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EDD April 2, This is going to be a wild ride!

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Hi ladies,


I have a 3 year old whose birthday is April 3rd, and so my two babes will be 4 years apart. I am thrilled about this pregnancy although it was unplanned. Not sure if anyone read my post in the I'm Pregnant forum but I have been suffering from GERD and an inflamed esophagus for several months before getting pregnant. I wanted to heal before I got pregnant, but the universe had different plans for me!


Just went in for the ultrasound yesterday to determine how far along I am since I have irregular periods. I am apparently 6 weeks 6 days today. Honestly I believed I was an entire week further along, so getting that news was a little devastating, since it means I have an extra week of hard work to do in the first trimester. Things have been getting so intense already... the nausea, the fatigue, body aches and an overall feeling of bleh. I haven't vomited yet but I'm so tired of feeling grossed out by every meal I prepare and the smell of the fridge. I just want to enjoy eating again!


On top of all of this I am sometimes spitting up blood from my inflamed esophagus. It's beyond gross and disturbing. 


So I am here for emotional support as I navigate this journey with a mysterious future... my heartburn could just get worse and worse from here, and I'm not sure how I will make it through unscathed.


Thank you for being here for me.

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Hi there.


I feel for ya. I am feeling the same way-- down to the detail: body aches, nausea, fatigue-- can't imagine adding anything else on top of that.


Has your doctor or health practitioner made any recommendations for GERD for you? 


I am a Clinical Herbalist & would be happy to do some research and send recommendations your way if you'd be at all open. If not, here to support you emotionally.


Congratulations! I am due just after you.

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What a lovely response, thank you so much! I've been feeling so alone. I have my reflux under control at thus point but my esophagus doesn't seem to be healing. Feels like I have a pretty bad wound in there. So bad even my tongue hurts.

I am now eating soft foods so I don't irritate it. The littlest things do. Do you know of any herbs that could at least soothe the pain? It is bringing me down so much.
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I am going to run through all my notes & cross check all suggestions for safety in pregnancy and get back to you...


but offhand, chamomile tea would be really nice for healing inflammation/ tissue injury--- it's also a nervous system tonic, having a sweet and gentle calming effect on the mind & body and well as being an mild anti-nauseant. I've been drinking a bit of it myself in my own pregnancy-- in an effort to ease body aches, which I suspect in my case are related to tension/anxiety. 

I feel very good about recommending its use in pregnancy.... I feel it is a very safe herb. But I always encourage your own research. 


I would recommend making a 1--2  cups a day and sipping on it (warm or cool, not hot-- for tissue healing) between meals and before bed. 


and yes! you are not alone! 

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Thank you for your chamomile suggestion. I have been drinking 2 cups a day for the last few days and I do feel some pain relief afterward. My naturopath said it was okay to take while pregnant.


I'm still having a pretty hard time though. Did you come across any other herbs that could help soothe the pain?

Incredibly grateful.

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I was imaging chamomile to help the pain some as a anti-inflammatory and wound healer...

My first thought is licorice root ... It's very soothing to inflamed tissue. It's commonly avoided in pregnancy as it raises blood pressure. I feel fine suggesting licorice tea as like a mouth /throat swish for you that you then spit out.... Same for yarrow tea. Feel free to run them by your naturopath..

Finally a propolis throat spray might help. I would personally feel fine about using it in pregnancy but also feel free to ask your naturopath. And often they come with other herbs in them (a store bought spray) so feel free to run those by either of us.... For safety.
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You may also want to try either Slippery Elm bark or Marshallow root powder. Both are incredibly for soothing irritated mucous membrane tissues like the esophagus. Ideal would be to mix some with COLD water and allow it to sit for 5-10 minutes. It'll get somewhat gelatin like. Drink (either as is or your could mix with fruit juice or even in a smoothie). It'll coat your esophagus and be wonderful for healing <3

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