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Anyone else with hives related to hormones?

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About a year and a half ago, I started getting hives after not having them since my early teens. We had just vacationed in Alaska and I figured I'd come in contact with something and had a reaction.  Until I started getting them on a regular schedule each month.  Exactly 2 weeks before my period I would start with hives.  They would go away completely the day I started my period and the week I had my period.  I'd get a week off and the whole thing would start again, each month the hives were a little worse.  I saw an allergist and when I explained the situation, he said he believed it was hormonal rather than allergic, especially after I told him that I used to have hives as a child from age 11 to about 15 or 16.  I'd get them several times a year and they started small and by the end I'd be covered in hives during each episode.  Then they just stopped completely.  Their belief is that when my hormones were all wacky during puberty, I was having the hives, and it stopped when my hormones normaled out.  Now that I'm perimenopausal, my hormones are getting all out of whack and it's starting up again.


Their solution was for me to go on a low-dose birth control pill to handle the hormones.  Since the hives were getting worse each month and I didn't want to get to the point where I was covered head to toe like in the past, I went on the pill.  I'm not thrilled with the idea of being on the pill, but it did work.  From the day I started the pill, the only time I did have hives was the month I got strep throat twice in the same month and on antibiotics both times. They interfered with the pill and I did get mild hives. But other than that, nothing.


Does anyone else have any experience with this?  If so, have you found anything natural that works, whether it be some kind of natural medicine or dietary changes?  I'm open to suggestions. I'd like to find something to be able to get off the pill, but I need something that works.  I'm a single parent to two since my husband passed away five years ago, so I can't be out of commission for days each month if this isn't kept under control, which is why I've stayed on the pill so far.

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I think the best thing to do would be to consult an endocrinologist and get recommendations on treatments other than BCPs. There are some more natural menopausal hormone balancing treatments out there.

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It was actually an endocrinologist that prescribed the birth control pills.  They mentioned other hormonal treatments if that didn't work, but wanted me to start with the BC pills. Made it sound like the other hormonal treatments were more extreme. Just had the one-year follow-up with the endocrinologist a few weeks ago and since I haven't had any hives since going on the pills, they said to just keep taking them for now.  And that I don't need to go back to see them unless something else comes up or my thyroid numbers are not right after any of my regular physicals.


I'm going for a physical with my primary care soon.  I'll be asking her about possibly trying some other treatments.


Thanks for you response.

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