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If you homeschool, do you use TV or online videos?

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I'm not going to criticize you if you do. I'm just wondering.


I don't see much wrong with an occasional educational video at school or at home (whether on TV or on the computer). What I have a problem with is showing something every single day, or "rewarding" students with movies that really have nothing to do with what was learned, that are just for entertainment and may not be entirely appropriate.


If you do show videos, what do you recommend? (especially on the computer or DVDs, as we don't have a VCR)

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We're planning on homeschooling Luthien when she's old enough, in a combination of Montessori and Waldorf styles, which make extensive use of educational materials. However, I'm not averse to the occasional use of educational videos, particularly of the how-to type; depending on the process being shown, there are some steps that are more easily visualized as a moving image than a stationary one or a textual description. We also like the idea of science and history films, especially when they show places we'll probably never visit, microscopic phenomena, and space, and films that show how people live around the world. Winged Migration and March of the Penguins are some of my favorite science-and-nature films. They're slow-moving, low-key, and inspire viewers with the beauty of the natural world. For older children, I like a series of films called Nunavut, which are produced by Inuit from the Canadian Arctic. In these short films, they recreate traditional life skills and activities, such as building an iglu or going on a seal hunt by kayak. Again, the films move slowly and are informative without being full of intrusive special effects. They're available as streaming videos through Isuma Productions, a film and television company in the town of Iglulik, Nunavut, Canada. They created their production company as an effort to produce high-quality multimedia that isn't full of gratuitous violence or other things that clash with their cultural values (a big reason why the town of Iglulik declined several offers to have satellite TV set up in their community; they finally allowed it once native-language, native-values TV stations became available). I hope your summer is going well, Catholic Mama and the rest of the TV-free family!

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PacificMar, thank you for recommending those videos!


If you don't mind my asking, I see that you adopted Kathryn in the summer of 2011, and you said you're going to homeschool Luthien when she's old enough. Are you going to be homeschooling both of them?


Thank you, yes my summer is going well and I hope the rest of the group members' summers are, too. I miss when this group was busy but maybe that is good news - maybe that means members are enjoying their families and probably the great outdoors. I can't believe it's almost time for school to start (it's already started for the girl across the street who goes to public school)! We've been doing some schoolwork here and there this summer and are probably going to homeschool during this next school year. We need to buy some more schoolbooks for our almost-8-year-old daughter, who has been reading up a storm, and her almost-6-year-old brother has been working in his phonics book. Their younger brother and sister are mainly coloring and practicing sitting on the toilet.

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It sounds like it's been an action- and learning-packed summer for you and your family, Catholic Mama!


We adopted Kathryn as a young adult (she's now 22), and she's currently in her third year of college, studying computer science and liberal studies for a combined BS/BA degree. She wishes that she'd had the chance to be homeschooled, and she might even participate in Luthien's homeschooling when she has time, particularly in terms of technology instruction, as my husband and I are both barely computer literate. orngbiggrin.gif Kathryn now lives on her own, but she's just a few towns north of us, thankfully. 


I'm considering obtaining Montessori teacher training through an Association Montessori Internationale program, starting next September. We're hoping to create a multi-family homeschool with two other families who are friends from our La Leche League group. Their children are two months younger than Luthien. As they're all still babies, it probably won't happen for a couple of years, but we're excited about the idea! 

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When we use the TV for homeschooling, which isn't often, we use educational DVDs from the library.  I love that we can go there and select Discovery, National Geographic, BBC, and other documentary programs.    The one DVD set we did invest in is "Bill Nye the Science Guy".  My son loves it.

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JinxieFox, it sounds like you're making good use of your local library!


Do you know of any programs/shows that don't teach that the earth is millions of years old, or that we evolved (instead of being created)?


It's nice to see another Nebraskan :)  We don't live there anymore but I grew up in eastern NE.

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We just moved to NE and I think it's very pretty.


I don't know about any shows or programs about Young Earth Creationism, sorry.  But maybe someone else here does.  The moms at The Well-Trained Mind forums also might have some good ideas about that particular topic.  :)

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