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38 weeks today... sometimes I already feel past due.  I was up all night Saturday with cramps and pains.  I was on the verge of making the "this is it" phone calls, but I wasn't really ready.  I drank a beer that night and that slowed things enough I could get a little rest.  In the morning I took a bath and sipped tea while my friend made breakfast and hung out with DS.  That really helped and things have been relatively mellow here since.  I think I feel more mentally prepared now and would be ready if I had another night like that.  Yesterday and today my tummy has been all bloated (other than the usual ginormous baby in your belly 'bloated', although at this point I can't believe I have any room for bloating), and I have been gassy and uncomfortable.  I don't even feel like this is my body right now... I have a crazy miner trying to tunnel out of my side as I sit here, then when I stand up there is a lead weight thumping and dropping in my pelvis, I think my dear sweet unborn child is as confounded and upset about the gas as I am because he seems to be battling with some sort of weapon he has fashioned in there, I figured out how to oragami myself last night so that I could cut my toenails only to lose feeling in my hip and not be able to walk without a limp for a bit afterward... I feel like I am living in the body of someone else, or maybe several someones all at once!  Okay, thanks for letting me rant ladies! 



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Still very pregnant. I had some backache and cramps but not as bad as yesterday. I got some small last minute things done that maybe weren't necessary but I wanted to get done. Then tonight I started a big nesting/cleaning spree at 10pm complete with taking the drawers out of the fridge and washing them. DH thought I had lost my mind! Now I am trying to convince myself to go to bed even though I have still been having trouble sleeping. Every time I lay down the cramps start up again.


Mama505 - At least you still have your sense of humor! Your post made me giggle, but I totally understand. I feel like she is trying to claw her way through my cervix or pummel her way out my ribcage!

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Good morning...  Up with insomnia again.  Baby is just not ready to come yet I think.  I'll get whopper contractions, but then nothing...  She's very low, mostly though seems to go up a bit at night while I sleep.  Thinking it's gonna be a while...
GISDiva, thanks, hopefully the laughs help!!  LOL, hang in there at work!!
emcol, hang in there!!
cardigan, glad you're almost done with work! :D
Crunchy, I hope that's a good sign for you!  I seem to feel like that most of the time lately (like for the last few weeks), so I've given up. :p Yay for crazy nesting!  I hope it hits me soon!  BAHAHA
katydid, UGGH on the tooth!!  I hope you make that appointment or get fitted in sooner!
Jillgayle, exciting!  Glad you're done with work! :D
emily, hang in there!!  Soon!!
LeighPF, :D  Hoping she picks soon!  I am with you on the zen.  Very zen here...
mamapigeon, good for you on having everything done!  Jealous of your eating!  I am gaining weight again, but finding myself unable to eat much.  Hurray for that...
EA77, good luck with the cramping!!
Banana, LOL, you are nesting like crazy!! :D
Mama, hang in there!!  Glad you're feeling more mentally prepared!  LOL I love your comment on the baby "battling" your gas. :p
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Last day at work, I decided for sure yesterday.  Screw this.  I need a nap and it's only 9 AM.


I keep having these really random cramps and getting all excited and then nothing for hours.  Rinse, repeat.  I'm debating on whether to get checked at the midwife tonight even though I know it won't tell me anything.


I'm enjoying reading everyone's last minute nesting sprees.  Last night it was pickles and laundry.  The night before I purged all of DS's outgrown clothes and dumped them on a friend. Tonight...hmmm...

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Mama, thanks for the laugh with your mining story. smile.gif or hurts to laugh, but that chuckle was worth it.
I so admire you mama's that are still working. You are much tougher than I am.

Crunchy, thanks for asking about me. Things are standard 4-5 days past surgery here. Which to me means the most uncomfortable. But progressing along fine. Plenty of snuggles to distract me.

Hope everyone is getting some rest amidst the cramping and nesting!
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Feeling frustrated today- last night things seemed to be kind of ramping up, but then nothing. And now we have an ultrasound and appointment in a couple hours. Ultrasound to check on (giant) size... which just makes me nervous that they will bring up induction. Tempting on the one hand (the I'm nearing my wits end hand) but also soooo not desirable. Never thought I'd consider castor oil, but maybe I'll ask my midwife her thoughts on it....


So glad to have found this group! It's very reassuring to communicate with others in similar boats!! smile.gif

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emcol, Have you tried other methods to get things going?  I would only use castor oil (again) as a last resort!  Check the 'In Labor or Warming Up' thread for ideas for ramping things up and horror stories of castor oil.  Good luck! 

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Mama505- Soon, I'm gonna be able to search google and find your anti-castor oil induction PSA's. ha ha!!!!

But seriously, emcol---I have to read up on your particular situation, but I never would have done it had I not been leaking fluid and contracting for 2 days! I agree with Mama505 about it being a last resort!
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Had another midwife visit today. It is our anniversary, so husband came too. Still 3-4 cm, super duper soft and long. Membrane sweep.
Given a list of things that can help, with string recs for a full pedicure. So now I have sparkly toes and non crusty heels.
Nice lunch with husband.
Even tried a saline enema.
Still no action.

