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Exemption for preschool in AZ

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I am looking into a private in home preschool for my son.  The owner states (in very bold lettering) on her website that all vaccinations must be up to date and all records on file.  Since it is a private school run from her home, is she required to take an exemption form or can she refuse to allow him to attend?  


Also, it looks like Arizona only allows medical or religious exemptions for daycare/preschool.  I don't have an issue with filling out a religious exemption, as harming children is definitely against my faith and I know that vaccines cause serious harm!  Giving her a religious exemption could be a little awkward, however, since she is of the same faith and may protest based on the fact that none of the churches are against vaccines, so it's technically not against my "religion."


I'm probably getting ahead of myself, since I'm looking into the school for next year, but school enrollments start early around here so I need to be prepared!

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Apparently Arizona has a philisphical exemption, but you cannot use it for preschool or childcare - just K and above.


Anyway You need to find out if this person is licensed through the State of Arizona as a childcare/preschool provider. You should be able to do this via the Dept of Public Health website.


If they ARE licensed they must comply with state laws and accept a religious exemption. the form is here:




If she is unlicsensed, meaning just a lady running a daycare out of her private home, then no she can do whatever she wants to.


I will add that if she is licensed and has to except the exemption - it doesn't matter that no church is against vaccination. Religious beliefs are a highly personal thing. Any church's teachings can be defined and interpreted differently by different people.

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double post

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Thanks for the info! I checked the website and don't see her school listed. I guess I will have to ask her if she will accept an exemption form. I was hoping to avoid that, especially because I don't want my child's vaccination status discussed within our social group. The owner/teacher knows some of my friends and I'm not sure she has any legal obligation to keep my question about exemptions to herself! If the school were licenced by the state, then I would expect that she would have to keep his health information private.
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