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Do you bring your own snacks to the movies?

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We always bring our own snacks to the movies, partly because I just can't bring myself to shell out $6 for a box of M&Ms and partly because I often bring the kids a snack that's at least a little healthier than what they sell at the concession stand (like Pirate's Booty for DD when she was too young for popcorn). But yeah, I'll admit it's mostly to avoid the outrageous prices.

So, I sort of thought that everyone universally disregarded the rule about no outside food allowed at the movies, but recently I came across someone who won't bring in her own snacks because it's against the rules. I respect her choice and acknowledge that she's in the right and I'm in the wrong, but I started wondering if I'm in the minority in breaking this rule. Do you bring your own snacks to the movies?
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I absolutely take my own snacks. I would not buy a snack there with the prices that are charged, so I don't even feel that I'm ripping them off. If I forget a snack then I go without.


From what I've seen, people basically only buy the huge sodas and hot food at the movies.

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Since we rarely go to the movies, we usually buy the snacks there because its kind of part of the whole "treat" package to us. Plus our main snack is usually the popcorn or nachos and sneaking something like that in just isnt practical lol. If we went more often id probably be more inclined to bring my own raisinets or something smile.gif also up to this point its just been me and hubby so its not like we r buying all different snacks for kids. I guess in a way its wrong to sneak stuff in but at the same time i think its disgusting that theatres charge what they do. If their prices were fair people wouldnt need to sneak. Not the most moral justification but still lol
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We usually bring our own drinks & buy popcorn there. I'd probably bring that too, but you just can't get that 'arteries slamming shut' flavor at home.
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I bring my own snacks, always. Usually a drink, too, although I rarely drink soda so usually just a bottle of water.

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I don't bring my own snacks, for a few reasons. One of them is that it's against the rules. The other is that my preferred movie snack is popcorn and I like it freshly made with warm butter on it. Another is that having the snack is part of my cinema experience, as squiggles wrote upthread. I don't go out to see a movie often, so I don't mind paying for a ticket and snacks a couple of times a year. If I was at the cinema every week or two, I might think differently about it. 


My dc will take their own snacks when they go to see a movie with their friends and I don't give them a hard time about it.  

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I usually buy my kids popcorn and drinks at the theater, but I've brought in snacks for myself.  I have to do my best to stay off soy, and most of their snacks/popcorn have soy in them.

 It also depends on the movie theater.  The mom-and-pop theater needs my concession money.  The chain really doesn't, as much.  

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Thanks for the replies. Sounds like, as I thought, smuggling in snacks is fairly common. I do buy one drink and one popcorn for all of us to share, but I bring in a sweet treat for everyone.

I wish they would sell nice espresso drinks at the concession stand. I would totally buy an overpriced latte to sip on throughout the movie, but none of the theaters near me serve it, and it's near impossible to smuggle in a hot coffee. wink1.gif
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Love this question! When i was a child (oldest of 4 raised in the 70's)  my mother had an enormous purse she used ONLY for this purpose - she made popcorn at home and stuffed it into plastic baggies - bought generic candy etc..etc..  we just groaned with embarrassment at the sight of 'the big purse'     and wished we could be like 'normal' kids and have the 'good popcorn' from the movie theater!

But of course - i do the same thing....although i bring slightly healthier snacks and of course - water bottles!  My DH uses his huge cargo pockets in his shorts to stuff candy and water bottles into before the movie when he and i used to go...  too funny....

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When I was a child we used to go to the movies with the neighbors and they snuck in snacks.  I was always so worried we would be caught.  They had seven children so I understand it was less expensive...it just seemed wrong to me even as a child.  (My mom sent us with a few dollars but the neighbor mom wouldn't let us use it at the theater...she said we should buy the less expensive snacks at the drug store.  I didn't like doing it.)    The mom would pop a bunch of popcorn before we left, then she would swing by the drug store to buy candy.  Thinking about it, I am not sure how we fit her seven children, the three children from my family, and usually a few additional neighbor children in her station wagon!  (This was in the early 1970's...people didn't seem as concerned with carseat/seatbelt safety - or maybe it was just the people in my neighborhoodredface.gif)

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I second the espresso desire! A few years back i tried to bring in my starbucks drink with the argument that they didnt sell anything like that. Needless to say, i lost lol. Had to stand outside and gulp it down in a minute greensad.gif
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I bring my own water because I cannot buy a $4 bottle of water when I can get 24 bottles for less than $3.  I LOVE movie popcorn though so I have no issue paying a ridiculous amount of money for a giant bucket of that delicious stuff.  


