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Birth certificate- Alaska

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I know this gets asked a lot but I could find anything specific to Alaska when I searched. We just had our UC yesterday and still aren't fully sure what to do for the birth certificate. I have the paper from the hospital and it has a box at the end where I can check homebirth but there are also places specific to hospital/facility. I tried calling the vital stats bureau but couldn't get through to an actual person and just got messages stating where to find aworksheet online to print (same as hospital's). There are only a few offices in some of the bigger cities (none of which are accessible to us) so going into meet with someone isn't an option either. I did message a friend whorecently had a homebirth but she had a midwifeso things might be different- i havent heard back yet. Any info you may have would help! Thanks!
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Hi! I don't have an answer for you but I'm going to bump this thread so someone who knows what to do can give you some ideas. Does anyone have an answer for this mom?
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Have you figured it out yet? If not I searched the forum and came up with this from an old thread...


Original copies of everything!!

~ Proof of pregnancy
~ proof of residency
~ proof of birth/baby


For a UC, proof of pregnancy & birth would be notarized letters from non-family members stating that you were indeed pregnant & gave birth to a live baby, sometimes in some states you have to bring the baby w/you to the vital records office when you go in for you intervew & to file the paperwork. The lady that posted the info I just quoted didn't mention anything about an in person interview so perhaps you're off the hook there for AK.

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We've had 2 UC's in AK and the paper work was nothing but a crazy hassle. Due to the dividends the state requires proof of birth from anyone or any place, with a skeptical eye, cause they think your scamming for money. That being said, because so many of us are remote, they are flexible on documentation. If you had any public medical services, i.e. an appointment with a midwife, anything on public record, they accept that. If your husband /partner was present at birth, he can make a notorized statement saying he was present at the birth. Both of my babes ended up having delayed birth certificates due to the state not issuing them before they were 2. As I said, hassle hassle hassle...We put the exact location of the births in the location facility part of the paper and that seemed to help, even though the location was a small cabin on a creek.

My advice would be to fill out the paperwork as best as you can just to get the ball rolling. They'll send more stuff later. If it becomes too horrible, contact the ombudsman's. They've dealt with this more than you think and are greatly helpful.

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I called the Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics and left a message.  I got a call back later the same day. She was very helpful and sent me a packet with everything I need to get a birth certificate if I end up going UC.  If I remember right (the packet isn't in front of me) I needed proof of pregnancy, proof of a well child exam for the baby, and a utility bill with my name on it (to prove residency).  It was all very simple, but I have another 8 weeks to go, so I haven't actually filled out the paperwork yet.  Best of luck!

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I live in Alaska as well and am planning my UC. I'm not receiving any OB care and decided that I will be going into a clinic while I'm still pregnant to get a proof of pregnancy so I do have some form of public record of the pregnancy. How did the rest of the process go for you? Any tips on how to deal with the state of Alaska?

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I don't know how much contact you may have with different folks. If they saw you once as expecting and then a day or same day baby came they should be able to sign as evidence. Notary as necessary to prove signatures. Its a process to get signatures.

I wish we could use "internet friends" as evidence because I seem to talk to online friends as a SAHM more these days.....

I would ensure you take pictures of you and baby as additional proof in case something still doesn't go right.

Print off copies of the facts that yo were expecting and such on internet forums and then responses for more evidence. Its all in the social networking. online and in person.
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PS. I have been to alaska for a family vacation. Nice to visit. i think it can be warmer there than here in midwest at times during winter in places towards south.
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That is what I've been doing just getting as much documentation as possible, I went into a doctors office just yesterday to get a official "Your Pregnant" on paperwork. Luckly I have a whole Roller Derby Team that would sign off saying that I was pregnant and gave birth so between all that and a health check I will be doing after the baby is born I am hoping that is everything I will need to get a birth certificate for he/she.


And yes while everyone was freezing in the lower 48 we had almost all our snow melt in the middle of winter, it was so warm up here! It was a nice little random vacation for us Alaskans haha.

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