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~Weekly Chat Thread August 12th-18th~

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Well, I am past due now. No fuss is the greater sense, but the clock is ticking on my parents visit. And I want to hold her.
Wednesday is my wedding anniversary, but I really hope she comes before then.
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Things are pretty chill here though baby is getting lower and lower.  I swear she's going to fall out my butt. :p  Lots of discharge yesterday, but only a handful of contractions...  DTD last night nothing changed. LOL  Now that my mom is here, I'm all relaxed.  She can come now or in a week or so - doesn't matter. :)  I do have a lot of little TODOs to work on around the house, so I'm not really stressing wanting her here now. :)  The weekend would be great - especially if I get time to go do a pedi with my mom and my oldest.  It'd be nice not to pull my husband out of work for labor. ;)  Plus there's a "Rifftrax Live" event on Thursday we'd love to go to.  I'm about to pick up tickets and gamble on it, but I'll give it today to see if anything starts picking up labor-wise...


Leigh, here's hoping baby comes ASAP so your parents get some time to enjoy baby and help out!!

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Plus there's a "Rifftrax Live" event on Thursday we'd love to go to.  I'm about to pick up tickets and gamble on it, but I'll give it today to see if anything starts picking up labor-wise...


I hope you get to go, a good laugh is perhaps just what you need.  :)

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Also?  Why am I at work?  I have nothing to do...hum de hum...

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I had really hoped to go into labor over this past weekend, when it would have been more convenient to get my son off to my parents' house. Ah well, best laid plans, blah blah, Not feeling too much new... sometimes crampy, sometimes non-painful but fairly intense contractions, a bit nauseous & rather tired. I need to get a manual breastpump, so I think my son and I are going to venture to Target soon... and maybe I will experiment with it later. I think I need to accept the fact that this boy will also probably come right on his due date (18th) and also be over 10 lbs (just like 1st DS).

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Also?  Why am I at work?  I have nothing to do...hum de hum...
Likewise! My last day of my contract is Friday, but I will use my 2 remaining sick days to take off Thursday and Friday. I'm so run down that I think that should be OK. My feet are grotesquely swollen which isn't too uncomfortable, but looks horrific, which should help my case.

Saturday night, the cat jumped into bed with us and started kneading the pillow propping up my belly and purring loudly. This was odd behaviour for her, so we thought oh maybe she can sense labor. But nothing has happened.
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Feeling very crampy with a lot of lower back-ache today. I have read some places that this could be a preamble to early labor but who knows. Absolutely no other signs at all, no mucous, no plug, no bloody show, notihing.  Baby girl has seemed quite content to stay put the last few days but today these cramps and backache hurt. I was planning on getting some things done today but now I am not so sure what I'll be motivated to get done. All I want to do is lay down with an ice pack or a heating pad.


LeighPF - I hope baby decides to make an entrance soon. Have you ever gone past due? It can be frustrating when you haven't experienced it before but she WILL come out eventually. Maybe you could try some things to encourage her like a breast pump, DTD, lots of walking?



cardigan - My kitten has been all over me too but she does that anyway. I think she misses my DDs.


emcol - you never know what can happen, just when I thought I'd never go into labor with DD2, my water broke that night! Keeping busy sure helps the waiting game though. I did Target the other day. winky.gif

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Of all the things I was wanting to get done this week, like celebrating my wedding anniversary (also on Wednesday), cleaning my apartment, maybe having a baby; breaking my tooth at breakfast was not on the list. Unfortunately my dentist can't get me in until Friday, which will make me 39w5d pregnant. I am not looking forward to that appointment but I'm not sure what else to do.  

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Ah we are all so close!
Decided to start leave 3 days early, after a lost my mucus plug last night and more this morning. I know it could still mean another week, but I just can't bear the commute or sitting there all day. Plus, DH is so anxious about me going into the city, he practically begged me to stay home. Going to try to make the most of it, spending time with DS, walking and bouncing on my yoga ball. Trying to convince DH to DTD and help me out smile.gif
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Katy: that is awful! Did you pull the "I need to get this fixed before baby comes" card?
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cardigan, the dentist has already said that they don't want anyone to have a baby in the office so I think that really is the only appointment time they have all week, otherwise I would have totally pulled that card,  They did say that if they have something open up sooner they would call, so my fingers are crossed smile.gif

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Ok, persistent lower backache all day (very different from the sciatic pain I had), and lots of menstrual type cramps. Signs of very early labor or pre-labor? No mucous plug or anything, just feeling yuck with all the backache and cramps.

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Sounds promising, Crunchy. I never noticed loss of plug with my first two, and didn't have bloody show either (the first drop of blood was when my water broke at the start of transition). Rest when you can, walk/bounce/circle when you have the energy, and I hope this is it for you!
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katydid...ugh.  Bad timing, tooth.  I'm sorry.

