her babies, who were all huge*. I had to really really really tune into my mom instinct that said that while Margot has a few GI issues, she would end up just fine in the end). 


anyway, now she's eating pretty much everything. my DH and I avoid eggs for now, particularly whites, because we want her to be able to be part of our table and be able to take bites of anything/everything! she eats curried squash soup, spicy chicken casserole, roasted veggies (broccoli, squash, sweet potatoes, carrots, you name it!), spaghetti squash bolognese, etc. no problems with spices or anything. one thing we've done differently than I'd originally envisioned is that we do give her little bits of sweets if we happen to be eating them. I don't want to deny her anything, that's just my preference/instinct. so she's eaten small bits of oatmeal blondies, whipped cream with homemade caramel, etc. in very small amounts. so far, she doesn't seem to prefer sweets over her veggies.... so we're still winning. whew :)

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