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Postpartum Exercise?

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Ok, so I know that some of you mamas live on farms and have probably been very active from relatively early on. But what about dedicated exercise for the sake of exercising? What are you all doing? I'm just 6 weeks now, and feeling twitchy to get moving again! At the same time, recovery has been much rougher this time around and with the mild prolapse issues that I've been having, I don't want to overdo it and find myself back at square one, unable to exercise. Luckily I'm not having any prolapse symptoms and my cervix feels relatively high. So part of me wants to jump right back into my #1 go-to activity which is running. It's taking everything I have to hold myself back!


My plan for this week is to start doing the Hab-it video at least 3 times (pelvic floor exercises, does that count? it's a 20 minute block that I'll have to dedicate to "exercises" so I count it!) I'm also planning to check out a Mommy and Me yoga class on Wednesday afternoon. I'm not sure how much of a workout it's going to be, but the yoga studio is half a mile away and I'll be walking there and back with an almost 14 lb (!!) baby tied to me.


I think that long walks wearing baby should probably be my first step back into activity. I've been fairly inactive over the past 6 weeks, so easing into it seems wise. But I really really just wanna lace up my trainers and go for a run. Sigh.


So how about the rest of you? What are you all doing for exercise?

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I am almost 7 weeks postpartum and would like to get moving too. I did a lot of yoga while ttc and while pregnant and I miss it.  I tried to go to a postnatal yoga class today but by the time I got in the car with the baby, I was running too late and the baby started fussing so I turned around and went home.  It was my first day at home alone with the baby because DW just went back to work today.  I will try again next week.  Instead we took a walk around the block in the ergo and he fell asleep by the time we got home.  I have taken some walks but that is about it.  I might take a longer walk tomorrow.  Where did you find the Hab-it video?  Is it for postnatal recovery?

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I got it on Amazon, but I've seen used copies of it on craigslist. It's for post-partum pelvic floor recovery.
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I'm 9 weeks postpartum and aching to run again not with my prolapse, is not an option. I'm only allowed to swim, due to no gravity in the pool. I haven't started yet though. I'm hoping to start doing laps tomorrow and keep it up 3 Times a week. We'll see how it goes.
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I am 8 weeks pp.  I have been walking daily, about 1 mile, w/ Holly and our dog since 5 days pp.  Of course, the first few walks were uber uber slow as I took it very easy.  Today the weather was spectacular so I decided to don the running shoes.  After the routine walk w/ Holly and our dog, I headed back out for a 2 mile run-walk.  It took me 28 minutes, so I was most definitely taking it easy.  It felt really good to get out.  My cardio was in much better shape than I imagined it would be.  It was my legs that were the major drawback.  I know I'll be sooooooooooooooooooooore tomorrow!

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Ommg I'm so tempted to give it a shot! walking has been good for the past two days, and yoga was great, what little I was able to get in while not nursing Amelia. I know I should give it a week or two of 1-2 mile walks first, but i wanna RUN!
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Keep us posted on how you feel tomorrow, spotty!
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Congrats spotty that sounds wonderful. I did laps in the pool today and similar to you my cardio wasn't so bad but my legs were shot after only a few laps. The good news is that I can't get much slower so it's only improvement from here!

I'm looking forward to hearing how the transition to running continues for you spotty. I'm also eager to hear how it feels for you kitteh with your prolapse. It will give me an idea of how it's going to go for me.

Are the any yoga positions that seem to aggravate your prolapse kitteh?
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Unfortunately I really didn't get to do much of the meat and potatoes of the session because Amelia started to fuss and needed to nurse. Every time another mama nursed her baby mine decided that she was hungry too! I did get in some ab work at the end, though I have about a 2 finger separation at my belly button and was trying to avoid any poses that caused my belly to bulge, like boat pose. I also did Half Moon pose, and that felt alright. But I was conscious of engaging my pelvic floor almost all of the time. Hopefully next week I will actually be able to DO all of the yoga!
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As anticipated I am sore today!  But I am not sure exactly how sore b/c I took a mega-motrin that was prescribed for me in my early days post-partum for 4th degree tear pain management.  I didn't take them all and I had a handful left over.  I normally would not take ibuprofen for sore muscles from exercise, but coincident w/ the sore muscles were period cramps from hell!  They set in last night.  I have never had bad cramps associated w/ my cycle ever before.  So either my cycles post-partum are different or running aggravated my uterus ...  This morning my cramps feel much better and my legs are quite sore.  Sitting Holly on my lap ... the pressure of her bum on my thigh is sore!  lol  No AF yet, but w/ cramps like that I suppose she will arrive soon.

