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Thanks for the info Kitteh and Spotty! We're still up in the air between the BOB revolution and the ironman stroller. So far, not once have we had any desire for a stroller for anything but running. At this stage when we go on walks and hikes I wear her. I have heard really fantastic reviews from runners and think both would be a great choice. I'm not sure if the fixed wheel on the ironman will be too hard to move around though and I'm pretty sure a runner of my level (fastest to date would be 6:15 mpm) wouldn't be able to "out run" the ability of revolution. I know we hope to purchase the Revolution Dualie down the road when we have our second. So, if you can't tell. I'm totally on the fence. :) 


Similar topic, when do you feel it's safe to start jogging with our babes in the strollers? I've read conflicting reviews saying it's safe starting as early as 4 months and as late as 10 months. Most common number I hear is 8 months. What do you ladies think? Are you just going to base it off of your own idea of strong head control? 

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Sorry, I forgot to mention that the BOB I have experience with was the revolution. However, in the 3 yrs that I've had my jogger I have not once released the locking wheel to allow for a swivel. And I have used it as a general stroller with the wheel locked and didnt feel like it was difficult to maneuver as such. And thats with a crappy (relative to the Bob, anyhow) BabyTrend. So really I don't think you can go wrong with any BOB stroller. I think the swivel wheel would be more important in a double jogger, if it were ever intend to be used as an all-purpose stroller.

As for head control, I'm wondering about that too. With dd I wasn't a runner until I decided to take it up for weight loss purposes when she was a year old. I dont intend to wait that long to run with amelia in tow, but Im still not sure when to start.
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Oh interesting, Kitteh!  So far we have yet to lock the front wheel.  Since we are not running w/ it yet we find the swivel really helpful/important when maneuvering around the grocer store, for example.


As for when to take baby out in it, I've read as early as 4 months and other sources say 6 months.  But I think CrystalMarie is spot on in that it probably all boils down to your best judgement of your baby's head control.  We plan to wait till 4 months at a minimum and gauge how Holly's head is doing at that point.

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Two weeks ago, before I started running, I was down to 128 and the weight was coming off at about a pound a week. I missed last week's weigh-in, but I figured I had to have been losing since getting back into running. Hopped on the scale this morning and I'm 132. What the What? Grrr.
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It's been almost 4 months since the last post in this thread but I'm going to attempt to resurrect it. I started running again! Almost 6 months postpartum and I ran my first 3 miler today. I ran a few shortys last week with the jogging stroller but wanted to see how they would affect my prolapse before I posted about them. Seems to be just fine. No postrun problems other than leg muscle soreness! :)


We have the ironman jogging stroller and Genevieve and I love it! I don't have any regrets not getting the revolution so far. I don't find it hard to turn at all and it's so light, not to mention the awesome handbrake. I can't say enough good things about it. Totally worth it. 

I didn't use the stroller today because my husband goes in late on Mondays and so I left him to watch the sleeping baby. 3 miles, finally! I took it really slow 10:30's but had a great time and I feel so good! I love running! What a blessing to run again! I'm going to give myself plenty of rest and go for another 3 on Thursday. 


Have any of you been running? Feeling alright kitteh? I'd love to hear how/if you're running.

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Fantastic news, CrystalMarie!  I am glad you are feeling good and back in the saddle.  I have been running again.  Shortys, as you put it - 2 milers.  And slow ... 10:30s and 11s.  I feel good.  No issues w/ my prolapse either.  Its still a problem but running does not aggravate it.  We have the revolution so I am glad to hear you love the ironman.  I have yet to run w/ Holly in the jogger, but my husband has.  He says its a little hard to steer when the front wheel is locked but he's strong and can muscle it around.  We'll see how it goes for me.  I want to get back into solo running shape before I attempt to push Holly very far.

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I feel good.  No issues w/ my prolapse either.  Its still a problem but running does not aggravate it. 


Glad you are able to run again as well! It's so interesting to me that running no longer aggravates my prolapse either. My first attempt at running... 2 months maybe 3 months postpartum really affected my prolapse but not anymore. It still bothers me occasionally but like you, running doesn't seem to affect it.


I finally feel like I'm getting back into my groove. It took longer than I expected but I guess I needed the rest. 

I would have liked to be in better shape before starting pushing Genevieve but since I have no one to watch her except for Monday mornings this will have to do. I'm just trying to take it really easy and make sure to not overwork myself. I'm hoping pushing the extra weight around will help build speed. If I don't get injured. It's been great so far. 

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Way to go running mamas!


I've been getting out for short runs too, ran a 5k on my birthday at the end of October and I have another coming up this Saturday. Luckily running hasn't bothered my prolapse at all (which is pretty much just rectocele at this point) but actually seems to help because running keeps me more regular. Standing all morning and cooking on Thanksgiving actually irritated it and had me feeling a little sore and bulgey, which was a surprie. Thankfully that sensation went away quickly once I got off my feet.


Unfortunately I've not been getting out for runs as regularly as I'd like, but it's been entirely due to our schedule/childcare difficulties and not a matter of willpower or whatever. This week should be pretty good because we finally have both girls in childcare while I work in the morning, so my DH can sleep during that time and we can all be together during the afternoons. I should be able to slip out for plenty of short runs. However, my older DD's preschool ends this week, so we'll have a couple of rough weeks again until my in-laws arrive on the 19th. But once they get here we'll have plenty of free childcare, which means daily exercise for this mama (and weekly date night with my Main Squeeze!) They're here through the end of February, so I think I'm going to sign up for a really hilly, challenging 10k at the end of February for added motivation.


Oh, and my weight has continued to drop despite the holidays. I'm at 123.5 right now (I was 117 before baby.)

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You can color me every shade of impressed ladies. Are you all young? I'm 32 now but 10 years ago in my top shape before babies my best run time was in the 14:30s, & that was only 2 miles. Non running fitness news for me, I can still do pushups, lol. I was showing my son proper proscribed pushup posture & surprised myself by cranking out 10 wide arms. I skipped a day & did 10 more & felt so good I threw in crunches for the first time w/out straining my diastasis. I'm pretty sure I'm still 150 though. Since I feed babies off of my plate, in the past I've always dropped the weight fastest while starting solids.

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Wow Voondrop, I can't do pushups to save my life! My run yesterday averaged 10 minutes/mile and actually felt like an easy pace, which surprised me because I've not run at all for nearly 2 weeks. I'm hoping that as I start getting in more long runs my pace during the shorter runs will improve.


Oh, and I'm 32 as well. But just the other day someone asked how old I am and I immediately replied "27!" Nope. Imagine my dismay when I realized that 27 was 5 years ago, lol!

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No youngster here. I am 35.

I am now just 3 lbs above pre-baby weight but like others have expressed, I am squishier and my clothes don't fit well. I am hopeful running will do some toning.
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I fall into the youngster category, I turned 23 in October.

I'm impressed with your pushups though, it takes a lot of convincing to get a few pushups out of me, even then they are pathetic looking and there is grunting involved. I'd rather do mile repeats anyday. smile.gif We all have our strengths.

I'm below pre-preg weight because I lost a lot of muscle in the last 5 months. I went from lifting weights 9 months pregnant to completely inactive. I hope to gain some leg muscle back soon.
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