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Does anyone have any nicknames for their little 'bean' yet?

We've just been calling ours Baby ... But I kinda want something more original. Also we won't be finding out gender. (Silly topic, I know smile.gif
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Ours is Nibbler, in honor of the Futurama character of the same name! My husband is a dork...

Our son's in utero name was Nom-Nom.

Both are in reference to my enormous appetite when I'm pregnant. I blame my husband's genes on this, however, since he's a beanpole and can go through an entire extra large pizza in one sitting! So it may be me doing the consuming, but it's his kid doing the devouring!

But when we talk about the baby with our son, who is almost 22 months, we call Nibbler "Tummy Baby".
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Blueberry- chosen by DSS in honor of his "lobster" that died, because lobsters can change gender and we don't know if the baby is a boy or a girl. I am not 100% sure I love it, but it is original, DH likes it, it makes DSS feel important, and it's growing on me.

P.S. I don't think blueberry can have been a lobster, because s/he was in a tank with DSS's freshwater turtle, or maybe that's why he died. DSS's mom never tells us anything without lawyers getting involved though (if she can help it), so we will never know.
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Last one was 2.0. I don't want to make out like this one is an improvement, so 2.1 was out and I've mostly been using "Newbie" or "the baby". We have both boy and girl names picked out and we aren't refusing to share them like we did last time, so once we find out the sex we'll just refer to baby by the name. 

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Seriously, it is a joke. Back in 2006 when we got pregnant I was living 1000 miles away from my mom and when I called her to tell her I told her 'I wasn't feeling well' and that I 'had a parasite'... my mother taking everything in stride asked 'what kind of parasite?' thinking I was actually really sick, I replied 'the baby kind'... I shouldn't have called her at work. She tried so hard to contain her excitement, I doubt she got any work done that day. Every pregnancy since has been 'parasite.'

I am secretly jealous of everyone that actually has a cute, well thought out name for their baby. I have a really dry and sarcastic sense of humor and it gets worse with pregnancy hormones.

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I call the baby "bebe". My son prefers "caboose", as he is about to turn 9 and dd 7, so this baby will definitely be ending the sibling train.

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Mommyndoula- I love it! If you can't be a little irreverent about your own pregnancy/baby, what's the point?
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Originally Posted by mattie426 View Post

Mommyndoula- I love it! If you can't be a little irreverent about your own pregnancy/baby, what's the point?




It's nice when someone understands me :D

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OanaTH - I'm am sooo stealing caboose. Love that! We often refer to our family as a 'train' anyway, so this is perfect. Can't believe I never thought of that :)

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I have a friend who refers to hers as the hitch-hiker.  My kids usually say "the baby" but I've joked that we will name her Rabbit if she's a girl, I could see that one sticking.

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Cute! I love Blueberry and it cracks me up that it's named after a pet lobster!

My DH called our first Bobo. I called our second Jojo. But this one has been a secret from the girls for so long that it's been referred to in code. After hearing the heartbeat and all though, I hope we find a nickname soon though. I feel too distracted in life to bond. Can't wait for regular little flutters and kicks!
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