She really dropped last night or two days ago, so at least I am fairly comfortable.

Midwife recs castor oil as last resort, but finds it really works if used properly. She makes people call in to check she is not busy beforehand.
So that is the plan for Friday so I have some time post baby with my parents taking care of me.
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I had my 39 w (I'm 39.5w) appt today. Baby hasn't dropped yet; is that odd for first time mothers? The only time I get crampiness is w constipation. Dr estimated baby at 8-9 lbs by size of my belly. I gained a nice 2 lbs this week, and wonder when will it please stop! Hopefully body is packing it on as baby will have voracious appetite and will suck the 70+ lbsI've gained right out of me.
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I was only considering the castor oil IF they were suggesting induction- I would consider it as an alternative to avoid induction. They seemed concerned about baby being super big, and I anticipated induction talk today. But looks like it's not an issue anyway- ultrasound showed baby to be all good, very average size, fluid all good. My belly still measures big, but whatever. I went ahead and got the cervical check and was ever so frustrated to be only 1cm dilated, 30% effaced. Cervix is forward and long and soft though. But I really thought I would be like on my way to labor any minute. Ah well, now I'm hoping for this weekend, when it will be semi-convenient for my sister and/or parents to watch DS. My due date is Sunday and I really have a feeling now that this boy will be a due-dater like my first DS :)

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emcol - keep in mind that things like dilation and effacement can change in a heartbeat so don't be too discouraged!


cardigan - I think it's common for baby to not drop until just before labor for first time mothers. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong.


LeighPF - I really hope you can avoid castor oil. Have you tried EPO suppositories (or even orally?).


Still nothing here. Some strong contractions here or there but that's it. Backache is still there but who knows. I had my 39 week appt today and everything is looking good. The midwives say that they see a lot of "false starts" with 3rd babies but that when things finally do get going it really goes! They still don't want me to hesitate to call them if I think something might be happening even if it fizzles out (again!). This prodromal labor stuff sucks,Calladonna how do you do it for so many weeks?!

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EPO is on my midwifes things to do list, only for the unripe, and I am very ripe.


Woke up pregnant again (with two kids in the bed, and a puddle) and am feeling a bit lemony. Oh, if I had all the time I think she would likely come just fine. But having my parents for a few days postpartum as my childcare/nursing staff... I am not sure I am ready to give that up.

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Cardigan- many first time moms will have engaged babies for a quite a while before labor begins. With subsequent babies it's super common for babies not to engage until labor. But it's all variations of normal, so it's not a big deal at all that she hasn't engaged for you yet smile.gif
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Yep, my son's head never really engaged much until I was pushing! It was just so big that it required my pushing to really get it down. But then I pushed him out in half an hour, so it all worked out! This guy seems to be similar- his head is down but I doubt he will get much lower until the end...

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Originally Posted by LeighPF View Post

Even tried a saline enema.

Is that supposed to help??? scared.gif Hope the anniversary was nice!


Mama505, I was so jealous about your toenails that I had to try. It feels fantastic to have short toenails again!


Emcol, yay for the average baby buying some more time! Hope things pick up for you!



Well, last night for me was just terrible sleep-wise. I was awake from midnight to almost 6. I can't wait until I can sleep on my stomach again! I ended up skipping the cervix check at my appointment yesterday (only 38.5w). Ate some REALLY spicy dinner last night, but nothing happened other than happy taste buds. Thinking it might be time to break out the pineapple (though I ate 8 whole pineapples in 9 days last preg without any action), basil, and more RRL. Come on baby, I'm soooooo big and uncomfortable!

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Early in pregnancy, when I was queasy, I was craving fennel tea (steeping fennel seeds in hot water) but dr said to avoid as it can bring on contractions. So that might be another thing to try?
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EPO is on my midwifes things to do list, only for the unripe, and I am very ripe.

Woke up pregnant again (with two kids in the bed, and a puddle) and am feeling a bit lemony. Oh, if I had all the time I think she would likely come just fine. But having my parents for a few days postpartum as my childcare/nursing staff... I am not sure I am ready to give that up.
This is how I feel in the mornings. Still pregnant, SIGH!
I'm officially overdue today. It's gotta be soon, for us both.
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Tomorrow is my last day at work! I'm so done that I would love to go into labor tonight so I don't have to go in tomorrow. :-) seriously doubt I'll get that lucky. I am trying to get the universe to send me into labor soon by scheduling several appointments for next week and buying 25 pounds of tomatoes to make into sauce.

I'm terrible at nesting. I am not a naturally clean person, so things tend to go back to messy very quickly. The problem is, I want the house to be clean. I just barely have any energy for it. For example, here I sit posting on mdc rather than cleaning the kitchen before I make dinner. It's ridiculous. I need my own personal keeper.
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AUvet: Are you canning the tomatoes? Freezing the sauce? I'm contemplating getting some sauce tomatoes from our CSA farm and processing, but then the laziness kicks in.
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