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Sore back!

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I want to do the babywearing more often.  I have a ring sling, and a tummy carrier.  (Not sure what kind, it was second hand) I'm considering getting a third one, but I can't decide what kind.  They all hurt my back or shoulder after awhile.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?  

Does anyone have any suggestions or anything? 

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yes! When I had my baby a few yrs ago I had some sore back issues as a complication from the birth. When I could finally wear him my favorite carrier was the babyhawk mei tei.  I tried those forward facing baby bjorn ones where the baby faces outward and it put WAY too much pressure on my back. The mei tei was the most comfortable and the baby faces towards the person wearing them- so their weight kind of leans in to you instead of extra stressing out the back. Also the way the ties go helps distribute the weight to the mom's hips and more even. I liked it- try it out!

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I found the wrap type of carriers are by far more comfortable! With my twincesses, I used a wrap (similar to the Moby wrap) and I literally carried a baby in it all day without getting nearly as sore and tired as when I carried them without it. Also made it easier for me to care for the other twin and my son.


It spread their weight evenly on my hips, not my back. And I used it till after they turned 2 yrs old, although much less from a year old up. But honestly, from a small baby to a toddler, wraps are in my opinion way more comfortable for the parent.

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