Crunchy... backache and menstrual-like cramps are a great sign.

Leigh, cardigan, jillgayle...the sun is lowering in the eastern US sky, another day closer!


I am 39w5d today and scheduled a prenatal massage for my due date (but have the option to change it to a postpartum in-home massage if needed, fingers crossed).  Today marks one week at 4-5cm and close to fully effaced.  Just waiting on baby to be ready too, I guess.  My midwife's husband did some awesome henna on my belly yesterday, and I'm enjoying looking at it and touching it today.  It'll look a little funny deflated :)

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I had a ton of mucus that I assume was my plug last week. Everything has happened, all ready to go, but she needs to decide it is time. Actually today I am pretty zen about it. While my mum keeps telling her to hurry up. My dad was joking about having the baby in Home Depot today while we ran an errand. I told him I was down with that and it would get us a good discount.


I have not tried the pump yet. And should DTD the again tonight. I was googling and there is not much else to do. Will strip my membranes on Wednesday at the midwife (what a great anniversary start, since husband will probably come along). Talked to my grandmother today (she was worried I had not posted anything on facebook in a few days) and she mentioned caster oil was a thing in her day. But it is a little too strong for me. Getting out and going for walks, but then I get so physically tired I need to lie down so I don;t have to support my belly. Tried belly binding yesterday too to tip her in and down some more.


Monkey was induced at 10 days after due date. Bee came on her due date, about 24 hours after my mum flew in to look after Monkey, so perfect timing. We all thought this one would be a little early.


Katy, Ouch about the tooth. I knocked the filling out of my broken front tooth a few months ago and my dentist was great about it. I need to go back soon for check ups for everyone, but am still trying to figure out the logistics.

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Crunchy, I hope things pick up for you! It sounds like something is going on.


Leigh, I'm rooting for you! Hopefully baby will get here before Wednesday!


Cardigan, my feet are looking icky, too.


Katydid, sorry about the tooth! That sounds terrible.


Calladona, I'm glad you've got your mom there now! Hope you make it to the event on Thursday.


A little cramping here and there, but nothing much seems to be happening here. I've been working on my to-do list and basically everything is done, just have some cleaning left. Baby can come anytime, but I'm kind of hoping for the weekend. I've been a wreck emotionally, so I'd say my body is still gearing up. I'm also ravenous. I can easily eat a huge meal and then have a snack. No small baby for me. lol.gif

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Katy, ouch! How miserable. Tooth drama is the worst.
Sounds like progress of some kind for everyone else, even if it is just that you survived another day, right? One day closer!
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Katy, so sorry about the tooth issues. :/ Hope they get you in sooner rather than later, and that the fix itself isn't too much drama.

I'm sitting here with moderate period-like cramping and totally happy about it. This has been a nearly discomfort-free third trimester, with baby floating really high and very little to make me think this kid may come out, so I'm stoked to have any sign that my body is gearing up for something. I also had prodromal labor (moderate contractions 5 minutes apart) for the first time in three pregnancies for two hours on Saturday night. If it starts happening every night, I'm sure I'll be less enchanted with it, but for now, I'll take it. The only sign my first two were coming was a week (with my first) or a few days (with my second) of constant period-like cramps for a couple of hours each day, so maybe I'll get the 39+2 24th August baby we're hoping for, after all. smile.gif
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Not a whole lot changed last night. My back doesn't ache quite as much but I am having constant menstrual like cramps. I had a few good contractions overnight but they were very far apart and not very regular. I talked to my midwives and they said it does sound like it could be some very early labor going on but it is too soon to tell. They told me to rest, drink lots, and eat well to be prepared for things to pick up. I still don't think she is coming tonight or even tomorrow but I am doubting she will wait until her Aug 22nd due date either. DH told me to cross my legs for 4 more days until his Naval Reserve training is over...um, right honey I'll get right on that.eyesroll.gif Did I mention these cramps suck?


harmie - congrats on baby boy! how are you recovering?


EA77 - sounds like we have the same due date! Hope your babe cooperates.


mamapigeon - I was really emotional yesterday too at the prospect of going into labor. I cried when I got off the phone with DH to let him know what was happening. It wasn't anything he said, I just cried for whatever reason.

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Ah yes, early labor cramps. They are annoying! But a good sign!

I actually had my first really crampy moment last evening and it made me grumpy! I was thinking, "Noooo! I'm not ready!" So I got all the gender neutral clothes in a basket, finished putting all the NB diapers away, finished the mending I was trying to do, made and froze the dashi for miso soup (for if I want it in labor), tidied up my birth space, and made DH put the totes away. I feel better now XD like It would be okay if I went into labor, but I never got anything other than the one crampy ctx. It was still good motivation though!

Today I have to clean the coop and I want to try to get bag made for my midwife smile.gif
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