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Teething three year old, nearly four

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Is anyone else's older toddler teething? My son is three and will turn four in the fall.
From my reading six year molars may erupt as early as four years of age. From my son's teething history this may be applicable. As an infant he began teething at three months of age and had four fully erupted incisors by four months of age, and all twenty teeth, including two year molars by twenty-three months of age. It seems he is teething again and working on new teeth.
Anyone with experience?
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Just bumping this up.
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Check carefully to see if there are any cavities in his molars. It may be worthwhile to have a dental check-up just in case, and tell them about the teething symptoms. Kids with tooth pain from decay will have similar symptoms. It can be so hard to really get a good brush, much less a good look, back there with the squirmy ones.

Not trying to scare you, just helping cover the basics. Good luck! smile.gif
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I got all my teeth early as a kid, always about 2yrs ahead on my final molars, wisdom teeth impacted but coming in around 15, and DD is following suit, has been getting antsy and up to her normal teething behaviors at 21mos which tells me her 2yr molars are coming.  So very possible he's gonna get them early.  I'd look to your fam history and see if anyone else was early to give you an idea for your LO.  And like PP mentioned, maybe time for a dental check.  I'm holding off DD for her first bc there's no way she'll sit in a chair and allow a stranger poke around her mouth right now, I know I didn't have my first dental visit til I was 4 ;-)

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Thank you so much Mama Amie and Sassyfirechick. I am going to ask my mother since she was able to help me out earlier when his 3 month teething began, apparently I followed the same eruption, four teeth in by four months of age. It does seem hereditary, the early eruptions, although it is within the norm apparently. So perhaps i began working on molars early also. From my reading though they may take a year to actually appear. three seem close to the surface and the fourth seems to still be up, he seems to be aiming at that one upon teething. Will consider dental visit too.
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