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post partum anxiety

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I had my son Dec 12 2011. About three months after I suffered from a panic attack. That's when I got diagnosed with ppd. I went on Zoloft and xanax and about two months later I felt so much better (also with therapy and support groups) now my son is 18 months old and for the first time I had an episode of anxiety, I jumped to thinking my meds stopped working so the nurse practitioner upped my meds. Boy was that not the answer. My meds were fine it was all due to situational anxiety. Upping my meds made me have 0 energy and I had loss of appetite. I called the doc and said I'm going back on my original dose. Been about three days and the extra meds are starting to ween away (thank goodness!) but I wish I had thought things through as to what cold hate caused it BC I ended up making it worse for me. I am wondering if anyone who has had post partum anxiety has also had "triggers" that caused a sort of post traumatic stress
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After giving birth, your hormones take a long time to truly normalize. Your body has been depleted of nutrients, and if you breastfed/are breastfeeding, that extends it. This is important because your ability to cope with stressors is dependent upon having stable hormone levels. If you're not stable, you get jolts of cortisol into your system, which eventually triggers the adrenaline behind an anxiety attack. Getting adequate rest, relaxing as often as possible, and doing other things to generally lower your stress levels, will help tremendously, even if it's not directly related to the situation you're in. Make sure you're eating well, which is much easier said than done, coming from someone who did a lot of emotional eating during my postpartum period.


For me, I ended up getting anxiety attacks every single day as the sun went down. Somehow it was related to the fading light, and would last well into the night. I frequently cried myself to sleep and would panic about anything. My ability to cope with any stress disappeared. It was gone by morning. I finally found out it was because I had very low progesterone levels, which was amplified by eating too many grains and having low vitamin D levels. The pregnancy exacerbated every condition I had previously by further depleting my low nutrient stores.


Basically you just need to support your overall health to slowly get back to normal functioning. Good luck finding a doctor who takes hormone levels seriously if choose to go that route - most of them will just tell you there's nothing wrong and hand you another prescription for anti-depressants because it's easier than educating themselves about the intricacies of subclinical readings. I've had good success in working with a classical homeopathic doctor to treat the root of the problem, but I suggest doing a bit of reading on what homeopathy does first.

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thank you so much for all that information! that is exactly what my doc did, throw me a script for AD. I am going to look into homeopathic remedies (my mother in law is very into that) smile.gif

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Oh my gosh my anxiety is killing me:(.. I have never suffered really with anxiety but I did go through extreme medication withdrawal 2 years ago after the death of my dad.. I cold turkeyed a bunch of meds and I thought I was healed.. I actually was fine up until this last ten dayss.. I'm terrified cause I have not had anxiety since that happened.. It's seems like its hormones and I have no period yet due to breastfeeding.. Omg will my anxiety go down ever.. All I do is cry.. This is utterly devastating.. Meds are not an option.. Thanks for reading
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I too have suffered with ppd/ppa and though it's gotten better, I definitely have flare ups and setback and feel strong PTSD symptoms from going through it. I feel like I have no confidence in myself anymore. My baby is 18 mos now so it's been a long road.
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