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Welp, I caved and went for a one mile run/walk. It was simultaneously not as bad as, and worse than, I had expected! LOL

My legs and lungs felt fine. Everything felt a bit more jiggly than I recall, but that's to be expected considering I'm carrying around 12-15 lbs more than usual. Prolapse stuff didn't bother me, though I've been mostly symptom-free for at least a week now. And I was conscious of keeping things "pulled up" and trying to engage my (weak) core. What surprised me, and caused me to walk a few times, was the return of SPD pain! I also had some other pelvic ligament soreness. But they always advise beginners to take it slow and ease back into things precisely because of things like that--the lungs and major muscles might be able to take it, but all the ligaments and bones and smaller muscle systems need time to grow and build and adjust. So Im going to take it easy for a few days and maybe venture back out for another slow mile on monday.
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How are you feeling today Kitteh? I'm impressed with how your first run went.  was given a big "NO RUNNING" I imagine that it would be so hard on the recovering prolapse body, but it seems you had minor issues. What a blessing! That makes me much more optimistic about my first run, whenever that is. 


Swimming laps is going well. It's a pathetic replacement to running though, not that it's not a workout, it's just that I don't love it. Hopefully it will keep me content until the bulginess is gone. I'm hoping I'll be able to start back walking in 2 weeks and running in September sometime!

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Feeling great today, actually! Thanks for asking. Better than I expected. I thought I'd have some lingering pelvic soreness, but so far so good. And my legs are fine, but I expected that since I only did a mile and didn't even run all of it.


Honestly, about 2 weeks ago I was really depressed any time I thought about it because I was convinced that I wouldn't ever be able to run again. I felt SO bulgey, and when I'd check my cervix was barely a knuckle high. Any time I laughed, coughed, or sneezed I felt like I had to support my crotch so nothing fell out. I knew it wouldn't, but that's how it felt! Standing for any extended period of time was really uncomfortable, bordering on downright painful, and even sitting upright for too long irritated that whole area.TMI alert, but I couldn't BM without splinting, even all the fiber water and colace in the world didn't seem to make a difference. My symptoms were painful and really annoying, but my midwife said that my prolapses were slight and she was reluctant to even officially call them prolapsed while I was still in the 6 week pp period, which was kind of frustrating. Still, I read enough on here, the WholeWoman site, prolapsehealth.com, and hab-it.com to know that these early weeks are a really crucial time of recovery, so I acted as if I had been officially diagnosed. Which wasn't tough, with the symptoms I was feeling!


I was really lucky because my mom and dad were staying with us to help out during the entire 6 week period and I was able to spend the overwhelming majority of my time lying in bed or lounging on the couch. And when I'd start to feel like things were improving and I'd get the urge to be SuperMama and get up and about too much my mom would shuffle me back off to bed. It was kind of annoying at times, but I think she was right! I also started taking magnesium, homeopathic Sepia, and doing the hab-it video, making sure to drink a ton of water and taking vitamin C and fiber supplements daily. All of those things helped, I think, but I think the majority of my recovery was due to resting so much.


I don't think I'm entirely out of the woods just yet, though. I'm still trying to take it easy most of the time, and I'm super conscious of my pelvic floor and engaging my core. Even though I feel good after yesterday's jog I plan to wait 2-3 days before venturing out again. It's hard to put my competitive, goal-driven side on the shelf right now, but I know it's really important to ease back in to this. I'd be crushed if I overdid it and landed myself back at square one. I definitely know what you mean about no other type of exercise being able to scratch that itch, Crystal Marie. Sending you healing vibes, and patience to get you through the healing!

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I am 10 weeks pp and yesterday was my first time exercising. I went for a brisk 1 mile walk by myself (it's way to hot to take the LO out in the afternoon). I was surprised at how weak my legs are. Going to have to squeeze in some yoga during her naps to strengthen things up. When the weather cools we will get out more......