A few months ago I learned that my ds and his friends scoop up empty popcorn buckets and get the free refills.  I was both disgusted (other people's popcorn hands, eeewwww) and impressed by their ingenuity.  We talked and decided it was technically stealing and also kind of gross.  He's said he wouldnt' do it anymore, but couldn't speak for his friends. 

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I don't drink soda and movie theatres only sell gross tasting soda company bottled water, so I always bring our own water bottles. I will get a thing of popcorn and a bag of candy for us to share, it's part of the treat. I think that I may start bringing bags to divide up the popcorn though, it's getting annoying to share from one bag with my kids :/
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I can't believe you guys think this is okay. How are these theaters supposed to make money JUST from the $15 tickets? It is totally reasonable to charge $6 for a bottled water and $8 for a medium popcorn. And you better believe when they ask me if I want "buttery topping" and to get the ginormous size for only .50 cents extra I'm all like "HELL YEAH!!" This is America where we obey the rules even if we have to take out a second mortgage!! IT'S THE LAW.


My husband once suggested I sneak in a hamburger and fries IN MY PURSE. I did draw the line that time but we sneak in water and sometimes candy. I know I'll pay someday for this evil doing!! LOL
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I don't usually sneak stuff BUT my credit card earns me points towards free movies and concessions. DH and I wait until we have 2500 points (easy to get for 1 point per 1$ and we put everything on the credit card) and that gets us two adult tickets, 2 drinks and one tub of popcorn to share. We did use to sneak a bottle of water/pop and a snack before we found this CC though. It's ludicrous. A drink and popcorn is $15 and the movie ticket is $12. I remember back when my friends and I would frequent the $2.50 Tuesday night shows in high school. When did a movie start costing more than dinner out?!
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I have a big slouchy bag just for this purpose.

A few years ago, ds2 had been very sick and hadn't eaten for about a week. Nothing could tempt him. I broke down and told him if he would eat some ice cream I would take him to a movie. We hit the Ben & Jerry's next door to the theater and had this dumb argument about how he couldn't get a cone because I couldn't hide it in my purse. LOL. The clerk heard me and said that the scoop shop was owned by the theater and we were allowed to bring ice cream in. I wasn't the slightest bit embarrassed to be caught!

I have brought fast food in but I get a bottled soda from the grocery store rather than a fountain drink at BK or McD's or whatever.
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I don't usually bring our own food because my DD likes licorice and it's not too pricey for one. We mostly go to the cheap theater which has cheaper food so it's fun to splurge. The theater is a big treat so I don't mind DD eating junk food there.
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We decided to try the IMAX theater in our town and it was like $20 a person!!! Crazy. I'm pretty sure it costs the same to run the projector but what do I know!

We now have a $3 theater so happy about that. :-)
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Unless using a gift card, which DS gets occasionally for Christmas, we bring our own stuff - water and some small snack. DS isn't too into popcorn. When we use the gift card, DS gets a smoothie and I share with him.


We have an nice local theatre that shows only indie films and classics. Their popcorn is reasonably sized and priced and they sell good drinks, inlcuding microbrews. I buy when I go there and I wouldn't sneak in because they are a treasure and maybe even a non-profit organization.

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Originally Posted by dalia View Post

We decided to try the IMAX theater in our town and it was like $20 a person!!! Crazy. I'm pretty sure it costs the same to run the projector but what do I know!

We now have a $3 theater so happy about that. :-)


I believe that IMAX films require special projectors and use a unique technology. I imagine there are higher costs involved in screening those films. I also believe that they require higher costs for the actual filming and production process. That shouldn't really affect the cost to the viewer, since ticket prices for films screened at typical major first-run distribution movie houses are somewhat unrelated to the cost of production. A ticket to a cheaply made indie film costs the same as a ticket to an expensive celebrity-studded digital special effects/green screen mega-blockbuster. 


I wonder if the producers, studios and distributors want to move to a pricing model where cost of production is reflected more in ticket price. DH and I saw The Wolverine a week ago. We had 2 options at the same cinema house - a basic screening and a more expensive 3D version in a theatre with enhanced sound, digital projection, and cushy seats. Some of the extra cost was for the enhanced seats and equipment in the theatre but some was for the 3D technology. 


ETA: We didn't have any snacks at all when we watched The Wolverine. We had just finished supper and weren't hungry! 

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