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I need sleep! Anyone have advice on night weaning?

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We co-sleep with my 2 yr old DD and have been trying to night wean her for the past month. We started by talking to her about "boobies going to sleep at night" and read her a book about it. Then I would try to stay awake enough to keep my shirt down and remind her that boobies are sleeping at night. The first several nights were rough with lots of crying and frustration, but then it started to work.


Unfortunately, now I'm so tired that I end up sleeping through half of her nursing sessions. So I wake up with a sore back and only half rested, while she's nursed half the night. My husband says we can try switching places in bed, but I doubt it's going to work. In the past that only gotten her more upset.


Does anyone have tips on night weaning?

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Sorry you are going this, I am too! Night time is really rough with my 15 mo old who wakes 20+ times. Here is a link for night-time weaning I found really helpful and am going to use as a last resort with my LO (since she is younger).


Also you may find more help in the nightimr parenting/family bed forum. I posted over there. Hope this helps! smile.gif
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We night weaned my daughter at just under 2 years old. We tried a lot of different things. What finally worked for us was me sleeping in a different bed for a while. We tried this because I knew that she could nurse without waking me up, and I wouldn't be able to refuse her if she cried for it. I was a human pacifier for her, so I was sure it was mostly about comfort and not being hungry. I slept in the spare bedroom and DH would snuggle with her in our bed. She asked about me once or twice, but never fussed about not nursing. It didn't affect her daytime nursing either. When I returned to the bed she never asked for it again. I think she was ready to let it go, and not having it available made her realize she could do without.

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DD is 26 months and still waking 10-15 times a night. Basically, if it were up to her, she'd nurse all night long. I'm also exhausted.  My nipples are sore and I can't sleep through her nursing anymore. She's just such a boobie baby. 

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We made a no nursing in bed rule because everything else was just confusing for her. So I nursed her to sleep on the couch downstairs then carried her up to bed. I slept with a sports bra on so she couldn't help herself in the middle of the night lol. The real downside was that there were no more lazy mornings in bed since we had to get up for her morning nursing.

For the most part it went easy. She cried the first night for about an hour while I held her and that was the longest. After that it was never more than 5 minutes. The only other stumbling block we had was her trying to get me to go downstairs at 3am. We just told her no downstairs until the sun was up and she got the picture pretty quickly. The big key was being super consistent. Anytime I even slightly gave in it made things worse.

She did go quickly from waking every hour or two to sleeping 12 hours straight or maybe getting up once at night for a glass of water (we keep one next to the bed for her). The exception is when she's getting molars, then all bets are off.
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Thanks everyone! I know I'm going to totally jinx this, but my husband managed to sleep next to her the entire night last night. She fussed for several hours, but I still got more sleep than usual. I'm hoping this can become our routine. Crossing my fingers!

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My daughter was up about 5 times every night to nurse until she was 2.5.  I nightweaned her by just refusing to nurse her in the middle of the night.  It took maybe three nights with a bit of crying, but then she got it and started sleeping through the night. I also talked to her a lot before bed each night about how my nummies were sleeping until the sun was up again.  I tried every other method I'd heard of, and this is what worked.  Heaven!  But this wasn't the first time I'd tried it.  It was just the time it worked.  She sleeps in her own bed now, but always comes to our bed around 1am.  I'm fine with that.  My husband doesn't love it, but he deals.

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Originally Posted by tremieli View Post

But this wasn't the first time I'd tried it.  It was just the time it worked.

I think you hit the nail on the head. Expecting this to happen after a few nights isn't realistic. We've had another night of inadvertent nursing and then waking everyone at 4am. I guess this will just take some time. Ho hum.

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I think I am going to give nightweaning a go in a few weeks. My nipples are already sore and apart of last night, I haven´t been sleeping well (DD´s been rolling all over me and nursing a lot and then I have to pee and blah blah blah). I am so scared to try because I have a feeling she is going to protest like crazy, but I just did another hurdle of getting her to take the dog for a walk in the morning with me, with her in the stroller (she will only babywear in a front carry and she wants to nurse the whole time and I just cannot!). For two days I carried her the whole way, it was hellish and hard, but then on the third day she was happy to sit in the stroller. :) So I know it is possible to sort of reason with her on sticky issues. Anyway!


Which books do you recommend for nightweaning (like, to read to her)?

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Originally Posted by newgirlintown View Post


Which books do you recommend for nightweaning (like, to read to her)?


We read this book: Nursies When The Sun Shines

...though technically, I still nurse her when it's dark out because she doesn't go to be until after 8pm.


I think we're actually making some headway. Having my husband sleep next to her and comfort her through the night has been key. It's not always easy and we still sometimes regress, but last night she only woke up once. I'm already feeling much more rested and am sooooooo glad we started this process early in my pregnancy.


Now I have to work on her twiddling my other nipple. Boy that really annoys me a lot more now that I'm pregnant!

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That book looks cute! I ordered it. 

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Originally Posted by ShyingViolet View Post

That book looks cute! I ordered it. 

Cool. It has some beautiful illustrations! Enjoy smile.gif

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