On a positive note: I was able to fit into my favorite running skirt smile.gif
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I went for my second run on Saturday, a 2 mile run/walk with DD in the jogging stroller. So much for taking it easy this weekend! The first mile I ran the entire time, albeit very slowly, and the second mile I did more of a run/walk. The run felt pretty good, except that I had to do a sort of zig-zag motion every time I crossed the street because the sidewalks are separated from the curb by about 2-3 feet of grass, but the ramp down to the street is on the corner of the block, if that makes any sense. So I'd be running straight along the sidewalk and then at the end of every block I had to turn down toward the corner, run across the street, back up the corner ramp and turn onto the sidewalk. Doing that while pushing a stroller holding a 35lb pre-schooler aggrivated my SPD pain again, ugh.


It's kind of funny, because I thought I was getting sick yesterday (DH has been sick with a cold for a few days) because my whole body felt achey and sore, like when you're feverish and coming down with something. Only I wasn't feverish, just achey and sore. Now I'm starting to think it was just whole-body muscle aches from running with the jogging stroller! It's been so long that I guess I forget what sore muscles feel like? LOL


I signed up for a 5k on October 6th!

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Nice work Helenh! I'm also noticing the lack of muscle strength compared to what I had while pregnant, 10 weeks of no exercise really did a number on my strength. I'm just starting to get back into yoga as well.

That's fantastic kitteh! Soreness is not necessarily bad, hope you don't overdue it though an risk injury. I'm envious of your race signup! I'm finally starting to feel normal in regards to the prolapse. My midwife gave me ca month long uterine tincture and 5 days into that I started feeling noticeably better! I'm hoping to give walking a try starting next week! What brand is your jogging stroller? And do you have or plan to get a double stroller in the future? I'm planning on ordering the bob ironman running stroller in September and wanted to know what brand you use and if you like yours?
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I made it to yoga yesterday.  The baby was fussy during the neck and shoulders part, and I was bummed that I missed that. They have baby wranglers, and I will have to use them more effectively next time.  Physically, I felt stronger than I thought I would.  Downward dog was not bad at all.  The baby found the relaxation at the end so relaxing he fell asleep for the way home.  Unfortunately, I backed into a truck and dented my bumper as I was leaving, so I was not very relaxed.  Next time, I will do more yoga and not mess up my car.  Today, e took a nice walk around the neighborhood.  I'm glad the rest of you are getting back into it and feeling well.  It sounds like we are all not rushing into too much.

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Sorry about your car PokeyAC!  Actually attending a yoga class sounds nice. 'I've been doing this (http://www.prajnayoga.net/womens-health-in-yoga/sequences/10-to-30-minute-postpartum-practice-by-linda-spackman/) simple Postpartum Yoga series! It feels really good to get back into some gentle yoga and all the poses are recommended for postpartum. 


I've received my Hab-it Pelvic Floor DVD and started doing those exercises 3 days a week. They do really seem to help strengthen my pelvic floor. On the days I've done them so far I notice less bulgyness down there. That combined with my uterine tincture has enabled me to start walking. I've walked half a mile twice now which is a bit embarrassing to say that's all I can do but with my prolapse I'm taking things very slow. I don't want to end up back where I started. I plan to lengthen my walk to a mile today and Tomorrow and continue building for the rest of this week. I'm hoping to go on my first jog next Monday.


Hope you all are well and continuing to heal smoothly!

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Crystal Marie, I'm glad that the Hab-It video seems to be working for you! I definitely don't do it as often as I ought to any more, I need to get back in the habit (LOL) I think you are wise to take it slow and listen to your body. I'm doing the same, getting back into it very very slowly. So far the longest run I've attempted was 2.5 miles long and it involved a short potty break after the first 2 miles, as well as frequent stops due to hitting red lights along the way. And I'm pushing the 3 yr old in the jogger, which keeps me going slow.


As for the the stroller, I'm currently using a BabyTrend single jogger that I got off Craigslist almost 3 years ago for super cheap. I think I paid $50 for it. I've been really happy with it over the past 3 yrs, it's served me and DD well. I have been thinking about getting a Bob Dualie, but have been reluctant to jump on it just yet. I don't want to spend that much money if I'm not going to use it a ton, and I'm thinking I might be more likely to go for a run with just one of the girls rather than both at once. But I've tried the Bob joggers before--a woman I used to nanny for had both a single and a double--and they are amazing. They handle so well and just glide like buttah. I'd definitely recommend one if you have the funds for it!


Good Luck easing back into it!

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We have the BOB revolution.  We opted for that one over the ironman b/c we are using it both as a jogging stroller and an about town/shopping stroller.  The swivel/locakable front wheel makes the revolution more adaptable to different situations.  We've not tried it for a run yet, neither me nor my husband, since Holly is not yet old enough.

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