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Uba3c... Ah!

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I just started reading this forum about a week ago... I am 22 weeks along and, after a long discussion with my husband, we have decided to go for it! We couldn't find any drs or midwives to take us on, and it is a whole lot more stressful to think about yet another invasion on my own body. I first started thinking about up/uc when my husband and I went to our "last hope" dr. This dr is very vbac friendly, but his hands are tied. The hospital he works with is starting I threaten to suspend drs for attending vbacs. After discussing all options we have, he actually recommended a uc (my husband is emt and has delivered several babies.) it gives me more courage to go through this now that there is a dr that told us to o ahead and try! (We didn't bring it up, he did...) so now I am in the process of learning as much as I can. It's overwhelming, yet very peaceful. It's my body and I'm deciding how this baby will come ino the world!

Any thoughts, suggestions, words of encouragement?

(P.s.-- on my phone... It's a lot harder to type in a forum than text! Lol.)
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I think you have a lot going in your favor for a UC, but it sounds like there are a lot of potential drawbacks, as well.


The first thing I would consider would be the reason for your previous CSs. Was it a medical need with the first, then the inability to find someone who would be supportive of VBAC? Or have there been multiple medical needs? Also, because each subsequent CS does more damage, VBA3C is definitely riskier than a VBA1C.


I would be very nervous, in your position, to UP/UC. You mention that the doctor actually discussed UC with you – is it possible or would he be willing to provide pre-natal care to keep you informed of any issues that might arise in pregnancy, then to UC? Or is this too great a liability to him? Obviously it could simply be stated afterward that you didn’t make it to the hospital in time/refused to go to the hospital, and would never have to be formally indicated that the UC was intentional.


With that said, I think you do stand in a very good position since your husband is a trained EMT and also has had experience with delivery. While it is obviously not the same as having a childbirth professional, your husband would also have at least some knowledge (and possibly, experience), on techniques like infant resuscitation/etc. that perhaps even a midwife might not have. And also possibly more knowledge on recognizing/treating hemorrhage or other complications.  Is he also a driver? I would find the training as an emergency driver to also be of great benefit, as instead of waiting for an ambulance, you’d have someone available who was familiar and could be somewhat more safe with emergency/speed driving if you absolutely needed to attempt a transfer for any reason.


I can see myself making a similar decision, as I am very much anti-intervention. Those are simply my thoughts on the issue, and I hope that they are simply topics for thought and not seen as a discouragement.


Best of luck to you and your growing family!

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My first was an "emergency" simply because I had bee pushing for an hour and they decided that I was taking too long. Add pitocin/epidural/more pitocin/ more epidural.... Cocktail for "distress." Baby was crowning and ready to go. In the or they had to wait for a contraction to stop in order to pull her out... She was still trying to come out. (My medical records say this, as well.) second was an "I didn't know my rights" birth... And third was an "I knew SOME of my rights and tried to take hold of them... Only to be told I could vba2c... Until about 35 weeks when they scheduled a section" birth. Last section was double suture... Scarring looks great (inside an out...) my body doesn't react well to sections. It rebels. Lol. The chance of a uterine rupture in a vba3c is APPROXIMATEY 1 in 1000... But there haven't been enough for a true study to be conducted. There are no hospitals around that will touch me. Wouldn't even look at my records. Had a midwife finally accept me only to back out after a fellow midwife was arrested for attending a vba2c. I spoke to 5 doctors, 10 midwives, 3 hospitals, in 2 states. It's not me, it's that no one wants to get in trouble. Lol. Honestly, I was to the point that I told my husband that, if I have to get another section without even trying, I want my tubes tied. I just can't handle it again physically or emotionally.

(This wasn't an argument, I promise. Lol. Just figured a bit more backstory may help with anyone else wondering.)
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Oh, and I'm also planning on getting one more ultrasound closer to my due date to check on my uterus' incision. Make sure no thinning is going on. The dr will be reading that, but other than that, no blood testing or peeing in cups for me. Lol.
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Ilybats, I can say with that history of CS, I'd be pretty tempted, myself. An hour of pushing most definitely isn't out of the range of "normal" birth, especially with a first pregnancy, and it seems that you were never given a previous chance at VBAC. With that information, it seems to me that there's been no real risk in previous pregnancies.

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It sounds like you have really thought it out.  This is one of those rare circumstances where I would say an ultrasound is a good idea.  Thank goodness for that doctor.


It's great your hubby has experience.  Trust your body and your instincts.  If you need help get it, but I bet you can do it.  I'm really looking forward to getting exactly the birth you want.  heartbeat.gif grouphug.gif


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